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Why isn’t the DoD removing Dyncorp from Afghanistan?

We all remember Kosovo. Why is the DoD allowing Dyncorp to bid at all?

We all remember Kosovo. Why is the DoD allowing Dyncorp to bid at all?

Where in the hell is the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) in Kandahar? Why have they refused to do anything about this issue of Dyncorp not paying their employees as agreed to? American expats have not been paid at all or have not been paid as agreed to. Some who have complained are being told by Dyncorp in-theater management to keep their mouths shut about it.

Foreign Nationals have not been paid as agreed. Some have been paid cash in theater. This was not agreed to and puts them at great risk for theft and assault and does their families no good in Bangalore or where ever they’re from.

Why is this not being stopped immediately. Months have gone by and Dyncorp still can not get this pay issue right. As much as I despise KBR, at least they paid their people on time and were prompt in correcting errors.

Now is the time for the DoD to “man up”, admit you made a mistake and issue a Level IV Corrective Action Request (CAR) to Dyncorp, kick them to the curb and award Fluor or KBR the Logistics support for the Afghanistan-South Area of Responsibility. This is Dyncorp’s Task Order 4 – $643.5M for the one-year base plus four one year options with a total evaluated value of $5.874 billion. Dyncorp has already lost its partner support from Agility due to indictments. Dyncorp does not deserve one more penny of this contract. And it would appear at this point even KBR is superior to Dyncorp in Afghanistan.

And…is anyone checking to see if Dyncorp is submitting pay vouchers to the DoD to be reimbursed for wages they haven’t paid. That is fraud!!

Now that this Health Care Bill is passed maybe our Senators and House Representatives can focus on other things. Like asking Secretary Gates why he is allowing Dyncorp to jeopardize the mission in Afghanistan South. As much as I would like to think otherwise, Dyncorp employees are not going to stay and support the US troops if they are not getting paid. Someone needs to get the stats on recent demob’s, talk to those people and find out why they left.

I know I have blogged about this before, and I will blog about it until every single person is getting paid on time and as agree to or….Dyncorp is removed from Afghanistan. This is total BS.

If there is an embedded reporter in Kandahar, I have a great story for you…contact me via a comment to this post or the Contact Us tab above.

If you are a current or former Dyncorp employee with pay issues, please tell us your story. Take the opportunity to use this forum to tell the DoD, ASC, ACO, DCMA, DCAA, DoJ, CWC and Congress your story. They do read this blog.

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by for-what-it's-worth:

    Is it possible that the “Former” KBR managers that Dyncorp hired, are intentionally sabatoging DYNCORP and somehow getting under the table payments by KBR to allow this to happen so that KBR would/will take the place of Dyncorp – is this beyond the scope of comprehension?

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I thought about that too. But Scott Mount is the DPM for Dyncorp at Kandahar. He left KBR on very bad terms. If I recall it was “dmob or be fired”. And I don’t believe he is eligible for rehire, unless KBR has changed it. I think Scott Mount is a huge part part of the problem, but what would one expect when Dyncorp is hiring KBR throw backs.

      • Comment by truthseeker:

        Ms. Sparky,
        This is in regard to your comment,

        “Someone needs to get the stats on recent demob’s, talk to those people and find out why they left”.

        I have written quite a few times to your site about these very same issues regarding DynCorp. If you are contacted by anyone doing an investigation please provide them my real name and contact information. I will be happy to answer any questions about what I saw while I was there. I will tell them the names of everyone involved. I wanted to give you this permission openly just in case others may want to do the same thing.
        Thanks again for doing all that you do for the people working there.

        • Comment by Ms Sparky:

          I’m in it for the long haul. I just need to know exactly who to publicly humiliate so everyone gets paid. Evidently Dyncorp has not self respect because I have been publically humiliating them and that’s not working. I was told tonight that I need to start pressuring the Army Sustainment Command at Rock Island. There is a contracting officer for Dyncorp now I have to find out who that is.

        • Comment by Pamela Tibbs:

          I reported that a Dyncorp HSE Mgr had a big screen LCP (government property) TV in the office, I got disciplinary action. Dyncorp did not tell us that when we quit…..we pay our way home.

          So unless you have the money to get home, you are stuck in Afghanistan. That is making us slaves, the DCMA could care less. The PM could care less about Fraud and Abuse. Our troops don’t have the TV’s our management does.

          • Comment by curious:

            Ma’am, it’s obvious you weren’t made to be over there. In reference to the comment about paying your way home…duh! It’s in the contract…it’ not KBR you know. For T.V.’d in offices, you must have had a visit to someone’s office for disciplinary action beacause everyone pretty mush has one. Your right, the DCMA,IG, Commaqnding General of the Installation don’t care about civilians or their issues. Sorry no one briefed you beforehand.

            • Comment by Pamela Tibbs:

              the Duh! comment. It is not in your contract. Your contract mentions the Dyncorp inhouse travel rules, which the recruiters do not have when they send you the contract. I will pay my way home, but their contracts according to my attorney have so many holes in them. I too am sorry no one briefed me. The diciplinary action was because I asked why the TV was in the office. I have already been in Iraq for over 4 years, so I think I could handle being here, except for the BS level from Mgmt. saying “we have an open door policy, if you see something wrong question it” You are right, this is no KBR.

          • Comment by Pamela Tibbs:

            Please give anyone my contact should they accidently want to check who is not being paid per the amount agreed upon.

      • Comment by angel:

        This is all true, my husband is experiencing all those problems right now in terms of salary with the dynacorp, until now he is not receiving any paychecks since he is hired last november, This should be solved immediately, DoD should take time with this… Please!!!!

    • Comment by john:

      Not beyond my comprehension.Dyncorp took over contract in June 2009 in Kuwait,I have seen this first hand,98 percent of the management is former KBR here.I have been lucky so far.I work under one of their sub company’s and my pay has been on time for the last four months.now I am transitioning to totally being Dyncorp.all those complaints I have heard from my fellow co workers about pay I am sure I am headed for now.these games between contracts have been going on for years.DOD needs to step up and put more control on this to.

  2. Comment by Ksniper:

    LOL, now would they do that probably not because if they did then KBR will have shot themselves in the foot because Sparky would be all over them. So i don’t think that would happen because from the Start Dyncorp was jacked up and KBR is sitting back watching the show. Why is KBR out of Afghanistan already? The government knew that Dyncorp and Fluor was not up to the task, they hired all of kbr leaders but they did not hire the supply chain or contacts. that is why a LOTD was issued for KBR to provide materials and hands to Fluor to get started in Southern Afghanistan. I told you all this would be hilarious. DCMA is not going to do squat Deb, too much interference with politics in DC.

