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KBR LOGCAP Verification of Employment (VOE) and W-2 Info

I receive a lot of requests for Verification of Employment (VOE)  and 2009 W-2 information for KBR/SEII/OAS.  Especially during this LOGCAP III to LOGCAP IV transition.

KBR/SEII/OAS/GPS 2009 W-2 Information

According to KBR/SEII in Dubai all W-2’s were mailed on January 31, 2010. I assume your W-2 is coming from Dubai so give it a couple of weeks to arrive. It will be sent to your permanent address of residence listed in your KBR/SEII/OAS/GPS personnel file.

If, for some reason you feel they do not have your correct address, you can verify the correct address by sending them an email with your SAP # or SSN and the address that should be on record.

To request a replacement W-2 download, print, fill out completely and sign this form  enitled KBR SEII OAS W-2 Request TY 2009 return it via fax or scan it and save it as a PDF then email it.

Service Employees International, Inc (SEII) Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Employer Identification Number (EIN) is: 98-0382097

If you have the EIN numbers for OAS or GPS let me know so I can list those.

Contact information for KBR/SEII/OAS/GPS Payroll Tax Department – Dubai:
Do not submit resumes here or use these contacts for employment purposes

Email address:  res.DTCTax@kbr.com
Toll free fax number:  1-877-397-0889
International fax number: ++ 971-4-331-1743  (international rates apply)
From U.S you will have to dial 011 971-4-331-1743 (international rates apply)

KBR/SEII/OAS/GPS Verification of Employment (VOE)
Do not submit resumes here or use these contacts for employment purposes

If you worked for KBR’s SEII/OAS/GPS in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Djibouti, Dubai or any other country where you were paid out of Dubai a Verification of Employment (VOE) can be obtained at the contact information below.

If you ever apply for a job requiring a background check or any kind of security clearance you will need this information.

Don’t contact KBR Houston for employment verification. Unless your check stub actually said KBR you didn’t legally work for them and they won’t give a prospective employer or anyone for that matter an employment verification.

Email address for VOE requests:


Postal address for VOE requests:

Dubai Transaction Center.
9th Floor, Al Moosa Tower 1
P.O. Box 120727
Dubai, U.A.E

Fax  numbers to fax VOE requests:

Toll free fax number   1-877-397-0889
International fax number  ++ 971-4- 331-1743 (international rates apply)
From U.S you will have to dial 011 971-4-331-1743 (international rates apply)

Please always provide employee Social Security Number and/ Employee Number (6 digits) along with employee’s last name to verify employment records.

Telephone numbers for KBR/SEII Dubai Payroll office:

Toll free office number  1-877-397-0889
International phone number +971-4-313-7444 (international rates apply)
From U.S you will have to dial 011 971-4-313-7444 (international rates apply)

Keep in mind Friday and Saturday are the weekend in Dubai. And here is a link to the local time.

I am also looking for employment verification information for Fluor for LOGCAP IV.

This information was verified on January 31, 2010. If you find it has changed let me know so I can update.

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by Taxed:

    Just what I was looking for. Thank you. Too bad KBR isn’t as on top of things as you are.

  2. Comment by got it!!!:

    KBR, has sent out all W-2’s. It’s just the matter if the delivery addr is correct.

  3. Comment by all hands:

    I got my W-2 on monday 1 feb 10 it was postmarked 30 jan 09, so if ya have not got them by now maybe htere is a problem.

  4. Comment by Jenny:

    I received my W2 (Tulsa, OK area) on the 15th of Feb from Dubai.

  5. Comment by mslgerman:

    Hey I’m about to go for processing in Houston and I know I’m not working for KBR. Going to Iraq and would like to talk to you ms sparky if that’s fine with you.

    • Comment by vivian:

      I would like very much if any one could help me so I could go to iraq to drive fuel trucks can anyone advise me on how or who do I contact so I can get something started I would be so grateful

      • Comment by Heather:

        You can go to the KBR website and apply with them. I just want you to be aware that truck drivers have the most dangerous job and the shortest life expectancy. They are highly targeted by the local terrorists. But on the positive side, they are in high demand for this reason and are one of the highest paid. Good luck to you and God bless.

  6. Comment by Charles Hudson:

    Ok it is now 24 Feb and I still have not received my w-2 from 2009. I faxed the w-2 request above to Dubai, still have not heard anything. Heading back to Afghanistan on the 28th wanted to get my taxes done while I was here.

  7. Comment by napo:

    working for kbr now.. been here since july.. can anyone recomend a good cpa???

    • Comment by Heather:

      My husband has been in Iraq for over 4 years now. We use CRI Financial Management Company out of Crosby, Texas. My family has used them for years so I gave them a try and found out they have MANY SEII and KBR customers. They charge a reasonable fee and will do all the work and comunicate by email, phone, and mail.

  8. Comment by Ralph Alonzo:

    Hello Sparky
    I have been working in Iraq for the 6 years. I received a letter in the mail asking for verification of employment in a war zone in order to receive credit for tax purposes. Where can I obtain this information so I can forward it to the I.R. S. I was working for KBR/ Sell

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Verification of employment can be obtained at the address in this post. Why does the IRS need verification you are working in a warzone. Just curious. Let me know if the address or process has changed to get this info so I can update the post if necessary.

