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Full list of “Burn Pit” lawsuits against KBR (updated 02/08/2010)

It’s been difficult keeping up with all the Burn Pit Lawsuits filed against KBR by the Law Firms of Burke LLC and Motley Rice LLC. There have been 43 lawsuits filed in 42 states (2 in Texas). I decided to publish them all in one post for easy reference and plan to keep this list updated as I find out about new cases. I will still post article about individual cases and you can find that in the Burn Pits Category. Be sure to check the Burn Pit Lawsuit site for even more information.

If you have Burn Pit photos, stories or need more information click HERE or contact the Law Office of Burke LLC.

Below is the current list of suits which includes plaintiff name, case #, State and District.

  1. Guilmette v. KBR 1:09-CV-507 Alabama Middle District of Alabama, Southern Division
  2. Brister v. KBR 3:09-CV-97 Alaska District of Alaska
  3. Berchini v. KBR 2:09-CV-1402 Arizona District of Arizona
  4. Carlisle v. KBR 4·09-CV-846 Arkansas Eastern District of Arkansas
  5. Auw v. KBR 3:09-CV-1167 California Southern District of CA
  6. Barranco v. KBR 09-CV-2615 Colorado District of Colorado
  7. Ramirez v. KBR 3:09-CV-1807 Connecticut District of Connecticut
  8. Callue v. KBR 1:09-CV-21590 Florida Southern District of Florida
  9. Moore v. KBR 4:09-CV-97 Georgia Southern District of Georgia, Savannah Division
  10. Adams v. KBR 1:09-CV-323 Hawaii District of Hawaii
  11. Lundy v. KBR 1:09-CV-570 Idaho District of Idaho
  12. Lackey v. KBR 1:09-CV-3262 Illinois Northern District of Illinois
  13. Kelleck v. KBR 2:09-CV-370 Indiana Northern District of Indiana
  14. Jellison v. KBR 4:09-cv-458  Iowa Southern District of Iowa, Central Divison
  15. McNabb v. KBR 2:09-2303 Kansas District of Kansas
  16. Hicks v. KBR 3:09-CV-897 Kentucky Western District of Kentucky
  17. LaPierre v. KBR 1:09-CV-563 Maine District of Maine
  18. Metzgar v. KBR 8:09-CV-744 Maryland District of Maryland
  19. KBR Burn Pit Litigation 8:09-MD-2083 Maryland  Maryland РJudge Titus
  20. Cox v. KBR 1:09-CV-11913 Massachusetts District of Massachusetts
  21. Robbins v. KBR 1:09-CV-643 Michigan Western District of Michigan, Southern Division
  22. Olson v. KBR 09-CV-1261 Minnesota District of Minnesota
  23. Harris v. KBR 2:09-CV-230 Mississippi District of Mississippi, Hattiesburg Division
  24. Bittel v. KBR 3:09-CV-5041 Missouri Western District of Missouri, SW Division
  25. Disch v. KBR 2 09-CV-02131 Nevada District of Nevada
  26. McAndrew v. KBR 1:09-CV-5710 New Jersey District of New Jersey, Camden Division
  27. Baca v. KBR 1:09-CV-1077 New Mexico District of New Mexico
  28. Atkinson v. KBR 1:09-CV-513 New York Western District of New York
  29. Ochs v. KBR 5:09-CV-237 North Carolina Eastern Division of North Carolina, Western Division
  30. Cassidy v. KBR 3:09-CV-0100 North Dakota District of North Dakota, Southeastern Division
  31. Boeke v. KBR 2:09-CV-479 Ohio Southern District of Ohio
  32. Green v. KBR 4:09-CV-459 Oklahoma Northern District of Oklahoma
  33. Rounds v. KBR 09-476 Oregon District of Oregon, Portland Division
  34. Blumer v. KBR 09-cv-02459 Pennsylvania Middle District of Pennsylvania
  35. Turner v. KBR 2:09-1530 South Carolina District of South Carolina, Charleston Division
  36. Johnson S v. KBR CIV 09-4186 South Dakota District of South Dakota
  37. Johnson v. KBR 3:09-CV-1065 Tennessee Middle District of Tennessee
  38. Cain v. KBR 5:09-CV-435 Texas Southern Division of Texas, Houston Division
  39. Eller v. KBR 4:08-CV-3495 Texas Southern District of Texas, Houston Division
  40. Wester v. KBR 2:09-CV-531 Utah District of Utah
  41. Beavers v. KBR 1:09-CV-1258 Virginia Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division
  42. OlsonT v. KBR 2:09-CV-1579 Washington Western District of Washington at Seattle
  43. Foth v. KBR 3:09-CV-690 Wisconsin Western District of Wisconsin
  44. Massman v. KBR 09-CV-117J Wyoming District of Wyoming

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  1. Comment by Jean Frank:

    Can you please give me the contact information and tell me where to go to add my name to the list for burn pit lawsuit. I worked on JBB (Anaconda) and I also have pictures of the burn pits. I lost hours of work and do belive it was due to the inhalation of the burn pit I later developed respertory issues…… Jean

    • Comment by Barbara:

      Did anyone ever get you the contact information you requested? My husband was stationed at Balad and the security tower he was assigned to had the smoke flowing over it constantly. He came home and a little over a year later was diagnosed with small airway disease and discharged. Any info would be appreciated.

  2. Comment by Jon:

    I also was there from Oct. 2004 to Dec. 2005 and recently have developed respiratory issues. It would be great to know how to become a part of this.

  3. Comment by jeremy sparks:

    Please anyone contact me with info on how to get on this list.
    I was at Fob warhorse from 08 09. As well as stays at anaconda joint base Dalad. I developed sleep apnea around the the 6 month in country. I now actually will stop breathing in my sleep. And have and need a CPAP at night.
    As well as some nuro issues. Im affarid of what the future may hold as far as my health.
    Jeremy S

    • Comment by william dailey jr:

      please send me any info on this and how to get on the list of the Lawsuit. I was in traq at LSA anaconda …balad iraq dec 2004 dec 2005…I have lung damagefrom breathing in those toxins every day for a year.

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