  3. Comment by Tony:

    I have been in Kuwait since 12/01/2009 have been waiting to mobilise for Agility food service.
    Have just leaft a good job which was based in KAF to join Agility.
    Of course the salary is the motivator.
    But only to be told there is no job due to the court proceeding since the US.
    Anyways was told by Agility that DYN would be recruiting all Agility Taos Staff.
    Now find out today that DYN CORP arent taking on Agility personel in Kuwait.
    I have friends who are at Camp Lagman for Agility
    and have been approached by DYN HR but to date still have recieved no offer letter. Basically the whole DYN AGILITY set up is what you would say below Par.
    I agree having worked at Leathe Neck in the food service ops that both DYN and FLOUR are amateurs and are completely clueless as to the needs of the US Mil.
    Uncle Sam pays Billions to these Companys and get nothing but a poor return for there Money.
    Although KBR had there faults they were far Superior to the Clowns on the Ground in Afghanistan.
    I am very upset over the situation as I have given up a good job to come and work for Agility only to find that there is no job.


    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Are you stuck in Kuwait? Are you being paid by anyone? Where are you living?

    • Comment by john:

      you just got with a corrupt contractor.no wonder.it was started in Kuwait.they were quiet simply over chargeing for delivery on product and services.just caught up to them.as it should.I am sick of these people giveing contractors a bad name.there are a lot of legit ones out there believe it or not.I hope they clean up the whole industry.

  4. Comment by Dirty Steve:

    I like Dyncorp. I have a friggin’ awesome boss. As far as I’m concerned, this is a great deal.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      The complaints are about Dyncorp the Company not a single person, unless of course you work for the DPM. Glad you like your boss hope you are getting paid on time and as agreed to.

    • Comment by john:

      Agreed, I love contracting and it’s also for some of the folks I work with,not just the good pay.it’s just those few really corrupt ones that are making it hellish on a lot of us.like I said before hope DOD cleans all of it.and their back yard to.

    • Comment by M Marley:

      you must not be an expact they seem to cater and kiss ass for them the non expact.

  5. Comment by Alex:

    Has the fat lady stopped singing or will stop soon?

  6. Comment by Insurgents Target:

    After reading here about the other contractors treatment of personnel in Afghanistan I’m wondering if there is anyone with morals taking all our tax money. I was another victim of KBR and wanted to go back overseas, but with who. When I worked for kbr I was embarassed to tell people who I worked for when I came home on R&R! Is there anyone that a person could be proud and admit who they work for in Iraq or Afghanistan?

  7. Comment by Insurgents Target:

    Oh, and I was wondering, are the other contractors hiring Americans or Balkans or from another country for a cheaper labor force? Just curious if Americans will have a better chance for a job?

  8. Comment by Charles M. Smith:

    Three points:

    1. Contractually the Government relies on the contractor to manage their workforce. If there are pay issues, that would be between DynCorp and the workers. The contract would not include language on how and when employees are to be paid.

    2. This kind of disruption sounds like it would result in performance failures as workers quit and replacements must be hired, trained and moved into the jobs. Part of the evaluations which won the contract would have been a plan to ensure workforce continuity to avoid such disruption. The performance failures should result in contract enforcement actions, CARS by the ACO or a PCO notice that DynCorp’s failure must be immediately corrected or termination will be considered. These actions would be aimed at the performance failures, not at the pay issue per se. This is one of the points of having three contractors, so you can remove work or default poor performance.

    3. If DynCorp is submitting vouchers for payment under a cost contract which include labor costs incurred and are not really incurring those costs, they have committed fraud, if this is intentional. If it is not intentional, then they must correct the system which has resulted in this overbilling. The Defense Contract Audit Agency should identify this issue and work with the ACO and PCO on corrective action. Generally this would include withholding of a percentage of payments, until the issue is resolved.

    One of the problems may be Contracting Command, Rock Island. These are the same people who prospered by throwing money at KBR to resolve LOGCAP III problems in 2004-2006. I am afraid they learned absolutely the wrong lessons from this period, especially as the Army continues to deny there were any such problems.

    Recent testimony by the Army, DCMA and DCAA (to Congressional Committees and the Wartime Commission, all under oath) has stated that they have sufficient staff to identify early and correct such problems.

  9. Comment by FYI:

    Looks like DynCorp was just awarded another contract:

    WASHINGTON (Dec. 30, 2009) – The U.S. Department of Defense recently announced the following contract awards that pertain to local Navy activities.

    DynCorp International, LLC, Fort Worth, Texas, is being awarded a $16,902,377 modification to a previously awarded cost-plus-fixed-fee contract to exercise an option for maintenance services in support of the Kuwait Air Force F/A-18 program under the Foreign Military Sales program. Work will be performed in Kuwait (90 percent) and Fort Worth, Texas (10 percent). Work is expected to be completed in December 2010. Contract funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. The Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Md., is the contracting activity (N00019-06-C-0308).

  10. Comment by manrique guzman:

    I used to work for DynCorp as TCN (third country national) in Colombia, but got lay off Nov. 2008, my paid check was on time all time, I have no complain about the company……BUT…..I saw things, I heard things, I read things…. many, many, of them BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD, Things….I saw waste of material, parts, and money, I heard about BAD people doing BAD things, I read bad things about some managers.
    Get used to this kind of BAD things, I listened many many many many times………..it´s all about the money and POLITICS, this is part of the show…..so let´s close an eye to this show.

    • Comment by john:

      well you got laid off.but that’s why the pay is higher than the usual positions you’ll fine in the states and around the world.because you work on projects that don’t last forever.glad you got paid.we dont need to close an eye to it.we need to bring to justice all that have done wrong and make then accountable for these actions that were way not right.higher management in KBR,DYNCORP,Agility,and all others who have used the American taxpayer.

  11. Comment by angel:

    The DynCorp International Core Values
    We Serve – willingly in all locations and conditions.

    We Care – for the safety, security, development, and well-being of our employees.

    We Empower – our employees to succeed in a culture based on trust, respect, loyalty, and commitment.

    We Perform – with a relentless commitment to exceeding expectations.

    We Do the Right Thing – always, for our customers, employees, and those we serve.


    • Comment by Jorge N. Grabb:

      The government needs to kick Fluor out of the country as well since they are lost in this contract and they definitely have no LEADERSHIP IN COUNTRY.

  12. Comment by FYI:

    Has anyone else heard the rumor that DynCorp is being kicked out of Afghanistan, effective January 5, 2010? Rumor mill says Lockhead is taking over, probably their subsidiary PAE?


    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I asked a contract expert about this and this was their response via email. I guess it’s a wait and see game now.

      “That does not sound likely. Under LOGCAP IV, Fluor or KBR should compete for work terminated from DynCorp. For a Lockheed or PAE to take the work it would have to be removed from the LOGCAP Program and awarded under a similar program such as Navy’s NAVCAP or Air Force AFCAP. I do not know if Lockheed or PAE have such contracts.

      My recollection is that PAE led one of the losing teams in the LOGCAP IV competition, but I could be wrong. I did not play a major role in this source selection. We did not intend to add one of the losing teams, should one of the LOGCAP IV contractors fail. At this point the Army would probably have to re-compete for an additional LOGCAP IV contractor.

      Another possibility comes to mind. If Lockheed and/or PAE are part of the DynCorp team, they may have agreed with the Army to restructure the team without DynCorp or without DynCorp as the lead, but retain a position as a LOGCAP IV contractor. This raises some issues, especially since the team appears to have lost the use of Agility as a subcontractor. Without DynCorp and Agility it would hardly be the team that won a contract.

