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KBR employee brutally raped at Joint Base Balad in Iraq(Updated)

rapeI just received this email from a reader. I have not verified the authenticity of the original email (my disclaimer) but it appears to be authentic. (UPDATE-I have received a copy of the original email with the header info and I have updated below.) I have also not been able to verify the date of the rape, but am deducing it occurred on Nov 30, 2009. (UPDATE-The date in fact was Nov 30, 2009 and the time was approx 10-11 am) In an effort to help you understand this email, I have described the acronyms used in parentheses. A Life Support Area (LSA) is a collection of living quarters consisting of buildings, tents, or trailers (CHU’s)Other than that, I have made no changes to the email.

As you read this keep in mind this is not the first brutal rape that has occurred in Iraq.

Subject: Rape of a KBR female at JBB (UNCLASSIFIED)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Some of you may have already heard about a report of a rape occurring 1100 Monday at JBB (Joint Base Balad-Balad, Iraq), in the KBR LSA (Life Support Area).  This is particularly disturbing in that it happened in broad daylight, to an employee sleeping in her CHU (Containerized Housing Unit-trailer) after pulling night shift duty, possibly assailed by a maintenance worker that might have had a key to the CHU.

Some conjecture, but I’m painting a picture for us to be careful towards. The victim is in intensive care, face badly beaten, and arm possibly broken.

Please pass this to all J7 members through your own methods, and to the dangers even in broad daylight, and possibly by those having access to our CHUs.  Though at JBB, VBC (Camp Victory) reportedly has between 8-20 sexual assaults per week…What might not be known is that statistically, 70-80% of these assaults are by an EODT (EOD Technologies) or KBR member, so stats are stats, please be aware of what to look out for.

SGM (Sergeant Major)-  Let’s please talk tomorrow about buddy rules for females and actually all Servicemembers, Government Civilians and contractors.  Thanks…



DSN 485-2058
SVOIP 242-0193
AKO:  jeffrey.s.king@us.army.mil
SIPR:  jeffrey.s.king@iraq.centcom.smil.mil
AKO-S:  jeffrey.s.king@us.army.smil.mil

—–Original Message—–
From: Guy LaBoa [mailto:Guy.LaBoa@kbr.com]
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009 3:32 PM
To: (Removed for Privacy of Recipients)
Subject: Rape of a KBR female at approximately 1100hrs 30Nov2009 at JBB


For all:

At approximately 1100hrs, Roger Singleton the acting PM (Project Manager) for JBB called with a report of a Sexual Assault (Rape) of a Female KBR Expat in the KBR LSA at JBB. The employee was in her Chu a sleep.  She works the night shift in the HQ (Headquarters) operations cell. The employee was severely injured; her face was very badly beaten and may have a broken arm. She has worked with KBR 14months. She is currently in the hospital at JBB in intensive care. She has stated she did not know how the individual got into her room but she did not open the door. Apparently, on Thursday, a man knocked on her door and posed as a tradesman inspecting the Chu, she questions why he was there but did not report the incident. This lead is being follow up.

CID (Army Criminal Investigation Command) and Base Military Command have been notified. The appropriate actions for lock down and control of all personnel leaving the base have been taken. A 100% accountability check of our personnel with eyes on each person is complete  The SCW (subcontract workers) subcontractors have been notified and are conducting a 100% accountability check .  The victim has reported that she did scratch and bite the assailant.  Some evidence has been recovered which may help identify the assailant who she has described a light skinned Indian male.

Roger Singleton acting PM is taking actions to ensure that all our female personnel are properly protected as they return to the Chu’s tonight and as them move around the base until this incident is closed and the assailant is caught.



Guy LaBoa
Principal Program Manager
Victory #43382
APO, AE 09344
Office: 281-669-5600
DSN:  485-3697

When I hear about a rape in Iraq I think of Jamie Leigh Jones, LaVena Johnsen or Tina Priest. But there are so many more.

If you have any information regarding this crime please come forward. I would also like the original of this email forwarded to me with date stamps and names.

