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Artist Michael G. Reagan honors the Fallen Heroes of our allies too

Fallen Heroes Project Portrait Poster #4 of 7. Each poster is unique and all seven posters will be on dsplay at Arlington National Cemetary on Memorial Day.

After the last few posts, I think it’s time I throw a little love your way.

I’ve written about world renowned portrait artist Michael G. Reagan and the Fallen Heroes Project several times. Micheal is an artist from Washington State who has committed himself to hand drawing the portrait of every soldier who has died in this fight against terrorism. This not only includes American soldiers, but those soldiers of our allies as well.

And every portrait, over 2000 now, requested by the Fallen Heroes family is done free of charge. It’s a gift from Michael to them. You can help defer these costs at the Fallen Heroes Project site.

Arlington National Cemetery is displaying all seven of posters in Section 60. See below.

Here is is a recent article from the BBC News (if you have problems viewing this audio slide show on MsSparky.com click HERE)

Audio slideshow: Portraits of the fallen

Distinctive portraits of British, US and Canadian service personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan – created by artist Michael Reagan – have gone on display at Arlington National Cemetery near Washington DC.

A Vietnam War veteran himself, he has produced more than 2,000 drawings for the soldiers’ families free of charge. He told BBC Radio 4’s PM programme he wants to document all of the Allied troops killed in action.

Fallen Heroes Project posters on display at Arlington National Cemetery

Fallen Heroes Project posters on display at Arlington National Cemetery

Micheal is going to be in my neck of the woods soon. I will have the distinct pleasure of meeting him in person and am looking forward to hearing him speak.

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by Elizabeth:

    Thank you for posting this wonderful healing tribute of Michael Reagan. He truly is gifted. The eyes of each soldier he draws, say “All is OK. I fought the good fight. I am home now.”

  2. Comment by for-what-it's-worth:

    To capture these “Fallen Hero’s” in a hand drawing rather than a simple photograph, is such an honorable ever-lasting thing to do! Mr. Reagan will not be forgotten by all that view his artistic talent’s.

  3. Comment by Brian Pickford:

    I heard Michael Reagans story on radio 2’s ‘Jeremy Vines’ show today (17th Feb) it was one of the most moving interviews I have ever heard. What Michael does is fantastic and I am amazed that I have never heard of this man previously.

  4. Comment by michael redpath:

    was moved today listening to Michael on the “Jeremy Vine show” he is one in a million! God bless him.

  5. Comment by Anthony Duller:

    I too was listening to Jeremy Vine show today on Radio 2, and became very emotional when hearing about the work you do for our Hero’s. On seeing the pictures I can truely see what a difference the work you do really means to these people who have lost there loved ones.
    kind Regards

  6. Comment by annette crawford:

    I listened to Michael’s story on the radio today. What a wonderful man and what comfort he clearly brings to the families of fallen troops. I feel humbled.

  7. Comment by Baboo Remembers:

    The representations display the essence of one man’s Vietnam experience through the use of powerful hand drawn renderings of those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    His commitment to such a project of this intense nature, is as strong as those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

  8. Comment by jon france:

    I listened to you today on bbc2 today it was very moving i have lost my at 16 daugter and wondered if you could draw me a picture of her , your art is amazing many thanks jon

  9. Comment by Carmen Page:

    I listened to the BBC Radio 2 program yesterday afternoon in which you were featured…. I had to see your portraits online as I am so moved by what you are doing for these people. Although I have been fortunate enough not to have experienced this painfull loss as you and many families have, I just wanted to thank you for doing such an act of kindness for these people. You are a truly amazing person. God Bless you! (He already has)
    (Northamptonshire, UK)

  10. Comment by Kerry:

    I hope that there is some form of official honour in the US that can be bestowed on Michael. This is true selfless, unconditional giving. What an amazing man; he is an example to all humanity.

  11. Comment by Sandra Chiocci:

    Myself and my husband were on our way to visit our son while listening to Jeremy Vine on the radio. Our son Michael is in the army, and listening to Michael Reagans interview brought home how vunerable we all are in this terrible conflict. God Bless you Michael, may your amazing work continue to bring peace to families who hurt in the most heart rending way. x

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