      All this is speculation on my part. Any such move would be a drastic step for the Army so I will be interested in the outcome. They may feel that by taking firm action at this point they can satisfy SEN McCaskill and the Wartime Commission that the Army has changed their approach to contractors.”

  13. Comment by CHICK:

    For folks trying to get overseas:


  14. Comment by Ksniper:

    I hope they are removed

  15. Comment by CHICK:

    http://www.workatfluor.com is open right now….

  16. Comment by DCAA Auditor:

    Your contract expert is correct. In order for anyone else but Fluor, Dyn or KBR to obtain the work it would have to be issued under another contract. Please note that KBR is also one of the teams on AFCAP but is not part of GSCC (what your specialist refered to as NAVCAP)although they were the incumbent until 2006 when the contract went to multiple award.

    The LCVI contract requires that all 3 awardees compete for all task orders unless there is a compelling reason to issue without competition.

    PAE (which is a Lockheed company) is not eligible for awards under LCIV nor are they eligible for awards under AFCAP as the AFCAP contractors are Bechtel, Dyn, CH2Mhill (teamed with KBR) and RMS. PAE does have some Department of State work in both Afghanistan and Djbouti.

    BTW based on another post regarding uplift. You need to be aware that it is Government policy to only pay uplift on the first 40 hours per week. It is not up to the contractor. Additionally, LCVI as written only allows straigh pay for any additional hours worked and only allows overtime for local nationals in accordance with local labor laws. Considering that CSA does not pay their employees for anything other than 40 hours even though they are are on a 48 hour a week contract and often work 80+ hours a week – the LCVI people are getting a good deal.

    Overtime on Gov’t contracts is not a given. It is based on the actual contract. In fact the majority of Gov’t contracts prohibit the payment of O/T premiums unless the hours are approved in advace in writing by the Gov’t.

    If the Army – which is the LCIV contractor is considering replacing Dyn in Afghanistan they have 3 options. 1 – recompete the southern Afghanistan task order 2. give it to the contractor that came in 2nd. Issue a separate one year bridge contract to do the work while they solicite a totally separate contract. Since the LCIII contract is still active through most of 2010 and KBR is currently perfroming the work it does not make sense to issue a brige.

  17. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    Has anyone seen the Facebook question/comment left on Senator Claire McCaskill Facebook page by Pratap Chatterjee, author of Halliburton’s Army?

    He left a series of great questions, but the one I am most interested in is #8:

    8. What is the status of the investigations into Scott Mount, DynCorp’s deputy program manager for LOGCAP IV for Southern Afghanistan? Mount was previously investigated in Iraq when he worked for KBR.

    Here’s the facebook link:

    Just so I know the whole story….someone needs to fill me in on this!!

  18. Comment by triarri:

    Many of the problems with contracting and contract management in SW Asia deal with the lack of training/trained personnel. The SERCO contractors I was provided to provide assistance in managing the LOGCAP contract didn’t have a clue about contracting. Many were previous military but did not understand contracts. They could not write a PWS to save their life much less an independent government cost estimate. The management analyst thought his sole job was to manage the other SERCO contractors…no where in the SERCO contract did it specify this requirement and he essentially did not perform the services for which he was hired which were recommendations on making the contract more efficient, why, he had no background in it. The same goes for the Logistic Support Officers sent to theater to help with customers defining their requirements…a one week training class is not sufficient to train them. They get to theater and may be trained by the person they are replacing…who also may never have been properly trained. KBR wound up defining the requirements…one good example was the construction of a COP, they included in their quote the need to provide 2-3 semi-trailers to move materials…yet the current fleet was only being used at 40% capacity. When I went to visit the Green Zone I was taken to the KBR dining facility…definitely not what the troops were getting. They would move personnel around when bases closed rather then sending them home. They placed LOGCAP Planners are headquarters staffs…with the intention of advising the customer on how much more efficiently KBR could do the work than the military…so much for augmentation and adding capacity where the military needed assistance. All the contractors are in it for the money and those responsible for developing and determining requirements weren’t trained sufficiently or weren’t doing their jobs to minimize contractor costs. DCMA was the same issue as far as training. They are very good at overseeing US based plant operations, but not administering a contingency contract as evidenced by the electrocutions and other contract issues. They were more concerned with their quality of life then the contract. During the Super Bowl they directed KBR to provide DCMA with beer and pizza outside the DFACs because they wanted to watch the game in the comfort of their offices without having to wait in line with the combat troops…the fox watching the chicken coop? The rationale, because they had the authority to direct the contractor to do whatever they wanted…to include wet CHUs not in line with sand book standards…the rationale…their civilians would not work in Iraq without a wet CHU…good enough for the soldiers but not the civilians….I could go on with SERCO and DCMA abuses. No one will do anything because the generals in charge of AMC will block them. They violate and abuse regulations with impunity because anyone who speaks up is punished and who would take the word of a field grade officer over a general.

  19. Comment by whistleblower:

    CSA does implement Kuwait Labor Law when paying salaries. If you work over your scheduled time then you are paid overtime. For example if you are scheduled for 10 hours and u work 11 hours a day, then you get 1 hour OT. Anything over 48 regular hours is OT

  20. Comment by triarri:

    Yes, and when KBR was informed that Kuwait was implementing the labor law they cried crocodile tears over the costs and how they would either have to charge the government overtime or hire more workers to reduce the need for overtime. We won’t even discuss the army of workers to do simple maintenance because of their hierarchy of apprentice, journeyman and master. In Chicago the joke was how many city workers to fix a pothole. The same could be send of the LOGCAP Contractors when it takes four workers to replace a flange on a toilet. Imagine paying the labor cost for that here at home if you called in a plumber and they showed up with four people to fix a leaking toilet.

  21. Comment by Austin Joseph:


    This story of accusing DynCorp of not paying employees is not true. If the employee has submitted a correct time sheet, he will be paid. DynCorp is know for its promptness in paying their employees. You must understand that DynCorp is performing the task at a reduced cost than KBR saving millions of tax payers dollars. It takes time to settle in and DynCorp will come out successful

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I am getting to many complaints from too many different locations to believe the non payment or slow payment it is as simple as “not correctly filling out a timesheet”! If this is the case then there are a whole lot of foreman and managers who are not doing their job. And then you offer the statement of:

      You must understand that DynCorp is performing the task at a reduced cost than KBR saving millions of tax payers dollars. It takes time to settle in and DynCorp will come out successful

      Is this the excuse for not paying their employees? Because it takes time to settle in. What? Did Dyncorp just win the Task Order yesterday? Or did they have ample opportunity to get their business systems in place? I’d say it was the latter.

      • Comment by sail:

        Gee is Dyncorp admitting that they underbid the work. I think part of the problem is that Dyn never intended to have a large number of people on payroll. They teamed with Agility and Ch2Mhill to provide the actual worker bee’s. When they got left holding the bag and having to assume the staff on their payroll they were not set up to do so.

