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Combat Support Associates (CSA) employees seek class action in Kuwait (update)

Updated: 3/2/2010 – When this person Orlando Turner contacted me I did my best to check him out. He seemed “balanced” and the information he gave checked out. I thought his class action claims against CSA were valid and I still do, because there are just too many people complaining about abuses and fraud. After he went to Kuwait to talk to an attorney I didn’t hear back from him. Nothing! Evidently there were other domestic issues going on that I was unaware of, thank God! From what I understand, Mr. Turner evidently went to Kuwait and threatened to blow up the Philippine Embassy among other things. Commenter “Zero Tolerance” left links to various news article about this  in the comments.

I apologize.  I have to say, I’m not so easily fooled, but I sure didn’t see that one coming! If anyone else wants to pick up the Class Action ball and you don’t have any plans to commit any acts of terrorism let me know.

Ms Sparky

I have not heard from this person since he went to Kuwait to meet with this attorney. I have sent several emails and have been told he has not responded to others emails. I am removing the contact form until I hear something. If anyone else is pursuing legal action against CSA let me know. I check this guy out as a former CSA employee who indeed was pursuing a Class Class Action. I just don’t know what happened to him after he went to Kuwait.

Any current or former Combat Support Associates (CSA) employees in Kuwait interested in information regarding a potential class action suit against them please fill out the contact form below. This form does not go to “Ms Sparky”. It will go to the people organizing the suit.

(Contact form temporarily removed)

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  1. Comment by Lisa:

    Is this the type of people that worked for CSA

    Publish Date: 7/20/2011

    Local man set for plea and sentencing

    Rachel Alexander

    A Cañon City man waived his right to a preliminary hearing today in order to keep a plea offer available.

    Harlen Walt Ashcraft, 44, is charged with one count of sexual eploitation of child — possession of 20 or more images.

    The charges stems from a May arrest that also resulted in charges in Adams County, as well.

    Ashcraft has pleaded guilty to one count of attempted sexual assault on a child and will be sentenced Sept. 8.

    District Judge David Thorson set Ashcraft for plea and sentencing in late September.

    Fremont County Det. Steve Sanger became aware of Ashcraft in December 2010 when he was contacted by Sgt. Gregory Zager of the Sturgeon Bay Police Department in Wisconsin. Zager said he had had contact with a man from Cañon City who had sent him numerous photos of young naked girls, including some who appeared to be under the age of 18.

    Before he could be arrested here, Ashcraft was arrested in Adams County in an ICAC sting, and the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office was asked to conduct a search of Ashcraft’s residence, which he shares with his mother.

    Officers confiscated a computer, external hard drive, router, thumb drive and DVD and CDs. Forensic analysis found 137 probable child pornography files, 104 probable child pornography files and 12 probable child pornography videos.

  2. Comment by walt:

    No Lisa. I don’t believe the rank and file were like this although several had some problems. This sounds like former CSA management. The management operated outside of rules and regulations and basically did whatever they wanted to do.

  3. Comment by walt:

    if you know this and were with CSA then why do you ask?

  4. Comment by Lisa:

    First and foremost I never stated that I was associated with CSA, so please don’t assume. Secondly if you read the posting that I submitted this person has the same name as you. If I were you, I wouldn’t post anything associated with that. I surely wouldn’t want to be associated with that. Third, makes a person wonder what goes on with civilian contractors oversees when they are out of the eyes of their friends and families. I want others to be aware of the types of people they are working with and have worked with oversees.

    • Comment by Walt:

      so i should change my name because this guy arrested has a middle name same as my first name?? Are you serious? Do you not think there are criminals named Lisa? why don’t you change your name to avoid that? I know that there are unsavory types working overseas, and CSA and other contractors had and have their share of them. I personally never met this guy and do not approve of his criminal actions. But do not assume all civilian contractors are criminals or inept. Alot of contractors are just good people working overseas to make some money, something that is tough to do anywhere today. A percentage of ne er do wells and wastrels wander into the contracting world because they can hide there and escape into another world but the rank and file are really pretty clean. Its a reflection on our society. Just check your sex offender registry and see how many live in your area is appauling.

      • Comment by Jeffrey G. Wernz:

        I have been reading all the comments. It is very hard for me as I am nearly blind. I need help or info from someone. I worked for CSA in Kuwait from day one till sometime in 2010. Not sure of the exact dates because I was medically evacuated and frankly have no memory of anything during this time period, We always had concerns with CSA. We always wondered about our danger pay which was never received. We also had issues with the indemnity. I’m sure there are a lot more things, but my head is not right and I am having troubles here. I just need someone who is a little more clearheaded to contact me and fill me in. I can be reached at Wrnz@aol.com
        Thanks in advance,
        Jeffrey G. Wernz

    • Comment by Mike:

      Not everyone is evil over in kuwait or with CSA but there are so many incompetent and malicious people working within the organization that It like a hell hole.