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by Not The First One:

    I heard at Camp Speicher in about 2005/2006 there was Ops Manager who had control of keys to employee CHUs, he was allegedly using these keys to unlock and enter women’s CHU’s. He supposedly attacked four KBR women. The women allegedly reported this to KBR management who did nothing. He had already been transferred (and promoted) to Speicher after assaulting a woman at Camp Victory. Another example of KBR protecting their mangers. His initials are JA.

    • Comment by Todd Kelly:

      Not The First One, (and anyone else with information about this horrible rape and the conditions leading up to it) please contact my office with more information. I represent this victim, and would like to speak with you. 713-255-2055

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        I am so glad this victim contacted you! She is wise. For those who are not aware, Todd Kelly also represents Jamie Leigh Jones and several other females who have fallen victim to many KBR managers “alleged” harassment and discrimination in Iraq. (although I feel in my soul these women were victimized, I have to say alleged until the courts decide)

        I would like to say “Ms Sparky” readers are awesome and they come through with information that is needed. If you have any information that would help this rape victim, please contact Todd. If you wish to forward information and remain anonymous, email me by clicking on the “contact us” tab and I will tell you how to do that.

    • Comment by Baboo Remembers:

      J.A. ???? We need names not abbreviations. Contact Miss Sparky directly.

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        I got the name. I actually edited the comment to take the name out and I just put initials. I have heard this particular story many times. I’m not trying to protect a pervert, just trying to keep my attorney from having a coronary. I wonder if he would bill me for that! :)

  2. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    I hope this victim will contact an attorney ASAP. She needs to make sure HER rights are protected.

    She might consider Todd Kelly in Houston. He is Jamie Leigh Jones attorney has made amazing headway with regards to this secret binding arbitration issue.

    My personal message to this victim. KBR attorneys are NOT your attorney’s. They are obligated by law to protect the interests of KBR not you. Your boss and co-workers may very well care very much about you. But KBR attorney’s run the show.

    Get representation ASAP. If you need assistance contact me and I will help you get in touch.

  3. Comment by FYI:

    Here is some info on EOD Technology, Inc.:

    “We deliver our services on a global scale in high-risk areas. Whether our customers require mine action, IT/communications, convoy, canine, life support or range support, we deliver success.”



  4. Comment by Stacy Bannerman:

    Rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, and interpersonal violence ALWAYS escalate during a time of war, most particularly during ongoing occupations. And the majority of victims are in the service, married to, or working for the perpetrator. Since the wars began, at least 60% of women veterans have reported sexual harassment to community-based providers, and documented domestic violence rates in Killeen, TX, home to Ft. Hood, have increased by 75% since 2001. Every single military wife I know can name at least one person who has experienced some sort of physical abuse by her veteran. Most of the veterans today are active duty, and most of the wives I talk with weren’t afraid of their husbands prior to deployment(s), so very few reports are being filed – restricted or unrestricted. Combat operations, occupations, and unending tours ruin lives. Period. But let’s consider the genesis: if America wants war – and 76% of you did, and if, now, America doesn’t support the war(s), which the majority don’t; yet few are funding actions or taking to the streets, then we cannot proclaim innocence when the war comes home. Further, in a country that still views sexual assault as wink, wink, nudge, blame the victim, it should come as no surprise that extreme circumstances produce extreme results.

  5. Comment by CHICK:

    I just got this email myself… I’ve been home for a couple months and I am not surprised by this at all. Back in 2006 I was a night shift worker. Housing let a trades guy come in with no escort. I worked billeting, so I knew the rules. I was in the bathroom when the Trade guy came in thru the front door NO KNOCKING, or identifying himself. I screamed, and I demanded his name before I would let him in my hooch. I had my radio in my hand ready to go as well.

    Back in 2008, I was walking home from the gym by myself like an idiot. I left the gym and noticed a guy that seemed to be following me, but I wasn’t sure. I changed my route to see if he was following. He was. He caught up with me and tried to talk to me. The guy was an Albanian soldier. I stopped in my tracks looked at him dead in the eyes and yelled WHAT. He says to me, I think you’re very beautiful I want your pu*sy. I was scared and pissed off as hell.