        • Comment by Philip Nolan:

          Of course DynCorp underbid the work. That was intentional on their part. Many of the worker bees were to be supplied by Agility. CH2M Hill’s pay scale is too high to put many of their people on the payroll.

          The Agility people were budgeted – that’s not the problem. The problem is that DynCorp did not budget enough people or realistic salaries.

      • Comment by XPatXDI:

        I had to tag on to this comment as I have worked for DI and have left because of obvious lies that senior managers of LOGCAP have been feeding to the employees and the senior management of the DI.
        DI had put LOGCAP IV in place a year before the actual award was granted. Charles Moss the “senior HR director” has lied into oblivion about “everything being ready”.
        I can tell you first hand: nothing was in place; NOTHING!!!
        I say this, because I have had and still have first hand knowledge about how this whole LOGCAP program has been “working” from the beginning.

        So, to hear the pure and simple bulls**t about people not being paid because it is their own damn fault is beyond comprehension and to say that one ought to be furious about this would be an understatement.

        The whole HR/Accounting of LOGCAP (& DI for that matter) has been in a disarray, long before LOGCAP kicked/was awarded.

        Just to give you a simple example to show how wrong this whole thing is: nothing has been created into the Accounting nor HR systems to track and be used for LOGCAP purposes when the award kicks in (at the time); e.g. no charge codes in the DIs Timetracking System to charge time worked on LOGCAP.

        So, agian, to say that the employees are at fault is the easiest way out. Why do anything but point a finger at someone that is in the middle of nowhere, does not have proper internet connection, does not live in proper living conditions, and gee also most probably is a stupid non-educated nobody, why not ensure that ‘nobody’ gets blamed for DI’ faults.

        I said enough, and I can tell you all a million more things about DI in general and not only LOGCAP.

        In whole honesty I am ashamed to have been associated with people that would sell their own mother and more, just for their own interest. For all of you believing in heaven in hell, I strongly advise you to pray for all of them to burn in hell, as they so much deserve it.

        Enough said.

    • Comment by Bradford Smythe:

      Austin Joseph is the name of the DynCorp finance manager in Kuwait. He was sent to KAF to clean up the mess created by the incompetent dolt DynCorp hired as the first TO 04 finance manager.

      Part of the problem with these people not being paid is DynCorp hired and in-processed them without verifying they had bank accounts.

      The problem in Afghanistan was foreshadowed by a similar problem on a much smaller scale in Kuwait. Several people had their pay delayed due to a similar snafu that included pay deposited to the wrong accounts.

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        I think you have a bigger problem in Afghanistan than the former finance manager. In my opinion Scott Mount is and will continue to be Dyncorp’s downfall in Afghanistan.

        I hope Austin Joseph will be able to get this mess cleaned up. People deserve to be paid. You are losing good workers because they are not being paid. I don’t work for free? Do you work for free? There has also been reports that people who were not being paid and chose to demob are being charged for their airfare. I know that was being used as a threat by Scott Mount. Can someone check on that.

        I honestly believe there are people in Fort Worth who want to get these problems resolved. But there are people in Afghanistan actively working to their own agendas.

        • Comment by truthseekerusa:

          Ms Sparky,

          Who in Fort Worth is willing to listen (hear) us and do something about the problem? Some of us (myself included) ‘may’ be willing to divulge what we heard, saw and lived with under Scott Mount and his gang. DynCorp (Fort Worth) should really be reading your blogs about KAF. Too many people are telling the same story. DynCorp has a big problem and it lies squarely on the doorstep of Scott Mount.

          Let us know if a ‘real’ DynCorp person in Fort Worth wants to hear the truth about DynCorp in KAF. You know how to contact me.
          DynCorp in KAF can still be salvaged but it will require some clear thinking and decisions being forcefully implemented by Fort Worth. ‘Business as usual’ won’t work anymore. KBR & Blackwater made sure of that.

          • Comment by Ksniper:

            If they don’t listen they will end up losing that contract. If you cannot stand up and perform they will re award that contract just like in Bosnia.

            • Comment by sail:

              Darn Ksniper I thought I was the only one on here old enough to remember that Dyn was terminated in the Balkans for non performance.

              • Comment by FYI:

                Anyone that has been through the dog and pony show, called processing in Houston has been told the story about how DynCorp couldn’t manage LOGCAP II and how KBR came in to save the day. What is not mentioned is that KBR was fired by the DoD for fraudulant billing practices prior to that.

                • Comment by sail:

                  Thanks FYI – have to say I never made it to that dog and pony show. But was in the Balkans when it happened. But of course it was not KBR then but BRS.

                  • Comment by FYI:

                    Third paragraph to the link I put with the comment on Ms Sparky’s article and the Center for Public Integrity:

                    From 1992 to 1997, KBR held the first LOGCAP contract—an omnibus contract that allows the Army to call on KBR for support in all of its field operations—but when it was time to renew the contract, the company lost in the competitive bidding process to DynCorp after the General Accounting Office (now known as the Government Accountability Office) reported in February 1997 that KBR had overrun its estimated costs in the Balkans by 32 percent (some of which was attributed to an increase in the Army’s demands). KBR beat out DynCorp and defense giant Raytheon for the third LOGCAP contract in December 2001, this one to run 10 years.

                • Comment by sail:

                  Additionally, if a company had been removed for fradulent billing practices they would have been suspended or debarred. Which BRS, BRSC, KBR never has been. So where are you getting your information?

                  • Comment by Ksniper:

                    It is called Misinformation because if that was true Sparky would have been all over that information like stink on Dookie. Yes Dyncorp was awarded the contract, blew it out there ass and the subcontracted back to BRS. The Army got tired of Dyncorp BS and just re awarded back to KBR. Yes cost overruns but the army knew all the had to do is sign on the NTP and presto whatever they wanted they got. So for those who tend to blew the story out of the water show proof that they were debarred or punished for cost overruns so we can all be educated. FYI so put up or shut up do not bounce off one of sparky’s column show proof and we can all be made to understand.

                    • Comment by FYI:

                      No it is called former KBR CEO being the sitting VP when all of this took place. BTW, how many companies have been debarred or sanctioned by the DoD?

                    • Comment by FYI:

                      Here is one of KBR’s settlements concerning fraud in the Balkins:

                    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                      The DoD can’t debar KBR. It would devastate the mission. Once they are suspended or debarred they are out!! At that moment. Look what happened when Agility was suspended. Total chaos.

                      KBR has been forced to pay back who knows just how much in “improper” charges with countless investigations still underway. Fraud? Or just “billing errors? And to date I don’t believe the DoJ has filed charges against KBR for anything. Why? Because they can’t as of yet. Maybe after KBR is out of Iraq and Afghanistan and their suspension or debarment will have little or no impact on the war effort, then maybe there will be charges. But I am telling you right now, there have been many instances where KBR has met the requirements of suspension or debarment and as of yet….nothing from the Defense or Justice Departments. Why? Again, because a mass exodus of KBR from Iraq and Afghanistan would devastate the war effort. Fraud or no fraud.