      • Comment by Concerned:

        No not everyone in CSA is evil. And yes there are alot of nice people in Kuwait and even in CSA. It is just there is alot of corruption in alot of different companies. And some people don’t see that. Or if they here of it, it kinda means the whole company sometimes. I worked in Iraq for 5 years and Kuwait for 2 years. The company I worked for in Kuwait paid well but they were very corrupt from the USA to in country. When alot of other people who were just layed off, and myself(still working). Filed a lawsuit, all @ell broke loose. They were writing me up left and right and threatening to fire me and everything. It was crazy. But anyway When I was there I did meet decent people there with CSA. Just like at my company there were decent people there also. But I think all of us or some of us get put thru a wringer here and there.

  5. Comment by Lisa:


  6. Comment by Lisa:

    I want all families who live in this area to be aware for their childrens safety.

  7. Comment by walt:

    I am with you. This person , now identified and charged, should be in the sexual offenders registry once convicted.

  8. Comment by Matter:

    The class action suit against CSA is in full swing. Not only is every employee owed the so called Fuel Allocation stolen from us, but the attorney who took this case also says we are owed correct FALA payment($100/day!) and those who were hurt on the job and denied workmans comp and threatened with termination for not working will be fully compensated. This won’t cost a dime, the attorneys get 40% but 60% is better than nothing and you send a message to Bill&Co to go to hell!

    Scott J.Bloch.P.A.
    1050 17th St.N.W.
    Suite 600,

    • Comment by walt:

      Thanks Matter I will contact Scott

    • Comment by Out Of There:

      The Occupational Health Nurse was telling CSA employees that was injured on the job to medically resign and if they did, CSA would hire them back with no questions asked when they got well enough to come back to work. Guaranteed hire back if you just go home. Now why would anyone want to do such a thing when you were hurt on the job going home without any benifits because you resigned. Alot of people did it because it was presented to them as if they did not medically resign that they would never work for CSA again.

      • Comment by Camp Arifjan Watch:

        There is a law firm in the States who has a Class Action suit started now against DoD Contractors like ITT and CSA who did not carry Defense Base Act Insurance and tried to get out of paying the Defense Base Act premiums. All this happened with the full knowledge and oversight of Camp Arifjan and Rock Island contracting officers. If you want the lawyers number, contact Ms. Sparky and she will pass on your name. DBA should have paid for medical evacuation flights, American doctors and 66% of salary while recovering from injury. This coverage is for 24 hours a day while based overseas. No exceptions. The level of fraud committed by ITT and CSA in just this area exceeds the Agility case. American lives and other TCN lives were ruined by many DoD Contractors not abiding by the DBA requirements of their contracts. Out of There, what you describe is nothing less than another case of CSA fraud.

        • Comment by Allan Avery:

          During the time I worked for the company, (CSA) I was injuried and currently still physically wounded, I had a court date in the US for my case but the law firm I hired emailed me and told me that I had to find a new law firm due to not enough evidence, even with the US Department of labor holding my case number. I am still wounded and abandon in Kuwait because of this Company. Someone needs to serve time, for the way they have treated their employees. I was wrongfully accused of a crime I had nothing to do with, I am still in Kuwait homeless and unemployed since 2007. Someone must pay for totally destroying my life

          • Comment by Long Time In Kuwait:

            BS… That would mean you are here illegally. Right? That means you haven’t done what YOU are supposed to do: go to the Embassy, go to the Army.

            You aren’t ‘stranded’ or ‘abandoned’ … You did this to yourself.

            • Comment by Allan Avery:

              Are you asking me about my situation, or telling me you know my case? I have been here abandon because of my visa, my plane ticket home that wasn’t given to me and the fact that my mother died as I her only son of six, was here to support my family. Illegal ? No I am not here illegally, I am here because the country and the company owe me compensation for falsely accusing me of a crime there was no proof or evidence. I was awarded a set amount but have not yet to receive it because of lack of concern toward a American Vet, and the need to take care of my children and my grands. So thank you for your opinion, and if you don’t have corrective criticism, keep your options to yourself. God bless and have a great day.

              • Comment by Long Time In Kuwait:

                If you are in Kuwait legally, then you have a sponsor. If you have a sponsor, you aren’t stranded. If you don’t have a sponsor, then you aren’t in Kuwait legally.

                You said ‘the country and the company’ owe you money because of falsely accusing you of a crime you did not commit. Which country? Kuwait? The country of Kuwait owes you money? Really?