    So what I did next, I mustered as much rage I could in my face and voice and yelled at him… I scared him good enough that he ran like a gazelle over the big rocks (MOSUL) towards the Albanian camp. I reported it to Security of course, but no one made a report or notified women on the camp about the guy. Needless to say, got my head out of my *** and made sure I used a vehicle. Oh, the reason I was walking, no vehicle was available to me at the time, not even a bus.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I’m glad you came out of that OK!!

      There are some huge culture issue between the foreign national men and American women. I know for a fact that American men teach the foreign national men nasty things to say to American women so they can watch the show. I caught some of our American expats teaching the Iraqi men nasty words and phrases to say to American women. The Iraqi thought they were paying a compliment and the American men were laughing their heads off. Also….what most foreign national men know about American women is what they see in the movies and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

      • Comment by CHICK:

        Amen! I believe that soldier was told to say that, because it was apparent to me that his English was poor. Plus the fact that I screamed I will cut your balls off may have done the trick.

    • Comment by Todd Kelly:


      I would really like to speak with you about that incident in 2006. Would you give me a call at the number on my web site?

  6. Comment by Bob at JBB:

    I don’t recall the exact date, because after working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, all of our days run together. But I CAN tell you this. We were just returning from lunch around 1230pm when we had a 100% accountability call go out on the radios here in JBB. We assumed it was only a drill but after work, we found out a lady had been raped.

    I have a hard time understanding how they let anyone leave or enter the base until the assailant was caught.

    Back in the states, they would have had a total lock down of the ECP’s until a complete search had been conducted. This is NOT a KBR fault, it is a military fault. But to everyone’s surprise, business went on as usual for the remaining 90% of the camp.

    As of today, Dec. 6th, he has still not been found…

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Bob-Thanks for the update. I hope they haven’t let him get away!! Please keep us posted.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      At this point in time we don’t know who is at fault. Did the rapist have access to the room keys? Was the lock or door broken or damaged with request to repair it ignored? If they ever find the rapist, were complaints filed against him in the past and just ignored? Did KBR contact the military as soon as they knew of the rape and request the check points be closed down? What was KBR’s response?

      It appears they may have learned from their mistakes in handling the Jamie Leigh Jones rape and at least took this woman to the hospital. Hopefully the rape kit, photos, reports and witness statement won’t “accidentally”get “misplaced”.

      This woman really needs an attorney with her. I would hope the DoD would offer her legal representation until she gets back to the States.

  7. Comment by Stuck at VBC:

    Ms Sparky-The females are undergoing major security upgrades in their living quarters since that woman was viciously raped in her room in Balad.

    It’s interesting that since there has been yet ANOTHER rape and it’s all over the internet now that KBR is finally acting like they care about their women and after being in Iraq for 6 years they are looking at security for the women.

    They are putting metal plates by the door handles on the womens rooms so now everyone knows which rooms belong to the women. That was another brilliant move on management’s part. I’m thinking about sending an e mail to point out the stupidity of that move. But if I do I will probably be sent home on the next flight.

    Plus I’ve heard complaints that the metal plate on the doors are very sharp.

    Safety first. Yeah right.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      This is unbelievable. Why not install signs that state,,,”An unarmed female lives here!”

      How did they install them? Did they just screw them on from the outside with screws? That’s easy enough to undo.

      I would rather have them install a chain lock or sliding lock or even a dead bolt on the INSIDE of the doors. If emergency services ever needs to get in all they need to do is kick in the door. It’s all made out of cheap materials anyway!

      • Comment by At VBC:

        The security upgrades have been implemented on all quarters now at Victory. I guess someone brought it to their attention that their thought process was a little flawed. Or maybe they read Ms Sparky.

