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The Flight and Crash of “Blackwater 61″ – 60 Minutes

A tragic story about how an inexperienced Blackwater flight crew who crashed their plane in Afghanistan killing 6 including Lt. Col. Michael McMahon who at the time was the highest ranking soldier to die in the war.

(If you are having problems viewing this video on MsSparky.com click HERE to view it and the show transcript at the CBS site.)

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  1. Comment by Justice4all:

    I watched this last night and at the end they stated that settlement agreements had been reached with the families.

    I know with 100% certainty that this will NEVER bring back the loved ones lost in this event that should have NEVER happened. My prayers go out to them all.

    To the widow of Lt. Col Michael McMahon, you are a strong woman and you have 3 beautiful little boys who through your fight for justice will become courageous strong men (just like their father.

    • Comment by sail:

      I too watched this story and was horrified by the lack of control over who is flying where and what qualifications those people and companies had.

      I have now discovered that there is a wrongful death suite against another contractor for using an unlicensed air services company in Afghanistan(not KBR). This particular incident resulted in the death of a spouse and two children. I will send details to Deb for posting if she deems fit.

      Is there not control in Theater at all?

  2. Comment by michelle:

    I am a close friend and relative of the co-pilot butch….We were mislead by 60 minutes, there were interviews and video tapes that weren’t aired. We too were mislead by blackwater regarding the crash, and were told the plane was grounded prior due to mechanical issues…..w e were also told that blackwater did NOT inform the pilots of the issues….I am heartbroken by the loss of butch, he was an amazing human being…..and I am so very sorry for the loss of the others aboard that plane that day! Please, don’t blame the pilots…….they lost out too……..blame the company….(blackwater)

  3. Comment by pat houck:

    In reference to the above comment, I’m sorry but I do blame the pilots. They were operating an airworthy aircraft and continued to fly towards the end of a box canyon, not sure if they could clear the mountains. Mountain flying 101 tells you to perform the 180 well before the canyon narrows. Even the colonel, as a passenger, questioned whether they would make it. To fly a perfectly good aircraft into a mountain in clear weather is a real tragedy.

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