                The company owe you money because of an accusation?


                • Comment by Allan Avery:

                  And further more, If anyone stay in a country for four years, it is quit apparent that ether that person is innocent and believe in his fight for justice or he has nothing else to live for. I am both, but I promised my mother on her death bed that I wasn’t going to leave here broke or my name as a Drug trafficker in the Middle East, I didn’t do any drug dealing in the states, why would I be a fool to do it here, after being here for 8 years. My FATHER is going to take care of it. Thanks again. And by the way I’m an artist not a drug dealer. And it wasn’t an accusation it was a wrongful arrest. It’s the same as the accusation that Terrorist bombed my country. So when is it the truth and when is it a lie?

                  • Comment by Long Time In Kuwait:

                    You are the one who said you are “homeless and unemployed since 2007″ and that you are “wounded and abandoned.”

                    Now, you’re saying you stayed in Kuwait voluntarily to clear your name, and once it was cleared, you elected to stay because you wouldn’t leave Kuwait broke.

                    So, which is it? Are you ‘wounded, abandoned, homeless and unemployed’, or are you in Kuwait because you decided to stay there?

                    • Comment by Allan Avery:

                      I have no choice but to stay until the amount awarded to me is in my hand. I have nothing. My money was spent in lawyer fees, and taking care of my mother and wife, Not having a plane ticket home, so Sleeping at the beach bench is not my choice. So please if you don’t have any suggestion, then don’t think you can give any advice. You don’t know the just of my situation. Help me if you can. If not I am sorry I wasted your time. Thank you.

                  • Comment by Camp Arifjan Watch:

                    If you have a Labor Claim against a DoD Contractor in Kuwait for over-time pay or have been injured and in either case are owed indemnity for your years worked in Kuwait, Contact Dr. Al Enezi at the Al Enezi Law Firm.

                    Al-Enezi Law Offices

                    If you worked 12 hour days and 7 days a week, you are working 2 years in 1 year and are owed 1 years overtime.

                    Your wages should be ONLY going to a Kuwait bank account by Kuwait Labor Law and you are owed double time on an Arabic Holiday. You are owed 1 months pay for each year worked as indemnity. If you want to file a case, get it started and get what you are owed. They priced their contract to the Government with that in mind and the companies are profiting by keeping YOUR money !!! for themselves.

              • Comment by Lidia:

                Go Allen for your’s right…!!! CSA said that American people don’t have right in Kuwait but is a lie…. Good Luck….God Bless

                • Comment by Allan Avery:

                  Thank you so much, I feel anywhere that my Brother and Sister died to help another country liberate itself, there we have rights. If we can die for you then we have earn the right for respect and human and civil rights. If I seem to disrespect you in anyway, please forgive me. 4 years is a long time for justice. If you know anyone ( lawyers ) that is interested in becoming rich, let me know. I have the all keys to their down fall. God bless you,

                • Comment by Allan Avery:

                  Thank you so much, I was just turned down by the Kuwaiti ministry of justice, I was suppose to receive 6,995.000 kd, the judge said I receive NOTHING. Four years to receive nothing, so now I go to plan B, I turn myself in to the Kuwaiti Police for my visa, then be deported back to the States and start there. I promise I will not give up on this. Justice will be served.

    • Comment by JAPOC:

      I received the pre-mailing W-2 email from CSA and attempted to forward it to Mr. Bloch (to advise him of the Las Vegas address on the form letterhead). The email bounced as permanent failure to deliver.

      Is there another email address or does anyone know why sbloch@bcounsel.com doesn’t work?

    • Comment by James Godin:

      Dear Sir or Ma’am,

      I was UNFORTUNATELY with CSA from 09/2009-11/2009. I actually did not get my full last pay check. I was also originally told that if I leave early that they would pay my way home. They garnished my last pay check for the flight out to Kuwait, and for my visa. PLEASE sue them. I will be more than happy to give ALL the money owed to me to whomever if you do.

      • Comment by Sandra:

        you must stay atleast 6 months or you will be charged back for all they did to get you there. I worked for CSA from 6-04 until 5-06. My beef is with the indemnity, danger pay and workmans comp.Other wise I really enjoyed my jop and time with th company.

    • Comment by Tim:

      $100 a day? I only received $900 a month in Kuwait with CSA.

  9. Comment by Hunter:

    Thank you Matter. I will pass this along to everyone. This is great news.

  10. Comment by Lydia:

    Wow finally….

  11. Comment by matter:

    Be sure to tell one&all!!! It’s OUR money, Not Bills!!!

  12. Comment by Jim:

    Anyone heard back from Scott yet?
    My e-mail is on the way.

