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KBR’s Bill Bodie babbles in Yankton

This is me responding to your bogus propaganda Bodie.....if of course I were an angry cat!

KBR President, Bill Bodie is out there trying to sell his “KBR snake oil” again. He actually took the time to responded to a letter from a reader about the Franken Amendment in a small town newspaper in Yankton, South Dakota. KBR must be absolutely desperate. Here’s my latest addition to my “Bodie Babble” category.

Response To Letter

Published: Friday, January 22, 2010 1:20 AM CST
William C. Bodie, Houston
President, KBR North American Government and Defense

Many of the statements in the letter entitled “Cases of Rape” (Press & Dakotan, Jan. 15) are based on erroneous reports regarding the Jamie Leigh Jones case, and misinformation on Sen. Franken’s amendment. KBR would like to set the record straight.

First, it’s important to note that Ms. Jones’ allegation of rape remains unsubstantiated. A criminal investigation was conducted and found her claims to be unconfirmed.  Further, the Justice Department pursued a grand jury investigation in Florida in 2008.  After hearing the evidence, the grand jury issued no indictments.

The allegation that Ms. Jones was imprisoned in a shipping container is also false. Following her reported alleged assault, for her own safety, she was provided with a secure living trailer, similar to that in which other KBR employees live, along with food, water, clothing and was attended to by a female KBR employee. There, she phoned her family and assured them of her safety. There were no armed guards outside her trailer. The employee also stayed with Ms. Jones until the State Department, to whom KBR immediately reported the alleged assault, arrived. KBR then worked with the State Department to arrange for medical treatment and for Ms. Jones to leave Iraq, and provided a female counselor to escort her home.

The writer of the letter bases her information about the Franken amendment on misinformation and criticizes those who opposed its passage.

Because Franken’s amendment promotes frivolous lawsuits and provides less monetary benefit, in many instances, to victims of workplace violence, the Department of Defense, Chambers of Commerce and businesses across the country are also against the legislation.

Under KBR’s dispute resolution program, 95 percent of all employee complaints are resolved promptly to the employees’ satisfaction and at no cost to the employee, and saves taxpayers money in litigation costs. The few remaining claims not resolved by this process are heard before an independent arbitrator.

There’s no greater priority at KBR than the safety and security of its employees, and the company is committed to continuing fact-based dialogue on these issues. (Click HERE for the original article)

One thing Bill Bodie failed to mention is…..if the arbitrator rules in favor of the employee and KBR thinks the dollar amount is too high….they appeal the ruling! As in the case of the $3.5M award to KBR rape victim Tracy Barker.

There is no doubt KBR wanted to keep everything behind closed doors and out of courts. Courts are a matter of public record. We can’t have that now can we! Stop your damn sniveling it’s law now! Get those “snake in the grass” attorney’s of yours to work and find some loop hole to get out of it! That’s what KBR does best!

Ms Sparky

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    Love the pic. But have you ever seen a picture of Bill Bodie – amazingly enough if the cat had dark hair it would have looked pretty similar. LOL


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