                      As for why Dyncorp was even allowed to bid on LOGCAP IV after LOGCAP II still remains a mystery to me.

                    • Comment by Ksniper:

                      No FYI, get back on the issue why they were supposedly debarred in bosnia, not over charges in Kosovo sir. You open the can of worms and put out the information on how they were debarred in bosnia so please show us all the proof. Don’t get off the subject to talk about former ceo or vp or other issues. Please show use the proof of you claim. I guess you thought that throwing out some information to add to the pot that Sparky is cooking would not be challenged. If the government wanted to keep KBR from bidding on the contracts they could. The reason why KBR is still around is because they are willing to take the fall for the Army when shit goes wrong. One more fact, when the Kosovo mission started the Army was our of funding because this took place during July 1999. They had no way of starting the mission but that ask BRS to start the mission but they had to provide there own seed money (money to start a project) BRS said no problem but you will have to pay us in a certain time frame plus interest so that is how you get cost +. Kosovo started off and BRS footed the bill until October start of the new physical year. Now you see when the Army starts a new adventure who do they choose to start it? In Haiti they only provided 50 grand to see what it would take to do it and jobs posted and then they disappeared from Fluor site. FYI in the future provide proof when you try to slap BRS, KBR or whatever you choose to call the company. Sparky the reason Dyncorp was allowed to bid and won contracts on logcap 4 is politics. The government knew Dyncorp will fail so why is the transition still pushed back? It was supposed to be in November of last year and now it is April 10. Almost a full year after the awards, bottom line Dyncorp and Fluor are having issues standing up. Sparky has all of these people whining and crying about how Dyncorp and Fluor does busniess but everyone seems to blame KBR for it LOL. No one is every going to get it, Supreme serves slop for food and the soliders are use to getting different food the shit is going to hit the fan and all the testifying at congress is not going to stop what the goverment is use to getting for support. One more thing, you have 3 contractors doing the same mission and getting paid for it. KBR is still doing the mission but turning it over to both Fluor and Dyncorp. And it is flopping. Oh well still enjoying Sparky’s columns keep up the good work Deb.

                    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                      FYI did not say debarred. Here’s an excerpt from the article. And the only reason it is allegations is because it didn’t go all the way to trial. But you know damn good and well it’s the truth!

                      Halliburton subsidiary KBR has agreed to pay $8 million to settle allegations the firm overcharged the U.S. Army for logistical support of military operations in the Balkans in 1999 and 2000.

                      They should have been debarred then and we wouldn’t be having these KBR problems now. But the damn DoD is so inept I promise we would be having them with someone!!

          • Comment by DI Guy:

            I am in DI corporate, and believe me, the top dogs are aware of the issues. The CEO made his direct reports listen to a bunch of DI hotline calls, most of which are about pay. Sooner or later the Scout Mounts are going to go.

            If you have knowledge that could speed that up, PLEASE call the DI hotline:

            877-396-4685 877-396-4685 or 703-560-1203 703-560-1203

            If you are anybody you know has pay issues, and can’t get through to Dubai or Fort Worth, call the hotline.

            • Comment by JustifieD:

              Are you sure you are DynCorp Corporate because you actually seem to be worried about your employees.

              Just pay your people, I’m sure you would be upset if you weren’t getting your check. That was nice of you to post the numbers because Ms. Sparkys website gets a lot of traffic.

              Anyone considering working for DynCorp will be sure to keep this pay issue in mind.

              • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                I think he does honestly care. I think he is honestly disturbed at the “FUBAR” in Afghanistan. I hope that he can initiate change. I think it would be great if Dyncorp fired there idiots in Afghanistan and got all straightened out. It would make it easier on me. It’s hard to keep up with the dastardly deeds of all the Defense contractors.

                • Comment by Justice4all:

                  Having delt with DynCorp corporate in the Dallas Office while in Afghanistan I can say that the accountant (name withheld) said that the corporate office had to approve the release of funds for payroll.

                  Seemed like the people in country (Afghanistan/Iraq) were constantly fighting with the higher ups in the US for supplies and payroll problems so I hope that this is STILL not the case. So who’s to blame when these hard working people aren’t getting paid?

                  • Comment by DI Guy:

                    The ops people are always fighting with the bean counters. The guys on the ground are concerned with getting the job done, and the accountants are concerned with having the paperwork so we can bill the costs and don’t get eaten by auditors.

                    Sometimes it also depends on if we need prior approval from the customer or we wont be able to get reimbursed. I think it depends a lot on the program, and the accountants. I’m not sure why corporate would have to approve release of funds for payroll, unless it were a case where they didnt have a timesheet for somebody, etc.

                    • Comment by Justice4all:

                      Doesn’t the corporate office control the finances?Or are you saying that the easiest answer for payroll is to say that it is corporate causing the hold up. As you are aware by all the angry employees – they just want to get paid.

                      If all these people are currently not getting paid would it be a timesheet problem? Too many excuses and it is making DynCorp look like an unorganized MESS!

                    • Comment by hope:

                      well they better release payroll funds.this is what brings on lawsuits.and these days.the big corporations are starting to loose in court.there is reason you can give me that employees are not paid what is in there employment agreements.I’ve worked for dyncorp almost two years now.I think it’s a local problem with a lot of these complaints.not just on pay either.they’ve lost contracts before.they sure deserve to loose the Kuwait one.if not they need to clean house and get rid of all local management.because they are just making their own rules.KBR had it’s problems I’ll grant you.butt payroll was never one of them.they also have a major issue in communicating with their employees as to what’s going on.

                • Comment by DI Guy:

                  I mentioned this blog to a senior VP yesterday. I told him I posted the hotline number and he said “good!” The higher ups are definately aware that there are major issues, and I think there are going to be some people out on the street soon. I hope so anyways.

            • Comment by Philip Nolan:

              Neither Alliance nor Fall Church shows they are aware of the problems in Kuwait.

              The PM’s daughter – Miss ‘Do you know who I am?’ – was allowed to de-mob, despite causing multiple personnel problems. She actively campaigned to have several people fired. She frequently treated them badly because they did not cater to her whims.

              Yet, there is little doubt she will return once the current storms she caused blow over.

              • Comment by DI Guy:

                I’m not so sure. Which Kuwait Task Order? I got a new high-level org chart just yesterday that reflects some re-orgs in the company (not LOGCAP, they just combined some programs into a single SBU). The little box under LOGCAP for the Kuwait Air Field task order has “TBD” instead of a PM’s name.

                • Comment by Philip Nolan:

                  TO 0002 or 0003; more likely 0002. Besides, such consolidations seem to benefit Haskett. DI continues to give him more control over more work.

                  The PM TBD will likely be another ‘Friend of Toney’ like so many in Kuwait.

              • Comment by kuwait concerned:

                yea we are still feeling the pain of the PM’s daughter. i have still not recieved my FSA and yes i was one the ones the daughter hated.

        • Comment by Philip Nolan:

          Scotty Mount is not DynCorp’s sole problem in Afghanistan; he is merely a prime example of it.