  13. Comment by Jeff:

    How do I get in on this Law Suit? CSA was the biggest freakin mistake I ever did. CSA, Can’t Support Shit!!!!

    • Comment by Matter:

      Are you having problems reading? Simply call/email Scott and your signed up!! See above for address and be sure to tell anyone you know who worked with CSA!!

  14. Comment by Jim:

    I wonder why Ms. Sparky hasn’t commented? This seems to be legit.

  15. Comment by Brian Graysmark:

    I recently provided Scott with a conformed copy of CSA’s contract which I attained via a FOIA request.
    Thank you for your Leadership in this.

  16. Comment by Brian Graysmark:

    I have read through the Federal Travel Regulations (FTR) Concerning reimbursement for travel. I believe CSA would have been reimbursed for travel costs of flying employees to Kuwait within one month of their travel date. All tickets were return journeys to my understanding.
    Those employees who were charged their flight home after being dismissed I believe were victims of fraud. That is unless CSA reimbursed the government for the money they had already recieved.

    • Comment by Long Time in Kuwait:

      So, you’re saying that the employees were charged for their ticket home, but that CSA, somehow had already received the money for their ticket? How?

      All CSA received was what they invoiced for. And, that was on a “Cost Plus” basis. So, how could CSA have already received the money?

      Whether or not they charged the government for the employees ticket, I supposed, is a question that could be asked, but all invoiced had to be accompanied by a paper trail justifying the expense, and showing that CSA had incurred, and paid, the cost….

      How would they do that without receipts, etc?

      Also, in spite of the JTR, if something was not provided for in the contract, then CSA couldn’t request reimbursement… so, if the US Government had already said they couldn’t charge for return tickets for employees not completing their contracts, then CSA couldn’t request reimbursement anyway.

      • Comment by Brian Graysmark:

        All I am saying is that after reading CSA’s contract and also the Federal Travel Regulations, I found nothing in both that would suggest that CSA had the right to charged employees who had been terminated, for their flight home. Also the federal travel regulation states: 301.205.46 a-(7) Costs shall be allowable only if the following information is documented—

        (i) Date and place (city, town, or other similar designation) of the expenses;

        (ii) Purpose of the trip; and

        (iii) Name of person on trip and that person’s title or relationship to the contractor.

        There might be something I am missing, and the regulations are extensive but I found nothing that would suggest that even the government desired to be reimbursed for an employee of a contractor who had been terminated. Also Contractor employees I believe do not fall under the JTR. Most of the reciept requirements and paper work such as SF-1190 that government direct hire employees are required to fill out for Per Diem payments are not required for contractor employee’s. Per Diem and Travel Costs fall under the previous section of the FTR that I sited. I might be wrong, however seeing as my original flight tickets were for a return journey, I would assume that CSA had already been reimbursed for the cost. The cost of changing the return ticket date would have been insignificant.

        • Comment by Two Cents:

          For those questions about how a cost reimbursable contract can be reimbursed for travel like this. Here is a situation with another large defense contractor….

          Employee A flys from US to Kuwait to begin its employement contract. Contractor purchases a round trip ticket for that employee due to the Kuwaiti visa laws stating that all non citizens of Kuwait must have a plane ticket home. (whether this statement is true or not it is being used by many of the defense contractors.)

          Now employee A has an open ended return ticket that has been paid for by the contractor and reimbursed by the govenment. The problem with this situation is that open ended return tickets:

          1. Can expire before the employee leaves.
          2. May not be used if the employee leaves early.
          3. Cost is still charged to the government and not credited back.

          While this may not be the case here, it is a major issue with many other contractors.

          • Comment by Ms Sparky:

            Do you know what the DoD is doing about these tickets that have been reimbursed and not used?

            • Comment by Long Time In Kuwait:

              Ms. Sparky,

              I fairly certain the tickets bought for CSA employees were one-way. The Kuwait government does not, by the way, require proof of a plane ticket back to the employees home country to get a visa 18.

              They do have to have proof of a plane ticket back to the employees home country, or out of Kuwait using Kuwait Airways (one or the other) when cancelling a residency.

          • Comment by Allan Avery:

            Due to the fact that there are so many Americans here stranded, doesn’t that constitute abandonment, and a brich of the contract ? So why isn’t our government doing anything about this?

            • Comment by Long Time In Kuwait:

              Again with the stranded! Please tell us what you mean by ‘stranded.’ You were given a ticket home, but decided to stay to ‘clear your name’.

              If you decide to stay somewhere, that doesn’t mean you’re stranded. It means YOU put YOURSELF in a position that you are now wanting to blame on someone else.