    • Comment by Todd Kelly:

      Stuck at VBC, (and anyone else with information about this horrible rape and the conditions leading up to it) please contact my office with more information. Your information is critical to show that KBR did, in fact, have the ability to provide security to her, and simply failed to do so. It’s not like this was the first rape of one of their employees. I represent this victim, and would like to speak with you. 713-255-2055

  8. Comment by Undisclosed:

    The guy was supposedly caught and he had a key to the hooches. It was supposedly a Pakistani worker and it happened during the day when the girl was sleeping. She was a night shift worker working in Operations. She was beat up pretty badly and had to be flown to Germany. She is now back at the states. The issue at hand is key control. Why is anyone able to get a key? This should be a security controlled item.

    Another mistake by KBR.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Thank for this info. This this needs to be verified. But brings up a very valid point about key control. That whole key control thing just used to make me crazy. The American expats would give a ring of keys to living quarters (trailers) to a group of Iraqi cleaners (Camp Hope in the Green Zone) and then send them on their way. They were supposed to supervise them but many times the American supervisor was no where to be found. I refused to l have anyone come in and clean my trailer and did it myself. But may times there was evidence that someone had been in my room while I was at work.

      If you hear anymore please let us know.

      • Comment by Undisclosed:

        The guy was never caught.

        They even had a meeting about it with the military and all KBR personnel. The reason he was never caught is because the person she described was never on JBB. She described a phantom.

        As soon as she was found the base was locked down. No flights nothing in or out. every truck was checked, every shop was checked, every office was checked and the couple of flights that did go out were able to be stopped on the flight line of their arrival point and everyone was checked for the scratches she said she gave this mysterious guy.

        But no such man existed on JBB.

        Word on the street has it she was tired of Iraq and got caught cheating on her BF…

        Guess she didnt want him to get in trouble…

        I think this is more of a case of battered woman syndrome then it is of an actual rape attach and she makes it bad for all the women who did have something happened. yes she was beaten and badly but her story never jived.

        plus she was ordered to move into a lower row room. but she defied the PM’s orders and stayed way out in row 66 against the direction that was sent out.

        all i have to say is… hmmmmmmmmmmm

        • Comment by Ms Sparky:

          Kelly, even for a KBR HR Associate this is an amazingly inappropriate, insensitive unprofessional comment. The only reason I am even allowing it to be posted is to prove my point that KBR HR is messed up!

          • Comment by USMI:

            Come forward Kelly (undisclosed); who are you? Someone on Nifong’s team…hmmmm; he just hired a female lackey back and you guys/girls at HQ have access to Ms Sparky…I’ll have more in an hour or so, after our TSTI.

            • Comment by Grofica:

              1. i am not in HR. and 2 thats really messed up to post someones name.

              • Comment by USMI:

                Who was talking to you Grofica or do you go under two different aliases? I have a good idea who you are though. “Undisclosed” is Kelly and what’s your beef with names? Unprofessional? Whose payroll are you on? Are you new to this blogsite? I guarantee you are probably at HQ right now. If you haven’t been clued in, names of the higher ups are usually permissible as they are fair game. Whose side are you on? The poor girl who was violated or the HQ Management. I’d like to run into you in the hallway.

                • Comment by Undisclosed:

                  Im not saying she wasnt violated I was just saying that the story never made sense. It was a huge issue but no person (as described) existed.

                  No I am not at HQ and have NEVER been
                  No I am not a Higher up

                  but the story didnt show everything I did not mean to be inconsiderate just pointing out all facts.

                  Part of self defense is not putting your self in a compromising situation in the first place.

                  as far as the hall comment goes next time your stateside shoot me a message. We can meet up for sure.

                  • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                    Violated?? Violated?? WTF?? What in the hell is wrong with you? She was beaten unconscious. Who in hell are you to say she got the description wrong? The rapist was an Indian direct hire TCN. KBR let him get out or helped him get out of the country.

                    • Comment by Iraqi TrUcker:

                      And you are 100% sure of this? Where is your hard evidence? I am not disputing that she wasnt beaten to a pulp but to say that kbr let him get out or helped him get is out is a pretty bold statement! I was there at JBB when this happened and everything went on lockdown, she claimed she put a big cut down his face and bit him on the arm and they had the mp’s visually inspecting everybody, I just cannot see this perp not being spotted by someone and there was no way anybody left the base after they found here, planes in and out as well as convoys in and out where shutdown! I hope the scumbag that did this burns in hell for this but you all need to stop with this heresay, speculation, etc..