          DynCorp management is too busy playing politics; everyone wants to be top dog at KAF. All the expat managers are so busy jockeying for supremacy that no one is actually planning and managing the work to be done. The other problem is that DynCorp budgeted such low salaries, they cannot hire competent foremen and supervisors to direct the legions of TCNs (also hired for peanuts).

          DynCorp management in Alliance is too concerned with chasing more contracts in Kuwait, Bahrain and Iraq to take notice of the problems. If they do, they still cannot see the forest for the trees.

      • Comment by RS216:

        What I am getting from this is that DynCorp is having the majority of thier issues take place in Afghanistan. That some of the problems have occured in Kuwait, but not to the same degree?
        I am asking because as I have mentioned before, my husband is considering a job at DynCorp but mainly because we are desperate.
        This is our situation. I did four terms in the Navy, got out in 2009 and have been a stay at home mom ever since. My husband will have been in the Navy for 10 1/2 years as an Aviation Ordnanceman. Unfortunately, his NC1 messed up on some paperwork that must be filled out for him in order to stay in (PTS) and therefore is getting kicked out because of it. Since his NC1 attempted to fix it too late, there is “nothing anyone can do.”
        His last day in the Navy is March 31st. He started applying for jobs in December, but only aecom in China Lake contacted him back. He is second on the “waiting list” for a job there. And DynCorp in Kuwait contacted him a few days ago. We’ve no family to turn to for help and therefore, if we cannot find jobs we’ll have no where to go, being that we live on base in Lemoore.
        DynCorp said he’d be working 4 days a week, 10hours a day. Salary of $81,000. Contract would be a year and his family could move out there with him. Full medical benefits. As well as, whatever other information she sent in a packet via email.
        In two weeks we’ll know whether or not he has the job. Would we be unwise to accept?

    • Comment by Fed-up:

      Are you kidding me? This story is completely true..I don’t know who you are, but you must get your facts together. I can go outside my container right now and ask anyone who walks by if they have gotten paid, either they will say yes, but it took three months,no or they will give me a story about someone they know who has not gotten paid or has had taxes removed from their pay(when it states on thier w-4 EXEMPT) or even worse having their paycheck deposited into SOMEONE elses bank..hmmmmm… I think we all are pretty fed-up with the incompetence that Dyncorp,”hicks” has provided us. So, Austin Jospeh, get it right. Oh hey…why don’t you ask Dyncorp employees why they have to pay for thier own ticket home. Give me that answer and please don’t tell me Dyncorp is not frauding the govenment…..

    • Comment by Joe:

      I disagree with your statement. I am one of those people who they didn’t pay. I normally don’t post things on these sites, I just read them. But when you say that something is not true, when I know it is then I have to say something. I was one of the lucky ones hired on with Agility, then when I got to Afghanistan, not even a week later they brought us all into a room and told us we could either take their deal, or get Agility to pay for our trip home. So since I had just gotten there, I took the deal at a substantially lower pay rate. They shipped me off to start up a project at a remote FOB, and initially we had no HR nor Finanace support. By this time a month had past and I had not been paid. I stuck around because they said since the transition happened so fast, they needed a little more time to catch up. I granted them another 2 months without pay. So I decided to go home for non payment. My intentions were to sue them due to breach of contract. On my way out the HR manager sat me down and spoke with me, and when I told him of my intentions, he walked me upstairs to the finanace manager. Who immediately had money wired to my account. This was not I agreed upon, this was no where in my contract. They were taking out misc. taxes and such. I was very disappointed in the whole situation. I agree with a lot of other posters to this site, KBR did not have the best management, but they ALWAYS paid me on time. So I ended up leaving and by the time I made it home, the rest of the money that they owed me had be deposited into my account. Why did I have to quit a job to get paid, isnt that backwards. I’m not saying anything bad about the company because they provided me an opportunity when I was unemployed. But they really need to take a good look at who they hire.

  22. Comment by Baboo Remembers:

    Reduced cost meaning a more efficient business model that takes less time and labor or reduced cost, as in training TCN’s to use an unfamiliar payroll accounting system. I think the latter of the two.

  23. Comment by Nicole:

    I’m not sure if this would work, but each person not being paid should contact their Department of Labor in their state of residence. If these people are not being paid, that would be an issue that the DOL would resolve for them. We all know how the government likes their taxes. If the employees aren’t receiving their money I doubt that DynCorp is paying their social security, state or local taxes.
    Maybe this could help.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      The problem here is these people don’t legally work for a US contractor. The big LOGCAP contractors have established offshore shells that the employees work for to insulate them from US labor laws. It is pretty disgusting the DoD would allow the very Americans they are fighting to protect to be treated in this manner.

      • Comment by Justice4all:

        The IRS is also very aware of this fraudulent activity and if the company is owned by a US Parent Company it ALL falls back on the parent company. That is who needs to be contacted and as you see we have the Corporate offices concerned so they know what their responsibility is!

      • Comment by Joe:

        Not entirely true. People like me with clearances actually work for the home company in the states. But subject us to all the same rules as the offshore employees.

  24. Comment by triarri:

    Are you really surprised by the treatment. Military personnel are routinely denied freedom of speech if the chain of command does not like what is said. The same is true of the LOGCAP contract, it is worth a lot of money to the contractors and DoD will not intervene unless the State Department gets involved such as in the TCN camps and the conditions there.

  25. Comment by sail:

    Yes you are partially correct – the Government can not put the mission at risk. However, it is a common practice for the Government to allow the contractor to admit to an error and allow them to pay back any overbilling in addition to interest and fines. The matter is then considered settled and there is no further action against the contractor.

    Below is a pratial list of companies and fines from 2009 that resulted from False Claims – billing actions as published by the DoD IG. As you can see if they did not offer this alternative – there may not be any contractors.

    04/08/2009 (Date of Settlement): L-3 Government Services, Inc., agreed to pay $1.9 million to settle False Claims Act and Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act allegations of fraudulent overbilling on information technology support services contracts. An investigation found that L-3 employees were routinely entering nine hours on their time sheets when in fact they only worked eight. (Now if the Government proved this wouldn’t you think that this contractor should have been at least suspended?)

    On July 16, 2009, Boeing Aerospace Operations agreed to pay the U.S. government $25 million. an investigation found Boeing defectively installed insulation blanket kits in KC-10 aircraft. The investigation also found
    Boeing overcharged for the installation.

    On April 2, 2009, Northrop Grumman Corporation agreed to pay the U.S. government $325 million.

    A joint Army CID and DCIS false claim investigation disclosed AM General Corporation mischarged commercial overhead costs associated with, and incurred through the manufacture of civilian high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle as costs associated with the U.S. government’s HMMWVs produced pursuant to government contracts. AM General Corporation remitted $5 million to the U.S. Army as a result of a contractual settlement.