              If you don’t have the money to get on a plane, go to the US Embassy, claim indigence, and they will pay for your trip back.\

              You’ll have to pay the cost of the flight back to the State Department, but, you’ll be ‘home.’

              • Comment by Allan Avery:

                I must say I am very confused on the fact that so many question has been ask and yet no answer seem to be near. I was Stranded by the company when I went to jail for 12 days for nothing. I was NOT given a ticket home and was thrown out of housing and left to live on the streets of Kuwait.

                I don’t have any money because of the crooked lawyers and taking care of my family. I stayed because I had a case. The case is on going and the company say they don’t have anything to do with wrongfully accusing me of Drug Trafficking. Going home is not an option. I want and will get justice. In Jesus name I promise.

                • Comment by Long Time in Kuwait:

                  It seems to me that the BEST thing you could have done to take care of your family would be to take less than 10% of the money you did receive and buy a ticket home.

                  But wait! There’s more! Now you’re saying your ‘case’ is still on-going… after four years???

                  The company DIDN’T have anything to do with the police stopping you and two buddies in a car downtown. You were accused of drug trafficking because your two buddies had drugs on them. Right? That’s what the reports all say. Nothing to do with the company.

                  You said your name was cleared. But, that’s not what the newspaper articles say, it says there was an ‘unannounced verdict’. Which, even your lawyer, Kuribet, says doesn’t ‘exactly’ clear you… just sorta clears you.

                  You want advice? Get on the next airplane out of Kuwait and don’t try to start any more ‘Sports’ companies… you have no future here, and you aren’t going to collect any more money.

                  Your best bet is just to leave and get on with your life, and be there for your family.

                  But, you don’t do that, because you want ‘justice.’ Justice, in your case, is just getting out of town.

                  • Comment by Allan Avery:

                    10% of what? I was not given anything as of today. Do you understand, I did not ask you what would be my best bet. You do not know me at all, i don’t know about any drugs found on someone else. I know there was no drugs on me, in me or at my resident. As for the other two gents men God bless them. They did what they felt they had to do. If you did any further investigation you could ask the arresting officer, if I was disorderly or rude or disrespectful to them during their search. The drug screening test taken by the police was negative for all three person. If the company had obeyed the Kuwait Labor Laws, I would have been back to work as I asked and had my job after, the hearing. They did not obey the laws of Kuwait, I have witnesses that heard the president of the company say, leave them in jail, after 7 days deem them job abandonment, I was told by the president, (Tom Snyder) that it was not drug trafficking that I was found guilty of it was Job ABANDONMENT and didn’t pass the DRUG SCREENING TEST. A Test that the Company Nurse administered, and said on the spot you are positive, what they fell to realize is i had a test done the same day at the IC Clinic. Which came back negitive . And one more thing Ms. Smarty, my mother was my family , and when I had to hear her voice on her death bed, I promised her, that I will not go to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA with my name as a Drug trafficker in the Middle East, or leave here
                    Broke. THATS WHY I STAYED. I don’t have any family no more because of
                    Also the court said I was innocent and guilty. Explan that please? And don’t say because I was with people that had something in their possession. I never seen anything taken off those guys. That’s saying the passengers on the planes on 911 were all Terroist . Stop trying to make excuses for a company that’s so deeply in trouble. I am a fighter, a 53 year old Black American that’s been call everything, even a son of God, I will not be called a Nigger in the Middle East. Thank you for your time, may God bless, and unless you have someone that can help me? I would appreciate it very much if we never communicate with each other again. May god bless you with compassion.

                    • Comment by Allan Avery:

                      Also my dreams of any sport company, or what ever I desire is up to God my father and myself, I don’t even remember mentioning a sport facility to you. So get your information correct thank you again. Or you give me the money to fly home? I don’t think so.

  17. Comment by Out Of There:

    I wonder how many people will develope skin cancer in the years to come because CSA would not allow the security employees on Camp Arifjan to wear the Gators for protection from the sun. CSA did not care about the safety of it’s workers. They just might care now if they think that they are going to be sued over all the medical problems that could possibly arise out of that foolish decision that they made in respect to the ban on the Gators.

  18. Comment by JAPOC:

    Many apologies for the OFF TOPIC but anyone here from the old ITT K-BOSSS thread?

    I have a ? about the unemployment (and the other thread was closed).

    Walt? Hunter? Noone????

    If you know of a better thread for this convo, please advise.

  19. Comment by Hunter:

    JAPOC..what’s up?

    • Comment by JAPOC:

      Hey Hunter!
      Thanks for the response.

      Did you receive UCI and did the
      extension “automatically” kick in if you did? My CA mandated 26 weeks is ending and I’m wondering how long before Obama’s assist kicks in.