                    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                      Your statement below….how do you know this? Was this hearsay or did you actually hear her give the statement? He left the country 8 days after the rape. How did that happen if he wasn’t assisted by someone in KBR? The MP’s only inspected the people that KBR made available to inspect. They obviously didn’t inspect EVERYONE.

                      she claimed she put a big cut down his face and bit him on the arm and they had the mp’s visually inspecting everybody,

                    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                      If you think you have first hand information about this crime I would ask that you contact Anna’s attorney Todd Kelly at 713-255-2055

                • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                  I’m with you on that one.

                  • Comment by TJ:

                    The comment about the Air Force not inspecting everyone is not completely accurate. I worked with SOC USA providing security at Balad at the time of the assault, so I was tangentially involved with the investigation. The Air Force SF did not wait for KBR to produce employees for inspection but went around actively looking, to the point where they were stopping buses carrying TCNs to look for a suspect with defensive wounds. I can’t guarantee that they went through every single TCN, but they certainly tried.

                    Neither the Air Force nor SOC ever came across any suspects who had the facial and hand wounds that the victim described. The idea that KBR managed to somehow smuggle this guy out eight days later when every ECP was actively looking for him is laughable.

                    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                      TJ-I appreciate your comment. Can you explain to me how he did get out of the country then when every ECP was actively looking for him? Because he did get out.

                    • Comment by TJ:

                      I can’t seem to reply to your comment, so I’m replying to mine. How do we know that he got out? Did somebody identify him later? Who?

                      My belief is that there’s something wrong with the witness’s description of events. Maybe she did not injure her assailant in the manner she described, so we were all looking for the wrong guy. Or maybe somebody whom she didn’t want to implicate battered her, so she gave the SF a false description.

                      I don’t know how KBR was required to account for their TCNs (if indeed the attacker was a KBR TCN). I do know that we had to submit a report every eight hours apprising the Air Force of the locations of our people. So again, the idea of KBR smuggling the guy out is highly improbable, for multiple reasons.

                    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                      There is an active and ongoing FBI investigation and I can’t give anymore information than what I already have. As soon as he is in custody I will be able to blog more about this.

              • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                Really? Let me tell you what’s messed up. A woman brutally raped and nearly killed and KBR security let the rapist get away so he could rape someone else. That’s whats messed up!

                • Comment by Undisclosed:

                  sigh, ok i am sorry you are right it was a huge conspiracy by “the man” and all the searching done was just some ploy to make everyone think they were looking.

                  Again i deeply apologize for the misconception on my part and for anything I might have said that might have seemed insensitive.

                  to the normal layman it appeared that everyone tried to do everything possible to catch the person who did it. but i thank you for setting me straight. I now see the error in my ways and agree totally with whatever you say.

                  • Comment by USMI:

                    Undisclosed, I think we got our wires crossed up…I was talking to Grofica..I will listen to your post and I understand what you are saying. I do have to disagree with one thing Ms Sparky said about the security messing up…I truly believe they did what they had to and did it expertly. I also agree, the base was shut down in ASAP time but, the behind the scene issues from HQ is where everything went wrong. I mean, how can you direct and investigation from the exalted pedestal of HQ? Why would you allow Ron Allen and Kenly Nifong and JM to not help out Security/KBR folks? Why would you keep a “buddy” employed who allegedly planted some gloves on his/her own volition and then brag he’s friends with the Big Boss and can do no wrong? Just look at Nifongs track record to include the G sites and the Billeting Manager going into female room with a tube of Vaseline? Look how Nifong handled that or lack of handling it? Look at the girl from Afghan who was let go because of her complaints? All comes back too two peas in the Pod…Actually three.

                    • Comment by Undisclosed:


                      I dont get what your saying… All i said is that security did what they are supposed to do. (and the MP’s.)

                      I have no idea what happens at headquarters i have never been down there… I still dont see why my actual name was placed on the board. its not very nice to post someones name.