    According to the IG website they are currently invesitgating 200 companies identified for instances of potential financial False Claims including all three of the LCIV primes.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      The problem I have is these companies with the “Let’s just do it till we get caught” business plan. We’ll bilk the government and US taxpayers for billions and then if we get caught we then negotiate and only pay back millions. With no debarment. They still make money. Investigations are crap. Who cares. It’s eye candy for the general public. “See we’re investigating.” It’s a bunch of BS. The Government especially the Department of Justice DOES NOT FOLLOW THROUGH with indictments even after the IG or GAO finds fault. Just a bunch of overpaid wimpy government attorneys. As you can see, I have little more than total disgust and disdain for the US Department of Justice!

      10-1 says Agility will be able to negotiate it’s way out of this indictment and won’t even be debarred and will be doing business back in the LOGCAP theater faster than you can say “Would you like crab or lobster with that steak?” Bets anyone??

      • Comment by Ksniper:

        I will take that bet, they are going to stick it to Agliity but not yet until they can find a different provider of food stuffs. Also they don’t want to piss off the kuwaitis until they get the port mission fixed in Basrah. They can bring in stuff cheaper that way.

        • Comment by Justice4all:

          Or Agility will change it’s name to Ze and continue to work. KInd of like Blackwater changed to Xe and continued to work in the same capacity as they did. Changing the name is like putting a fox in sheeps clothing – its still a fox.

  26. Comment by FYI:


    I never said anything about KBR being debarred from anything. I said fraudulant billing practices.

  27. Comment by sail:

    Just to set the record straight Dyn was Debared in the Balkans – they were not – they had their TO terminated for the convinence of the Government for non performance. T for C is basically a free bee where there is no actual blame assigned. To the best of my knowledge none of the LCVI contractors have ever been debared.

    As Ksniper said KBR was in fact not fired – KBR had LCI – they lost on the recompete to Dyn on LCII. Susequently Dyn’s Balkans TO was T for C for non performance and KBR was given a one year ‘bridge contract’ while the work was recompeted. KBR won the recompete.

    We need to be careful throwing around acquisations of debarment as I said earlier to the best of my knowledge none of the current LC contractors has ever been debared. Have they been investigated – have they had to pay back monies to the government for improper billing – have they been fined? That would be a yes for everyone of them and a whole lot of other contractors to boot. Actually the prize for paying the Gov’t back for improper billing in one istance for 2009 goes to Northrup – they paid back $325M on one allegation alone.

    And to FYI – Cheney was the CEO of HALLIBURTON not KBR – the companies operated separately. From what I heard the folks at Halliburton didn’t think he was all that great a CEO and the folks at KBR (BRS) probably would not have let him in the building.

    Ksniper is also correct in stating that Fluor and Dyn are both having difficulty performing in Afghanistan and that the actual transition date keep getting pushed back. Apparently the transsition plans looked good on paper – but are not so easy to actually implement.

    The real bottom line is – the really important thing is that the mission gets done in an ethical and quality manner. Deb is correct – there will be problems with who ever the contractors are – unfortunately it is a fact of life. But we can’t let the mission sufer for it.

  28. Comment by FYI:

    Looks like the DoD just can’t get enough:

    Dyncorp International LLC., Falls Church, Va., was awarded on Feb. 12, 2010 a $44,881,488 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for the Combined Sercurity Transition Command. This is training and mentoring services contract with a two-year base period of performance and one (1) one-year option. Work is to be performed in Afghanistan, with an estimated completion date of Apr. 13, 2013. Bids were solicted on the World Wide Web with five bids received. U.S. Army research, Development and Engineering Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., is the contracting activity (W91CRB-10-C-0030).

  29. Comment by Justice4all:

    Audit of State Dpartment Dyncorp contract shows over $2.5 billion in U.S. funds are vulnerable to waste and fraud

    One problem highlighted in the report is that the State Department is trying to double-check more than $1 BILLION in DynCorp invoices for Iraq training work covering 2004 through October 2006.


  30. Comment by Joe Smith:

    I was contacted by DynCorp last year, via email they requested authorization to use my resume along with other people to bid for which they won this following contract

    DynCorp International Awarded Mentoring and Training Contract in Afghanistan
    FALLS CHURCH, Va. – February 17, 2010 – The U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) has awarded DynCorp International (NYSE:DCP) a $232.4 million cost-plus-fixed fee contract to assist the Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan (CSTC-A) and NATO Training Mission (NTM) by providing mentors and trainers to develop the Afghanistan Ministry of Defense (MOD.)

    But I have my suspicions about this company, please anyone respond, because I am currently employed and I do receive my pay on time every time and I don’t need any Bull Shit like this. No one should be treated like this. When a company extends an offer of employment that includes a pay check. In addition if there are groups of racists over in Afghanistan in their own special click
    I certainly don’t have time for shit either.

  31. Comment by Paul:

    DynCorp is a quality company doing quality work, some competitors cannot stand that DCP is winning big contracts and hence the drama.

  32. Comment by Tim:

    why isnt Dyncorp checking resume’s for the existing and new hires because we have qualified TCN’s who are doing jobs that dont make sence..and to add insult to injury they are being paid peanuts…example 3 dollars per hour

  33. Comment by Proleter:

    Can anybody confirm that MSC Global Recruitment is hiring for Dyncorp International?
    People started getting emails from MSC global recruitment, asking to resubmit their resume and send scanned copy of their passport.
    They are offering 1500$/month with no uplifts to people from Balkan.

  34. Comment by joe:

    I come here today to let everyone know just how Dyncorp treats their hard working employees, they have us living like animals, stacked up on top of each other in old run down tents ( eight man tent has twenty people male/female). People like Angie Hamme and Scott Mount live in nice living containers while the real workers live in shit. The management here uses people to do job and they even make half of their salary meaning tcn’s fn’s they cant even wipe their ass themselves.These people they call the Leesville redneck mafia have to go for this place to change for the good.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Joe I can’t tell you the number of similar comments I have heard with regards to Scott Mount and his group of bainlings (from Legend of the Seeker). I’m sorry you’re stuck in a crappy place like A-stan and then are being treated poorly by your contractor. Please send me any pics you have of your living conditions. Leave specific comments here. I know I get many hits from Dyncorp in Forth Worth. Tell them what’s going on. But I recommend you use a user ID that can not be connected to you. I’m sure “Scotty” would not approve and would reprimand you accordingly!

    • Comment by TruthseekerUSA:

      Joe’s comments on the ‘current’ conditions of DynCorp employees at KAF match the conditions from November & December of 2009. Nothing has changed. Many people with the authority to change the situation have been notified yet nothing is being done about it. Scott Mount and Angie Ham are but 2 examples of the problem. It is good to see someone else not afraid to name the names of those responsible for the problems.

      I do wonder what happened to ‘DI Guy’. He said that he was from DynCorp in Fort Worth and that he had the ear of those at the top. I was one who sent my report to the DynCorp hotline as he requested. All I received was an e-mail that said my report had been received and that I would be contacted. My report gave them my name, address and phone numbers. I have not been contacted since then. I had hopes that someone at Fort Worth would actually do something about Scott Mount and his gang but it appears that nothing will be done. I even met face to face with one of our US Congressmen about DynCorp but nothing has come of that meeting either. At this point I have lost all faith in justice ever being served over there. I wish all of you still stuck in this mess the best of luck.