  20. Comment by Hunter:

    JAPOC, it will automatically kick in. They will send you a notice. You are good to go. Nice to hear from you!

  21. Comment by Jeff:

    For starters, if any of you honestly think that this lawsuit is going to go through, you are all smokin some serious crack. I hate CSA as much as all of you for there B.S. way of running a company and ripping us “Former” employees off. With that said, these guys have been sued so many times and every time they find “loop” holes to weasel their way out.

    Just for g pees, that “Address” in California that is “Suppose” to be where the company HQ is, well, it’s an empty lot. Look it up.

    I am by all means, not a CSA sympathizer if I had my way I would go and find all the so called Management pecker heads and beat the sh!t out of them.

    Just me venting on this whole CSA crap is all. Like or not.

  22. Comment by GS-12:

    Just wondering but I thought these knucleheads and blog concerning CSA were shut down? Are we back to reading these dribble of postings concerning something no one is paying much attention to, with the exception of the ones posting the information? I’m just curious on why this bogging has been allowed to continue after it was shut down?

  23. Comment by Camp Arifjan Watch:

    This still carries on because those who were defrauded by CSA and KRH still have something to say. Some of what is being said is here. Some of it is being said to investigators from several different agencies. Some of it is being said in sealed court documents which have yet to be unsealed. And lucky for those who want to read about the ongoing corruption at Camp Arifjan and GS-12 Contracting Officers – we want to read when they finally go down.

    ITT is losing its contract due to its association with KRH. In the coming months we will be seeing some contracting officers who were paid to allow ITT to take the KBOSSS contract with an unrealistic bid, and at the same time cause the troops to suffer with uneducated labor hired from Nepal and India for $400 per month and we want to read who those contracting officers were and who the ITT officials were.

    So, GS-12, let’s thank Ms. Sparky for keeping this site going so we can memorialize those defrauding the U.S. Taxpayer. What is pretty clear is that there are several GS-12 and 13s at Arifjan not looking out for the U.S. Taxpayer which is not surprising. The Cockerham / Colonel Alexander / Jake Adrian corruption continues.

  24. Comment by Camp Arifjan Watch:

    Welcome and I am grateful for Ms. Sparky and her site. There is a new site coming soon, dedicated to the corruption in Kuwait’s bases and it is going to feature the special contracting officers and their Contracting Officer Commanders and their collective tricks. It will document their single sole source contracts and memorialize them for years to come for journalists to study and for their future prospective employers to have a look at their behavior overseas. It will feature CACI and their puppeteering and show Congress what the U.S. Taxpayer is really paying for – damn poor service for $ 550,000 a head. It will show that ACC has failed in it’s mission to field competent and qualified contracting officer 5 years after U.S. Army Major John Cockerham and it will feature profiles of every Camp Arifjan Contracting Officer who ever took a dollar or more as a kickback.

    Thanks for the inspiration Ms. Sparky !!

  25. Comment by Jim:

    I received the PDF and word doc of the forms to fill out. Is it legit, or should I wait before sending it in?

  26. Comment by Allan Avery:

    Are you asking me about my situation, or telling me you know my case? I have been here abandon because of my visa, my plane ticket home that wasn’t given to me and the fact that my mother died as I her only son of six, was here to support my family. Illegal ? No I am not here illegally, I am here because the country and the company owe me compensation for falsely accusing me of a crime there was no proof or evidence. I was awarded a set amount but have not yet to receive it because of lack of concern toward a American Vet, and without that i cant do anything here or in the states and the need to take care of my children and my grands. So thank you for your opinion, and if you don’t have corrective criticism, keep your options to yourself. God bless and have a great day.

  27. Comment by Allan Avery:

    The company HR manager, (CH) told the US Embassy over the phone that ” they issued me a ticket home, when ask for the manifest or proof that they gave a ticket to me, they were never heard from . To many lies, and to many people hurt from those lies. This company has to pay one way or another. The sponsor was allocated a set amount for any debts or legal issues that needed to be settled prior to the company leaving the country. Now the sponsor is holding this amount and is trying everything not to pay the debts off. I had the sponsor to pay off my lawyer, and the expert office off, under the table. after determining my set amount owed to me, ( 25,000.000 kd ) I was awarded 6,995.000 kd. The expert wrote to the judge in Arabic, ” he doesn’t deserve anything “. I requested that amount to be given to me and still I have not
    received anything.

