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Dyncorp (DIFZ) Verificaton of Employment (VOE) and W-2 Info

Dyncorp International FZ (DIFZ) 2009 W-2 information

According to a DIFZ Payroll Specialist in Dubai – 2009 W-2’s were all mailed prior to  January 23, 2010 to U.S. employees’ home-of-record address on file. Allow seven to ten days for mail delivery.

Dyncorp International FZ (DIFZ) Federal Employee Identification Number (EIN) is: 98-0454406

If you have not received your 2009 W-2 or have questions about your W-2 tax statement you can call this hotline number after February 8, 2010: 1-817-224-1999 (this is not a told free number)

This hotline is for questions about your DIFZ W-2 only. For tax advice, you’ll need to consult an independent tax adviser.

Leave a message, and you’ll have a response within 48 hours. Speak slowly and clearly, and include this information:

  • Your name
  • Your employee ID OR Social Security Number
  • Your telephone number
  • And, the reason for your call

If you prefer to fax your questions, click HERE for the request form. Print, fill out completely and FAX to: 1-817-224-1275.

You can also email them at: pr-w2@dyn-intl.com

Dyncorp International FZ (DIFZ) Verification of Employment (VOE) information:

There seemed to be a bit of a communication issue when I was trying to get VOE contact information from DIFZ in Dubai. I’m not entirely sure they even understood what I was inquiring about. They don’t appear to have it very streamlined either. I was given the DIFZ HR Supervisor’s contact information. I would suspect they are going to get tired of these requests and will set up an email address and fax just for VOE’s. If that happens let me know so I can update this post.

Pilar Agnes T. Reyes
HR Supervisor
DynCorp International FZ-LLC
Phone: +971 4 3910786
From the US 011-971-4-391-0786
Mobile: +971 50 9104658
From the US 011-971-50-910-4658
Fax Number: +971 4 3914351
From the US 011-971-4-391-4351
Email: Pilar.Reyes@dyn-intl.com

Keep in mind Friday and Saturday are the weekend in Dubai. Here is a link to the local time.

I am also looking for employment verification information for Fluor for LOGCAP IV.

This information was verified on January 31, 2010. If you find it has changed let me know so I can update.

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by widowmaker:

    The CONFUSION at the DynCorp Dubai building for DynCorp International (DIFZ) was probably related to the fact that in the past 5 years employees never got W-2s, Employment Verification or VOEs.

    HR 6081 was signed into law in June 2008 by President Bush. It prohibits shell companies of US companies such as DIFZ and KBR’s SEII to name a few to avoid paying BILLIONS in payroll taxes. Here’s a link to read more about it if you are interested.


    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Yes your are correct. It’s called the HEART Act or HR 6081. But, it’s been a year and a half now, Dyncorp needs to catch up.

    • Comment by tries to keep up with facts:

      It was interesting to see that last year several companires such as KBR and DI backcharged the US for their share of payroll taxes. It was an additional expense to the cost plus contract. It is a legal right of these companies to do this. So where is the savings to the US government, hmmm?

  2. Comment by widowmaker:

    For previous employees that worked for these companies, let us know if you ever got proof of employment. I know Dyncorp International (DIFZ) FZ stands for FREE ZONE (hmmm….)

    Dyncorp International ironically sold a portion of DIFZ (free Zone in Dubai) right after this HR6081 was passed.

  3. Comment by marcus:

    I know its not the right place to put this but its been a month now and i still have not received my last paycheck. I have sent numerous emails and i just get the run around and now they wont even answer my emails or phone calls. if someone knows how to get them to pay please feel free to let me know.

  4. Comment by Bonnie:

    Please to anyone who can help me. I was awarded a year ago child support from my ex that works for DynCorp International. He was hired out of Texas. When my attorney sent a letter to Dyncorp in Texas to start garnishment payment they wrote back and said they were not connected to the Dyncorp in Dubi and said that the company in Dubi does not hold garnishments out of its employee’s check. Has this happen to anyone else? How was it handle?

