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US Army recycling progam is destroying Iraq environment claim Iraqi’s

Iraqi workers breaking open batteries to recover the lead

Iraqi workers break open batteries to recover the lead dumping the acid on the ground

I recently received this email and photos. I can not confirm the accuracy of  Mr. Iqbal Mawji claims below. What I can confirm is there is little or no regard for environmental or personal protection amongst the majority of citizens in Iraq. Poverty prevails and Iraqi’s are just trying to survive.

There is little or no regard for environmental protection amongst DoD contractors. This has been proven time and time again with open pit burning, burning of recyclables, dumping raw sewer in the rivers….etc. Do I think there could be a pile of busted open leaking batteries at a battery recycling location? Absolutely!

If Mr Iqbal Mawji claims are true, it is an environmental disaster. A disaster that we as taxpayers will be required to clean up. It could cost billions to clean up this and other environmental waste disasters!! Not to mention the lasting adverse health affects on workers and citizens.

Then there is the whole issue of The DoD not properly overseeing this contract. This has to stop NOW!!

Subject: U.S. Military causing Environmental Disaster in Baghdad Area

Dear Sir,

We need your assistance and guidance in an Environmental Hazard that was created by the US Army units in Iraq. The loss of human life is occurring.

For the last 4 years a US Government contractor in Iraq has been dumping U.S. Military waste fuel, oil, anti-freeze and other liquid waste (POL based) products into the water supplies of Iraq. The same contractor is also disposing of several hundred of thousand U. S. Military lead-acid batteries in the local commodities market. The buyers are then discarding the acid into the environment and water supply before processing the recoverable lead.

Additionally, large amounts of the waste oils that are not cleanable are sold to local bakeries in Baghdad. The bakeries use the highly contaminated oil to bake fresh bread on a daily basis. Doctors in Baghdad are reporting higher cases of thyroid cases and sickliness’ to children but lack the capability to determine the cause or source. Many deaths have also been reported and the cause is believed to be an unidentified environmental contamination.

It is our belief that the dumping of these toxic substances is creating an Environmental Disaster in Baghdad and the loss of human life is occurring. We request your assistance in investigating this crime and loss of life. We do not have the capability to test for these contamination’s in the humans affected or the capability to investigate the totality of the disaster being committed.

We have been able to collect the below information to start the investigation and request your involvement and help.

In Dec. 2006 the US Army and DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) issued the below contracts to an Iraqi-UK company for the collection and disposal of all Hazards Materials generated by US Military forces in Iraq, The contracts were awarded to SIGMA Group International (also known in Iraq as Nahwa Al Isdihar Company). This company is based at Camp Victory near Baghdad, Iraq. The owner is an Iraqi-British subject by the name of Aws Al Orfali, his brother Ammar Al Orfali (Iraqi citizen) runs the operations and sales of Hazardous materials after they are collected from the military bases.

The below contracts were issued to Sigma Group International, also known as (Nahwa Al Isdihar Company). Company is registered in the UK as SIGMA GENERAL TRADING LTD, business registration number 6666597.


W91GER-07-A-0003 Blanket Purchase Agreement
39-6101-0002 Sales Contract

The American Government Contracting Agent responsible for these 2 contracts is;

Donald B. Zimmerman
Sales Contracting Officer
Southwest Asia Sales
Commercial 001 (269) 961-7593
Cell 001 (269) 967-0905
Commercial Fax 001 (269) 961-4162
74 N. Washington Ave
Battle Creek, MI USA 49037

We are in contact with current and former employees of Sigma Group International and they are willing to provide details and records of the above sales, as well as records on who the local buyers of the hazardous materials are. These employees request protection in case of retaliation from the Iraqi owners or their agents. The employee who can provide us most details is Dr. Sam N. Sharif

Please contact us if you are able to help or provide guidance.

Thank you,
Mr Iqbal Mawji
Save Iraq (dot) net

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  1. Comment by for-what-it's-worth:

    Bet KBR is chomping at the bit – hoping they might get a huge gov’t. contract to clean-up this mess!
    How is this going to paint us in the eyes of these poor Iraqi’s?
    Can’t get my mind around this and those that have been exposed to the burn pits (all of us).

  2. Comment by Ammar Al Orfali:

    this is one side of the story, the used oil and battery business is legal in Iraq and its helping the iraqi economy which is sufferying from fuel shortage to operate factories and generators. add to that all US used oil and batteries is getting recycled in a regestered recyling facilities in VBC and Kurdistan. ‘ll suwe you soon.

    Ammar Al Orfali
    General Manager
    Sigma Group INT’l

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      The recycling of US Military generated waste must be done according to US law not Iraqi. We don’t just bury it or dump it in the river or on the ground. It must be properly disposed of.

      And although I am not 100% sure what this meant “‘ll suwe you soon.” I will assume you are threatening to sue me. (yawn) “Oh no not that. Not a threat of legal action. No one has ever done that before. (SARCASM)”

  3. Comment by Ammar Al Orfali:

    according to the US law ??? we are in iraq not the States, and this business is legal especially when its done properly. Can you tell me how can you proof in the picture above is US Military batteries and not Iraqi from the local market !!!!!!! who is dumping US oil into the river !!!!! You said im buying the oil and batteries from the US Government, and i pay for trucks, drivers, security, labors, and spend money to run an oil recycling plant in a military base, why should i dump it into the river !!!!!! you are really funny and full of hate. My suggestion to you is to go and find another job. I really feel sorry about you. I’ll keep on supporting the US Troops in Iraq, support the iraqi economy and of course make more money.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Of course make more money. That’s what it’s really about for you. And if reporters were not investigating these environmental issues and there was no risk of you losing money I doubt you would even respond to this post.

  4. Comment by Ammar Al Orfali:

    by the way, have you visited our facility on VBC ????? of course not. Do you know that the Iraqi army is selling its used oil and barrteries which are the same as the US ones to the local market ????? I beleive you do but want to hide it. Do you have any proof that Sigma Group is dumping the oil into the river !!!!! of course not. Do you know that the Iraqi ministry of industry is removing the used coolant and contaminated fuel from the US Military bases for free and steeling it ????? it does not surprise me if you were the Iraqi Governments partner.

  5. Comment by Ammar Al Orfali:

    Sigma is still removing HAZMAT since 2006, and a new contract was awarded to us for removing US scrap from all US Militray bases, I have cleaned out VBC and Spiecher bases, more is on the way ;)

  6. Comment by hakim Alici:

    Dear Ammar
    While surfing on the net this morning I came across to your conversation with Ms Sparky. Well I do not know the reality of issue however i would like to know about the Acid lead Battery recycling units if any in Iraq.
    if yes can you please let me know their contact detail. if not where the second hand batteries are send to after collected.

    thank you
    Hakim Alici

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