                      (ok someone who has nothing to do with management)

                    • Comment by USMI:

                      Undisclosed, where is your name posted anywhere??? Ms Spark caled someone Kelly…if that’s you so be it but that’s not your FULL name. I was agreeing with you, in some parts of your message, however, I’m close enough to HQ to know what happened here when it all went down.

                    • Comment by Undisclosed:

                      not everyone has the privileged you do USMI. but yeah i think its just messed up it was posted. Everyone else on here has the option to leave a name or nickname but she has the right to violate that with other people?

                      just because as a female who WAS on base at the time and who worked with the SCW’s all the time I just cant really see any of the guys i worked with ever doing anything like that. Now i relize there are a lot more SCW’s then just the few dozen I worked with 99.99% of those guys are really nice (and too shy) for something that drastic.

                      and I know it might have sounded insensitive but all i said was that was the word on the street. and disclosed that was not fact but hear-say.

                    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                      The word on the street? Is that the word being put out by Nifong and his investigators? Did you not see the after incident photos from the hospital in this post? http://mssparky.com/2010/07/did-kbr-knowingly-allow-a-rapist-to-go-free-in-iraq/

                      Maybe she beat herself up and choked herself nearly to death. Maybe she wasn’t even raped at all. Maybe it was just rough sex!

                    • Comment by USMI:

                      I wouldn’t call it being privileged to be where I am and I was at passing through when the rape happened. I can attest there was a total lock-down, all the training, the communication being given out (without jeopardizing the investigation) anyways. You may be right on your points because you apparently live there and where there for the before and after. Yu know what’s funny is, they try to track people down who is writing these blogs so they can pinpoint the leaks.

                    • Comment by Not Bucca:

                      Ms Sparky can we get a neutral parties interpretation on what Undisclosed’s beef was concerning her identity being blown? I can make no sense of her tirade about her being “Kelly” or someone else. You nailed it; the “word on the street” is the girl was brutalized not only by a direct hire Indian but violated by the insensitivity and pre-litigation mindset of Nifong and Allen and other SLT members. They washed their hands of the whole matter. You watch some these people day-in- day- out and just shake your head at their pompous attitudes. If they had been concerned with the incident they would have been on top of it and provided all employee records to the appropriate officials and started to be concerned instead of leaving it alone. Just look at who’s Allen’s “law clerk/Admin” was. Of course she is no longer a clerk or employed because of her antics with a SLT member. Allen tried to sweep that under the carpet though everyone at HQ knew what was going on.

                    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                      I sent you an email.

        • Comment by Todd Kelly:

          Undisclosed – you are 100% WRONG. I would like to speak with you to find out what you know. I can tell you that Anna was raped and left for dead by an SCW – and the perpetrator cannot be caught because KBR allowed him to leave the country to a place where the U.S. will not extradict him. Please call with whatever you know: 713-255-2055

        • Comment by Keven Moore:

          MS Sparky,, The above comment is what most people who were at the base(JBB)when the alleged crime (rape)occured.. The time and incident didnt make sense.. One of the DPM’s held a all hands meeting(I was there)about the rape incident and admitted to several faults in the information coming from the alleged victim. I still have a copy of the BOLO poster..

  9. Comment by Insurgents Target:

    I know for a fact that in Camp Hope there are 7 keys per room but at Speicher there were only 3 per room which made a lot more sense.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      One key to a room is too many if EVERYONE and their dawg has access to it. When I lived at Camp Hope they seemed to be relatively good key control 2006….at least with the expats. Now I don’t know who all had access to the keys that no one questioned, like camp managers, the labor foreman who supervised the cleaners who cleaned the trailers, maintenance people, security etc.