    • Comment by Jon:

      I am not sure if you got everything straighten out but I can give you some insight. I have recently been hired and now employed by DIFZ LLC.
      For whatever reason employees of DIFZ cannot be garnished. DynCorp does own 49% of DIFZ but is a seperate company. However if an employee goes from DIFZ To DI then garnishments will begin and they will take a large chunk of their pay checks.

    • Comment by Bonnie:

      I am so very sorry this has also happen to someone else. I just finished with my divorce and the company was DynCorp International that my ex worked for. The same thing happen to me. My attorney sent letter out to hold garnishments and the same thing was said to use. It is funny they are hired out of Houston or where ever in United States and once they get there they are now employed by the overseas side of the company to protect these dead beats from paying child support.I am still trying to get it. He is over $140,000 in rears and my son will never see it. The ex is hiding most of all his money in overseas accounts. I wish you all the luck and if you should find a way please let me know. I have been fighting this for three years with no recourse. My email is bdautriel@msn.com

      • Comment by Former DI Employee:

        It is true that DIFZ employees are considered oversees employees and cannot have child support withheld, BUT, if you can get the IRS to put a garnishment on his taxes, DynCorp will stand up and listen! Do this, then have your attorney contact DI in Fort Worth with this information. If a person owes back taxes, or if the Federal Government is after them for money, DI will NOT send them oversees until that money is paid in full. It conflicts with their government contracts. Good luck Bonnie!

        • Comment by BJ:

          This can be added to his state income tax via his SSN. Even if he does not claim any state income tax, it never goes away and 20 years from now when and if he is back in the state they will go after him.

          • Comment by AMG:

            I agree, you’ll have to go the tax lien route. If the employee is a foreign national, not a U.S. citizen, you’ll have to file for child support in that person’s country, which may or may not help. DIFZ exists in a loop hole, and getting the company to do anything including take out appropriate Social Security and Medicare credits is impossible. I am recommending they be Federally audited by the IRS.

  5. Comment by JustifieD:

    Have the child suppport division contact Dyncorp in Dallas. They probably wanted to “protect” the employees of their sub-contracting company in Dubai (DIFZ).
    Dyncorp International in Dallas, TX is the main company and the overseas company is controlled by the Dallas office. Seems like they are required by US law because your ex-husband is a US citizen. Just because he is overseas working doesnt mean that you should not receive the child support that you are entitled to by law.
    Seems like that might be tortuous interference with an order for child support payment. The Attorney General’s Office in Texas is another option.

    Hope this helps….

  6. Comment by HEYOU:

    When he hits 5K owed, State Department will have issues with his passport.

    • Comment by Ksniper:

      Since the overseas entity of Dyncorp is in Dubai then it is not a techinical issue with Dyncorp USA. Just like another shell company to cover contractors overseas. As long as he can drag this out then if he keeps his balance below 5k owed he can renew his passport sad but true.

  7. Comment by Bonnie:

    I want to thank everyone who reply to my message. It is so hard to get information on some of these companies that seem to protect there employee’s or protect there selves. But again thank you. I have got something to give to my attorney now.

  8. Comment by JustifieD:

    Glad we could help. It is doubtful that Dyncorp will do the right thing becaused they never do but a little legal pressure cant hurt.
    Take care of your child and keep us up to date on what happens.

  9. Comment by Need Help:

    My ex is in Afghanistan working for DynCorp International. DynCorp has been sent several child spport withholding orders and have completely ignored them. Now they have been sent a non-compliance notice and have 30 days to comply or will be found in contempt of court. Nothing is working, but why will they not uphold a court order? Can anyone help?

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      He works for a foreign company. He works for Dyncorp International Free Zone (DIFZ) HQ in Dubai. That’s why they are ignoring you. You might try dealing with Dyncorp HQ in the States. They may sympathize and assist.