      • Comment by Ralph Alonzo:

        Hello Sparky

        You ask why the I.R.S. needs verification of employment. I received a letter from the I.R.S. that I entered into a combat zone in 2005 and they have not received a confirmation from the Department of Defense. Since I am not in the military in order for them to provide me with the special provisions and protection of the combat deferment I would have to provide the following. Name of combat zone, Employer, employer’s payroll office phone number and the date that I left the combat zone. I am still in a combat zone so all the information has been forwarded to The I.R.S. She also told me that by Law they cannot collect any back taxes or interest or notifiy me of any delinquint taxes until 6 months after leaving a combat zone. I hope this information is helpful. I E-mailed SEII in Dubai and they replyed the same day. They send me a form for me to fill out and returned it to include a letter of Employment verification which they forwarded to the IRS through a Fax Number I had given them. The IRS representative said it takes three weeks once they receive the letter to be put into the data base.

  9. Comment by vivian wilebski:

    id really like to know how does anyone even get employment with kbr ive been trying so long im about to give up can you help

  10. Comment by Chevette:

    Can I use the same contact information to request a prior year w-2?

  11. Comment by Nathalie Arroyo:

    I need the contact information of “VEO” to dominican republic !

  12. Comment by Teri Mays:

    I need to verify employment on an applicant that worked with DYNCOPR INT’L FREEZONE during 2010. Can I email or fax to the same numbers as listed here?

  13. Comment by Frederick Sweet:

    Hey Mrs Sparky is KBR sending out the W-2’s on the 31st again or are they sending them out now? Also I Received W-2’s for Fluor 3 days ago so if you are not getting yours yet for Fluor Call them otherwise you probably will not see it from that twisted company.

  14. Comment by torres sr juan l.:

    sparky hi am juan luis torres my employee number is 431XXX. I need if you can send my w-2 for 2010 my address hc 2 box (Edited) or via e-mail thanks jltorrespr@hotmail.com thank you .

  15. Comment by Mary Anne:

    I am trying to do a verfication of employment for Service Employee International. I sent a fax to the number listed above and it failed and I also tried to call the number listed above and it didn’t work either.

  16. Comment by NEW YORK:

    Fluor Payroll address
    Fluor Federal Global Projects
    1200 Jadwin Avenue,B4-54
    Richland,WA. 99352

  17. Comment by Juana Hawk:

    I worked as a contractor in Iraq until November 2011. I was told by payroll that I would received my vacation pay in my January 2012 check.
    We were not allowed our vacation being told we were mission essential personnel.
    I called the employee assistance program and was given a telephone number to Joyce Fannin.
    I have made several attempts to contact her.
    She has not returned my call.

  18. Comment by Jaime:

    I am SEII former employee. Me too, I’m trying to do a Verification of Employment, “Reasons for termination notice” I sent a fax and called the numbers listed above and it didn’t work either. Can I request the letter to the FLUOR payroll address above?

  19. Comment by Colleen:

    I am also trying to reach KBR at the numbers posted above. My husband is a former SEII employee and we need to do a VOE (termination notice). Any help on how to contact someone is greatly appreciated.

  20. Comment by Jaime:

    Try this E-mail address and let me know if it work: res.kbr.dubai.voehotline@kbr.com

  21. Comment by Chad M:

    I NEED ASSISTANCE !!!!ASAP!!!! i worked in iraq (KBR) in 07-08 and i never did file any W2’s to the IRS. my fault for not knowing to file W2’s, well over 3 years i guess they decided to file for me based on the income i was paid from SEI Dubai. so in there eyes in 07 my federal witholdings was 52 dollars and in 08 it was 36 dollars. i recently receieved a letter from the IRS informing me that i owed them 20,359.00 for them two years they have also contacted my employer and are levying my wages untill theyre paid back now im in a bind. can someone give advice on the proper steps to resolve this asap??

  22. Comment by Ursula Hill:

    Can you tell me where to find an address for Process of Service to send Subpoena documents to for employment, salary and benefit information on a former employee.

  23. Comment by DADZIE YAKUBU KWESI:

    I sent a request to have a letter of employment sent to me stating I have worked as support to the USA military convoy in Iraq with KBR how long is the reply for this information this was in 2007 Oct I sent the info to the dubai voe email with all information and my email thank you

  24. Comment by thomas carney:

    FYI, a goodnumber for the kbr/seii payroll office in dubai is 1-877-397-0889

  25. Comment by James:

    I worked for KBR in Iraq in 2005-2006. I need verfication of employment. What do I need to do or what does a company need to do to verify my employment?

  26. Comment by CJ:

    You can try this email res.kbr.dubai.voehotline@kbr.com. I sent the request last week and didn’t get a response. I just sent 2 request to them and hopefully we both get some good luck.

  27. Comment by CJ:

    Hey if you need the employment verification for DOT reason’s. You have to try to convince them to show what kind of equipment you drove. They will put you as a heavy truck driver then when it comes to the equipment you have driven they will put N/A. The people in the office has no understanding of what these means for truck drivers when you need the information showing if you have driven a tractor trailer. Good luck if needed, I’m trying to speak with them now but its a language barrier.

  28. Comment by Scott Hailey:

    Mrs sparky, I am needing VOE for a job in Canada, I worked at Joint Base Balad in 2011, Who do I need to contact to get this information?

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