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Buh, bye, Burger King

Buh, bye, BK (Barracks Patrol Report No. 1)

Under The Radar
by The Barracks Patrol – Military.com
February 19, 2010

Attention on the net: You got the Barrack Patrol here, bringing you the best of what we hear and what you tell us about. (And, as always, confidentiality is GUARANTEED — not too many places around this here U.S. military that you get one of those … or at least one of those you want.)

And most of the chatter on our freq the last few days has been about Big General Mac’s order to shut down all the fast food joints and other “Hey Joe” establishments around the FOBs in the ‘Stan Suck. The reaction to said order has turned into a battle royale (with cheese) of sorts between two camps: The Trigger Pullers versus the FOBbits.

Now the Trigger Pullers, who, unlike the FOBbits have actually discharged their weapons in anger, are happy for a warm meal, period, never mind one served up by a good ole’ American franchise like KFC. So when they amble back from a patrol for a little down time and see the “world within a world” that is the FOB they tend to wonder where the priorities are with the guys running the show. (These are the guys who were pinned down the day before without air support because of too few drones in theater or whatever, so you’ll have to forgive them when the sight of a Baskin-??Robbins with all 31 flavors gets them a bit steamed under the Kevlar.) Suffice it to say that the Trigger Pullers are okay with Gen. Mac’s order. Instead of Whoppers, they want more bullets. As Trigger Puller “Lawman” told us: “Only at the FOB would you have to worry about Soldiers gaining weight in the middle of a war.”

Meanwhile the FOBbits are aggressively defending their right to build little slices of America wherever they go. “You say ‘hearts and minds,’ I say ‘Taco Bell,’” declares FOBbit “Maximreader.” FOBbits are also quick to point out their worth. “Without us those guys don’t get what they need to fight,” said FOBbit “XBOXer 21.” “We’re back here in the rear with the gear, so what’s wrong if we have some real USA-??style food?”

But the two sides agree on one thing: The chow halls that KBR runs try hard, but the third-??party nationals who work in them — for all of their efforts — can’t make a Whopper. So let’s hope victory doesn’t depend on them.

Barracks Patrol OUT …

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Personal……I don’t see a problem with the fast food joints in theater. If a soldier wants a Whopper after a day on patrol then I think he/she should be able to have one. But, I do not feel these franchises should be subsidized by taxpayer dollers. If they are not be self supporting then they should go.

The weight issues have nothing to do with fast food. The same person who is standing in line in the hot sun for a whopper is most likely the same person who walks right by the salad bar and on to the desert bar in the “If it ain’t fried it ain’t food” Dining Facility (DFAC).

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  1. Comment by Jims Thoughts:

    TQ was always nice in that it had a Green Beans and nothing else. A sadistic CO could have fun by letting them eat what they want and then making sure they ran it off the day after.

    The more crap they have there the more costs we have to deal with but most troops never really felt that the crap mobiles were a great treat.

    I hope the troops always have a hot meal and enough to fight on but these places are hardly essential to their efforts

  2. Comment by Elizabeth:

    The fast food places, especially in Baghdad, were the best places to acquire pogs. These establishments are subsidized by tax dollars??? If so, then how could some of them charge more for the food than what we pay in the USA for the same??? More than one wasting-away soldier has alarmingly has told me they can’t get food in the DFAC’s because their missions outside the wire do not coincide with open hours of the DFAC. For many others, it is a choice between getting some very much needed sleep, or waiting up to an hour for the base bus both to and from the DFAC. In transit at Al Asad, we were down to one bus available due to no parts or tires available for the multiple broken down base buses. Some of the literally starving/wasting away soldiers did not even have access to MRE’s. Camp Eagle Base, Bosnia had a simple solution to the hours issue, that I saw nowhere in Iraq. At camp Eagle Base, the DFAC had a foyer open 24 hours stocked with soups/chili canteens, and sandwiches, fruits and drinks in coolers.

  3. Comment by anon:

    Awww man, are you kidding me? I think anyone ever deployed knows after about four months of DFAC 21 day menus MREs seem pretty tasty. But thank G-d for good ole AAFES and the mighty Burger King. Believe me I know in that last stretch before R&R going to the DFAC is like walking the plank. I remember once I went about a month grilling frozen meat from the PX/BX and just getting free sides at the DFAC, it is impossible for them to mess up those bagged potato chips and canned sodas…

  4. Comment by sunshine:

    have you thought that the elimination of fast food joints at the fobs is just another tactic that KBR has used against the USA? I mean, they are the ones that will benefit the most (financially speaking) for the lack of seperate “options” for the troops to use. Now all troops will have to eat at the dining facilities which means that KBR will have to produce more food and have more food ready to go which equates to more money in kbr’s pocket. Dont get me wrong or anything, i think that it is a great idea for the military to do away with fast food and try to go leaner and healthier, but at the same time one has to wonder…

  5. Comment by Angel:

    I don’t think Burger King is funded by the taxpayers’ money. They cost the same as in back in the States. Many servicemembers do gain weight while being in Iraq or Afghanistan but we can’t blame Burger King for it, I mean, where does responsibility for our actions kick in. Blaming Burger King for servicemembers gaining weight is like blaming McDonnalds for our kids being overweight in the United States. I was deployed to Iraq with Army and now I work as a contractor in Iraq and having Burger King or other food services besides the DFAC is a morale booster since it brings a piece of home to us.

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