  28. Comment by goose:


    If you think that you are going to get anymore money out of that bullshit company, you will be there a very long time. This company doesn’t give a shit about you or anyone that worked for them, they only care about how much money they can put in their pockets. As for your situation, sorry to say, but you put yourself in that situation. Not the fact that you were wrongfully accused, but the fact that you seriously thought you would get something out of that company. The company owes so many people and had so many lawsuits filed against them but they have always found loopholes to get out of them. Even the government went after them with law suits but they still got out of them because of some technicality. My advise, tuck your tail and leave with what you have, you will NEVER get what you think or what they said they would give you.

  29. Comment by Allan Avery:

    Tuck my tail? That’s a great idea, because I see now you haven’t heard a word I have said. The Kuwaiti courts has ruled in my favor for 6,995,000. Kd all I am waiting for is that to be placed in my hand. I do not have money to buy a ticket home. I understand the companies problems, but I don’t have any chose in this matter, unless you buy the ticket. Or know someone that can speed this process up so I can go on with my life. I have a major injury to my leg. A workmen comp. Claim has been file with the US DEPT of Labor, case number confirmed. This company after what I have been thru is praying that I don’t make it home, once there I promise this won’t be the last you heard of Allan Elton Avery Sr. I promise. I am painting pictures and cutting hair to survive here, going back to the states to struggle is not an option. Thank you.

  30. Comment by goose:

    You R a MORON. As you said in one of your latest posts, You DID NOT RECEIVE ANYTHING. You are an absolute MORON for thinking that the Kuwaiti court was EVER going to rule in your favor and give you your mone. MORON, MORON, MORON. Now maybe we won’t hear about your STUPID ASS anymore.

    • Comment by Allan Avery:

      Name calling? Is that what this is about? FYI, I am receiving compensation to return to the states and file a claim there against the company, the country and anyone that knows how to spell Moron. And one more thing money is spelled with a y! MORON, and you will here from me again, and you better hope we never ever meet, I’ll break your fucking face. PUNK.

      • Comment by goose:

        blah blah blah, you are still a freakin moron

        • Comment by Allan Avery:

          You maybe Your right, but if you meet me somewhere you may be able to express yourself like a man, and not a goose. Blah blah blah making geese sounds don’t prove anything isopod. By the way your opinion motivates me to keep on fighting, please continue with the insults. Oh one more thing God bless you.

  31. Comment by VSE WATCH:

    I wouldn’t be so damn sure about what you are peddling Goose. Dr. Al – Enezi have 15 cases and they are all marching right along to a win.

    VSE’s contract with Quest is in my hands it it clearly says that they will abide by Kuwait Labor Law. There is also a letter from Mauricy Boy, the CEO of VSE who threw an absolute hissy fit like a child ( that bastard still kept his job after that stunt ) and then Maurice fired 100 mechanics because he didn’t want to pay over-time to the men. Not for backpay or to follow the law. Now he is going to pay. Not only here in Kuwait, but in the United States in a class action. Any VSE guys out there who were victims of VSE’s CEO, please contact Dr. Al Enezi and asked to be referred for the State-Side lawsuit.

    Maurice wrote the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to say he was paying wages, but didn’t say he was paying overtime or abiding by Kuwait Labor Law. Maurice you dumb-ass, I am the one who sent you the Labor Guide Book for you to do the right thing and follow your Prime Contract DAABO7-03-D-B012 rated DOA7 just in case you boys want to file a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the Prime Contract for yourselves to read.

    You see Goose, several Prime Contractors are going to get burned and pay overtime and IT WILL happen. Then those same Primes who were pocketing their employees overtime pay as their own profit are going to be sued in the States for the Federal Laws they broke. Such as a False Claims Act Action because they ( Get this Goosey ) the bastards claimed they were abiding by the Prime Contract every time they invoiced the Government when in fact, Maurice and his Senior managers were lying their asses off. Quest too can be charged for not following their own contract and assisting VSE in stealing the overtime pay.
    Quest even sent in a loser to the Ministry of Labor to lie and say that he was Dr. Al Enezi’s new attorney and that Dr. Al Enezi fired everyone that morning and he was there to dismiss all the cases. But the liar went running when the official asked for his Power of Attorney and Civil ID. Quest and VSE are going to pay Goosey. And unless all the other Primes get in line and follow the Mechanized system of Kuwait – they are next and I will be there to see that they do pay their workers overtime as their Prime contract states. This guy is not a Moron. You are idiot.

  32. Comment by VSE WATCH:

    Oh, Ms Sparky, if you want a copy of Quest’s contract with VSE – just say where you want it published. And it you want the Prime Contract – I can send that to you too when it arrives.