  10. Comment by CHICK:

    I worked billeting 3 yrs C Sites… 3 keys was the standard. One for the occupant, one for the office and a spare for “temporary” locked myself out or lost the key. With billeting a lot of folks would claim they lost a key so they could give a copy to their “friend”. Standard procedure set up with KBR and the Client, key control DOP includes signing for the key and reason. Both were reportable to mayor cell if applicable or to Service Desk and logged in. To me for this Pakistanian guy to have the key, he perhaps had to work for Billeting or was a Trades guy that copied keys (locksmith?) or was a trade that never turned the key in. If Billeting did not keep proper records on the Key Book Register, more than one person needs to be fired for this incident due to job incompetence for failure to maintain records and escort their SCW to perform work. All the camps I’ve worked on, SCW’s, LNs must be escorted at all times. I know most of us can agree, this is failure at more than one level or with departments. I see a lot of people being let go once the investigation into key registers (failure to follow MSOW, SOW, SOP, DOP)and lack of secured key control (possible failure to report key recovery/copy and or changing locks when reported as Lost). Another thing that has to be looked at, who did this guy work for, why he wasn’t escorted… etc.

    I hope this victim gets justice. May God bless her to a speedy recovery.

    • Comment by Ex-KBR Wife:

      Justice is something that can never be gained in a situation like this. This poor woman will live with the horrors of what happened to her for the rest of her life. She will also be put thru holy hell again and agian before anyone actually pays for this crime, that is if they ever do convict anyone for it. I hope the man who did this will be made to pay for what he did. Will it be justice??? Is there a such thing???

  11. Comment by CHICK:

    I don’t know. i do agree with you. I hope she finds it someway, no matter how small, a consolation of some sort. This crime is too horrible to imagine or wish upon someone except to the predator himself. What I really wonder, if he’s Pakistani, where would he go? Would he go to the country that hired him? Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain and get a ticket back to Pakistan? I think that outcome is likely if that was to be the case. Or would the US have judicial right? This is very bad all around. Its a nightmare thinking of it diplomatically. This involves Pakistan, the M.E. community as a whole and the idea of bringing the man to the US for trial and Lord knows when US Congress gets involved! Its horrible, but I see her being forgotten and I doubt our country will go to major lengths to get this guy. Maybe the military would to some degree, but where, what and how could they give him a trial and where would he go?

    I know with the Military, convicted civilian offenders go to Federal Prison for committing crimes on military and federal installations. I wonder would they consider JBB a federal installation or a JOIN FORCES installation? Joint Forces being… multinational.

    • Comment by CHICK:

      When I say the victim would be forgotten, justice wise she would. Going after folks that could have prevented it…would be easier. :(

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        We are doing our best to make sure that doesn’t happen!!

      • Comment by Ex-KBR Wife:

        All of this will end up lost in a sea of red tape while they decide when or where he should be tried for the crime. What country would be responsible for prosecuting him? Hopefully it would be the United States since it happen on one of our bases. I guess we will all have to wait and see how all of this plays out. The workers that are responsible for key control should not have to wait and wonder about their fate. Maybe after all of this KBR will figure out a better way to control who and why someone has keys to living quarters.

  12. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    The Houston Chronicle just published an artical….FINALLY the media is picking this up.


  13. Comment by for-what-it's-worth:

    Goin out on a limb here and may get some flack for it, but here goes. I believe the Project Manager at the site should walk around his responsible area of the base with one assistant, a clipboard (not drive) and write down anything and everything they see, date it, put a time on it, when they get through, take a copy of it to the base commanders office for record. Install cameras (both hidden and out in the open)especially around living quarters – especially the ladies living quarters). Haven’t heard many men getting raped. Make one entrance into the living areas, much like a prison and search those that do not live in them, sign an entrance sheet with time in and out, hold there identification cards until they return to the entrance and then they get their card back and they must say how long they might be inside to do the work. They must maintain radio control with security at the gate on an open line to one other listener besides the security persons at the gate and that is the military police. The military were at the chow halls checking i.d.’s, they could listen in on these radio transmissions and document things.
    In our communities back home we have the police that patrol our communities, and some communities more than others because of the high rates of crime. This is a war zone and these areas must be secure to prevent this horrible act from ever happening again. MAKE THE LIVING QUARTERS AREAS MORE SECURE – ESPECIALLY FOR THE LADIES.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Just a couple of points. According to military stats, 1 in 3 females and 1 in 10 males are sexually assaulted while in the Military. I don’t know if we have any official stats on civilians in combat zones. But I guarantee you we are only hearing about a fraction of what is actually reported which is a fraction of what actually occurs to females let alone males. Makes even less likely to report the crime than females. Especially amongst Foreign National workers of the labor contractors like PPI etc. We have a “Rape, Hazing, Discrimination, Harassment” category http://mssparky.com/category/rape-hazing-discrimination-harassment/ where we try to keep up with that the best we can.