  10. Comment by CIndy:

    We just got a letter from the IRS saying we owed them taxes for 2009. We never received a W-2 from DynCorp and all info is correct. Can’t get any info from DynCorp and IRS say if they don’t get info from Dyn-Corp in 60 not to worry. Ever heard of anything like this?

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I have heard of a lot of people not getting their W-2’s from Dyncorp. I have never heard about the IRS saying “Don’t worry about it.” Have you tried to contact DI using the contact information in this post?

  11. Comment by Mike West:

    You let any fool post here. Here’s the deal. Dyn pays every 28 days. They are good about it too. When a DynCorp DIFZ employee completes their W-4 (and every US Citizen that works for DynCorp completes a W-4) they claim their number of dependents, provide a social security number, etc. Now, they also “can” sign an IRS Form 673. USA Tax Law says that US Expats working off-shore are tax-exempt (Federal income tax) for the fist $91,500.00 provided they meet certain requirements (stay out of the USA for 330 days of a 365 day cycle). So, Dyn won’t hold anything from an employee’s pay until the employee exceeds the 91,500 exemption AND whatever they claimed on their W-4. Most of us that have been working as Expats for Dyn and other companies pay Taxes quarterly using payment coupons provided by our individual CPAs. We do this because the IRS fines us and we also pay interest on the “late” paid income tax. That’s what happened to me the first year, and I make sure I pay as I earn. It wasn’t much of a fine, and the interest wasn’t much, but still is was about $250.00. Anyone that claims they didn’t pay taxes because Dyn didn’t provide a W-2 is an idiot. You get a pay statment every payday, and you can also check your bank statments which shows the deposits made to your account. Now, if an expat knows that he or she can’t save enough money to pay their taxes, they can decline signing an IRS 673. In that instance, Dyn will withhold money as if the employee was working in the USA. It would be like giving the IRS an interest free loan, and everyone should know that having too much withheld is NOT a good idea. And yes, you are correct, other countries do not honor court orders from the USA. Nor does the USA honor court orders from Canada or Mexico, etc. The USA court order is required to go through the legal system in whatever country you are trying to have it enforced in. Most of the comments I’ve read here are really stupid.

  12. Comment by noone:

    How do you apply for DnyCorp

  13. Comment by aegean:

    to enforce a US court order one should file a suit in Dubai UAE court on the ground of such US court order then once you get a verdict, judgment can be enforced in Dubai. Its a tedious process.

  14. Comment by Stuart:

    What is the w-2 email I can use that the hotline said. It was hard to understand. Is is
    tr-w2@dyn-intl.com? or
    pr-w2? or

  15. Comment by Virginia:

    Criminal Child Desertion is a felony in Texas.
    Have him convicted without him being present.
    Most courts will allow. Then they will revoke his passport and CAC card and he will be sent home to face the charges.

    • Comment by ccmoto:

      That would not be the way to go. If you have him trown in jail, he would be out of a job and no way ever to be able to get another decent paying job with a felony.

  16. Comment by ranger:

    DynCorp International Free Zone, LLC has set up an email address for verifications of employment. The requestor must send a signed release from the person they are trying to verify – must include an actual signature that will be compared to the person’s signature DIFZ has on file. DIFZ will not provide information without a signed release from the past/current employee to protect their personal information.

    Make sure you capitalize the first part of the email. DIFZ HR will respond to the request, so it’s important for therequestor to check their junk mail filter or firewall to ensure the responseis received

  17. Comment by Janet Rebello:

    Please change the POC for Dyncorp International FZ (DIFZ) Verification of Employment (VOE) information:

    It should be VOE-DIFZ@dyn-intl.com.

    Any further queries on DIFZ employment or HR aspect then please feel free to contact me.

    Janet Rebello
    HR Manager

  18. Comment by MBrownie:

    You can VOE at voe-difz@dyn-intl.com you will need a signed authorization to process the request

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