    Maurice – how you doing. You really should take your FED EX legal opinions received a little more seriously. I was giving you an out man. You are like a spoiled child and the goal here aside from you paying the overtime owed is that your company’s board sends out out on your ear. Didn’t your lawyers caution you against firing people with no notice – 90 days Moron ( Goose – this guy Maurice is a real Moron ) He even fired a guy by text message who had cancer and was returning from treatment. What a prick Maurice. You fired over 20 by text message – NOW THAT is the hallmark of a Moron. If you would have just read the book Maurice – it was to save your company money and you some embarrassment and to get your guys the pay that was owed them. That is quite a legal team you have. They should have thrown you into a padded crib and given you some Gripe Water to calm your ass down. Who has gottem’ now Goose?

  33. Comment by Still here and kickin:

    Well if alot of you didn’t know here is new news from whats going down in the Middle East.
    Supposedly CENTCOM is involved with making the companies do mandatory medicals annually! Somewhere between 50-100(ITT Exelis only so far) across the Middle East have lost their jobs for failing to be fit for duty in a deployed location. One person that I know from a friend was let go for being overweight but a local hire was allowed to stay in Kuwait and get treatment for prostate cancer? Does that sound right to you? the one terminated does have a on going lawsuit prior to being terminated for loss in pay(which will benefit everyone if it is awarded) for violating Kuwait labor laws dealing with holidays, overtime, and sick time not being paid in accordance with the Kuwait labor law since “ALL” contracts have to abide both American AND Kuwait laws.
    And from what I hear thru the grapevine that some of the companies, especially ITT Exelis, is shitting bricks and preparing for the worst in the ALL HOLIDAYS will be paid category. They are looking at how far back they are going to go with the backpay to the contractors currently on contract. Of course the ones that are already gone or gone when the decision is made is just shit out of luck!

    • Comment by ITT WATCH:

      The labor contracts abide by Kuwait Labor Law ONLY and ITT is in violation if they are trying to back-charge any employees for not staying 6 months. Probation time under Kuwait Labor law is 90 days. Thereafter, if ITT doesn’t keep the employee a full year, they are liable for payment of the entire contracts salary. Pay a visit to Dr. Al Enezi for a consultation and file a case with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for overtime and indemnity. Indemnity accumulates at 1 months pay per year worked and your vacations are 30 days and you are paid your salary before you fly – that is the Kuwait Labor Law. schedule an appointment at info@al-enezi-law-kuwait.com To boot, ITTs sponsor will be equally liable for not keeping ITT in compliance with Kuwait Labor Law. Ask VSE how their case is going. They are losing and Estimation is auditing their payroll records.

  34. Comment by Jeffrey G. Wernz:


    This is the third time I am writing this. The other times went to cyber space!
    I am a former CSA employee. I was with them from day one for almost ten years. I to have been in contact with lawyers over issues ie danger pay, indeminty, etc.
    I was medically discharged. The only compensation Ihave received is from insurance I bought and paid for! It’s as if CSA has washed their hands of the issue. I’ve been told by my former secretary that I am lucky to be alive as the CSA nurse never contacted the CSA contracted Dr about my situation. Under the Base Defence Act CSA was susposed to have insurance on us 24/7. Can anyone direct me to a lawyer that can handle my case. I a in the Phillipine so calling is not a great option. I won’t go into a lot of details here aas I am now visibly impaired.
    Thank You
    Jeffrey G. Wernz

  35. Comment by Jeffrey G. Wernz:

    This is the third time I am writing this. The other times went to cyber space!
    I am a former CSA employee. I was with them from day one for almost ten years. I to have been in contact with lawyers over issues ie danger pay, indeminty, etc.
    I was medically discharged. The only compensation Ihave received is from insurance I bought and paid for! It’s as if CSA has washed their hands of the issue. I’ve been told by my former secretary that I am lucky to be alive as the CSA nurse never contacted the CSA contracted Dr about my situation. Under the Base Defence Act CSA was susposed to have insurance on us 24/7. Can anyone direct me to a lawyer that can handle my case. I a in the Phillipine so calling is not a great option. I won’t go into a lot of details here aas I am now visibly impaired.
    Thank You
    Jeffrey G. Wernz

  36. Comment by Kim Dixon:

    After reading so much about CSA, I had no idea so many others had so many problems with them also. I was wrongfully terminated for something I had nothing to do with and was also told after 3 years of working with them that I had to pay my own way home. Luckily I had loving family members or else I think I would still be there. I worked there from 2005 till 2008. When CSA told me I was terminated I searched for an attorney and was told that no one would take the case because it was not enough money for them. I am wondering what is the statute of limitations on such a case?

  37. Comment by ALLAN AVERY:


    [mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/chitronixallworldshow/us-contractor-homeless-in-the-middle-east/ width=660 height=180 /]

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