      Soon after I left DynCorp I was picked up by Fluor. While I was at Greenville SC in training I received a phone call with a job offer from my home Local. I resigned on the spot from Fluor and got on a plane back home that night. I am now home working for a Union contractor. I make the same money that DynCorp & Fluor offered me but I also get my H&W benefits and my Union pension on top of that. Oh, I also get to go home every night and have weekends off and no one is lobbing rockets at me anymore.

      I will say that Fluor was much more organized than DynCorp and they are offering more money for the same position. The downside is that I met people who have been living in the hotel since November of 2009 waiting for clearance on their SF85’s. That is over 4 months of living in a hotel, sharing a room and waiting. No fun at all.

      Good luck to all of you LOGCAP employees. I, for one, am done with the games being played by the Scott Mounts of the world. He is being paid better than any of us can even imagine. It is your tax dollars that are being used for this and we should all be bitter about that.


      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        I am so glad you were able to pick up work at home. But, do not think your efforts to change things for the better have gone unnoticed. I know first hand, the wheels of change move painfully slow in the Defense contracting arena. But I know current and future employees will reap the rewards of your efforts. Please stay in touch!.

        And yes. NAMING NAMES IS GOOD! Let corporate and the DCMA know exactly who the problem is!

    • Comment by M Marley:

      I agree with you Joe, DynCorp treats their hard working employees like animals. They dont even give proper medical help. The management overseas is very demeaning to the employees there. They harass and let people steal from you and say its ok let it be. They keep your uplift if you become too ill to work which I am almost positive they are not allowed to do.

  35. Comment by Lily1:

    Ms. Sparky I absolutely love your website, it is very detailed on the real information that tends to get swept under the rug. I will definitely be on here reading what you have to say and have people who are in the know with Dyncorp and will be all about giving you information. Keep up the awesome job, you rock!

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Lily1-Thanks. I can not stress the value of people like you and others who are willing to gather and pass on the information to share with others. You know companies like KBR, Dyncorp and Flour just to name a few are not doing that. I look forward to hearing any information you can share on Dyncorp and Afghanistan.

  36. Comment by nownervous:

    It iis now November moving into December and I have been accepted to a position in Kandahar with Dyncorp. Are the pay issues still happening? I’m leaving everything to go over there. I mean, I’ve been to Iraq before with another contractor, but pay was alwas ontime and accurate. If I canno count on pay, I’ll definitely be demobing as soon as I miss a paycheck iny bank account. Please, anyone let me know if the issues are still happening or not before I leve my current job and waist my time “volunteering” overseas.

    • Comment by M Marley:

      You better think twice about working for these guys. Their management overseas is very demeaning. They will not treat you right when you get ill as it seems they all are sick. They will not pay you when you get ill and take away your uplift which I am pretty sure is not legal. You cannot demob if you don’t have enough money because they charge you to be taken to Dubai for a flight back to the States. Like I said be very careful, they are NOT a good company.

  37. Comment by M Marley:

    DynCorp is a real bad company to work for. They are not following the Government regulations that are required by them.
    They don’t treat their sick employees while in Afghanistan, they never give you time to eat, they take away pay when your sick and they are not suppose to take away uplift but they do. The management harasses their employees. They are the worst company to work for overseas. Be very careful when going to work for these guys. When I find out who in the Government that I can report them I am going to do so. They need to be booted out of the Overseas contracts.

  38. Comment by Mr.Badtime:

    Most important regarding this company…They are company of thieves (management), they do not pay uplift, hazardous payment, but they have to.They Show the U.S. Government to pay, and that everything is ok, but nothing is OK.They are not able to run this mission in South Afghanistan.Fluor is good company. For example dyncorp will pay for generator mechanic 18.000$ per year, same job at FLUOR will be paid 65.000 $ per year. Now, I would like to see person who will say that Dyncorp not stilling money and is not dyncorupted.
    Stay away from dyn…..

  39. Comment by formeremployee:

    While I did not work on the logcap program, my pay was always on time and to the penny. DCMA IS in Kandahar. You could see them there every day in the chow halls,the px,and on the streets. They sometimes cruised the board walks seeing why people were there at odd times. They are there. Not sure why people are not getting paid though. If you stay after not getting paid, it’s on you as far as I am concerned. I would have left immediately if I wasn’t getting paid.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I agree with that. Of all the crap KBR pulled on us, one thing I can say in their favor is I was always paid on time and my check was always correct. I wouldn’t tolerate not being paid on time. I’ve gotten numerous complaint from people who hadn’t been paid for several pay periods. I wouldn’t tolerate that. I’d tell them “Window, pasta for me!”

      I can and did tolerate a lot of crap. But I have to say it was directly proportional to my direct deposits. No direct deposits = no tolerance

  40. Comment by Money Loss is a dollar not earned:

    I got out of the military in 2010 as a SGT and need extra money. I’m a 3rd party security contractor in the states only making $24K/yr and not satisfied, What private security Company treats people like humans are in Afghanistan?? ( lol) I just want to serve overseas again doing armed dirt work…I can tolerate bad living conditions but non payment is unacceptable to me!!!

  41. Comment by Dyn Employee:

    Where are these IDIOTS getting their info….DynCorp does not hold pay from their employees…If you go on leave you do not get POST AND HAZ out side of Afghan….This is common sence people…M Marley is a digruntled employeeand Ms Sparky these typesof post are what start rumors..I have been with the company 7 years and have never had a miss payment to the bank..And to the Sgt who just got out of the Military apply on line as this is the best way…

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I believe the complaint of non-payment. Direct deposits not being made on time. I’ve received countless complaints of this in the past, but not recently. Maybe the issue has been resolved.

  42. Comment by Test:

    Pay has been corrected it has been since LAST October. This company like any other job has very harsh conditions. The biggest being whatever you FSA says your job is you most likely will not be doing. The living conditions are bad if not worse then what you hear, you smell in poop all day, you live in 20 man tents designed for 8, and if you get sick, you continue to work in 130 degree whether. This is no walk in the park. The only upside is if you can deal with this for a couple of years you will come back in a much better position then you were in the US’s current economy.

    • Comment by jon:

      Hey do you have any recruiter info i would even go over there as a laborer but would prefer warehouse. Ive applied on the website but would at least like to talk to a recruiter any info that anybody would give me would be very helpful thank you very much guys

  43. Comment by Dyn Employee:

    Test you are correct as the conditions are harsh and living conditions are tight.. But people should know that it will not be a walk in the park and that you are in a WAR ZONE…As you stated do it for a couple of years and not try to live like a Rock Star and you will be good on money..

  44. Comment by People from Europe:

    They cheat people especially from Europe because they have given the Asian contract on the date of employment with a convincing when I come in Afghanistan that we would change … after 18 months still to fight with Dyncorpom to change the place … the best is that I only have a lot of cases …

  45. Comment by Steve Lofquist:

    The goverment knows that the replacement is by far worse and more expensive than DynCorp. KBR sucks

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