      Secondly, You will not find most managers in favor of increased supervision and accountability in the living areas. That would interfere with there own “hooch hopping” after the sun goes down. Hell…..before the sun goes down!

      At Camp Hope in the Green Zone I had to show my badge to unescorted, unvetted Iraqi men working as KBR security to get into my living quarters. That’s right Iraqi men watched over me while I slept. They had control of all vehicle and personnel access points into and out of Camp Hope. I complained about this vehemently. Finally KBR hired Global Security and they brought in Nepalese and Sri Lankan security guards armed with AK-47’s to watch the Iraqi’s. Why didn’t I feel more secure?

      Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying I don’t like Iraqi’s. I am saying you can’t tell and insurgent from a non insurgent. And the loyalties can change from day to day!

  14. Comment by CHICK:

    I agree with you completely Deb! My first camp, we had Iraqi guards working security. Its highly unrealistic, unlikely that FWIW’s suggestion would occur simply because the security manpower and “support” of it would never be funded. They would consider it to be a personnel issue I believe as they’ve always swept the porch in the past on this topic. But you see where it has got them now with the high profile cases…they’ll take the chance of making settlements over interfering with any contract discussions that could be a hindrance. Why should the government be responsible for the contractor to protect their people? The contractor should provide their own protection… I’m sure would be the Military response. I’m not an expert, but after being with KBR over 5 years I seen it all, heard it all, read it all. Its all about the 3 rules of SEE NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      In this article http://www.commondreams.org/views07/0310-23.htm written Jeremy Scahill about a KBR audit and $400 million they will probably have to pay back for private security they hired it states:

      An official military document called LOGCAP 101 explains that “contractors and their employees are not combatants, but civilians accompanying the force. This status must not be jeopardized by the ways in which they provide contracted support. The government has a duty to provide them with Force Protection for this reason.” Indeed, in a July 2006 letter to Waxman, then-Secretary of the Army Francis White (who recently resigned in the wake of the Walter Reed scandal) asserted, “Under the provisions of the LOGCAP contract, the US military provides all armed forces protection from KBR unless otherwise directed.”

      Many disturbing questions linger: If the Army was responsible for providing security for KBR’s 50,000 employees, why didn’t it do so? Is the command and control in Iraq in such disarray that $400 million in private security services that should have been provided by the Army was not, and no one noticed? Did no one realize that tens of thousands of private soldiers were performing the Army’s security duties? re not combatants, but civilians accompanying the force. This status must not be jeopardized by the ways in which they provide contracted support. The government has a duty to provide them with Force Protection for this reason.” Indeed, in a July 2006 letter to Waxman, then-Secretary of the Army Francis White (who recently resigned in the wake of the Walter Reed scandal) asserted, “Under the provisions of the LOGCAP contract, the US military provides all armed forces protection from KBR unless otherwise directed.”

      I would much rather have had a US soldier guarding Camp Hope!!

    • Comment by Todd Kelly:


      I would really like to speak with you about what you have seen related to “the 3 rules.” I represent several victims of these horrible crimes, and it sounds like you can provide invaluable background information.

  15. Comment by CHICK:

    WOW! That’s a good find! *Whistles* 400M….

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I thought I had blogged about this, but I didn’t. It was written by Jeremy in March 2007. That was “BMS” (Before Ms Sparky).

      I hope that is just a drop in the bucket of what they have to pay back!

  16. Comment by CHICK:

    I’ve been thinking about this. I don’t know about the sites everyone else was on, I know for a fact that some camps in C sites had Iraqi guards over KBR camps. Others had Ghurkas. H Sites had Turkish all would guard the living quarters or some of the offices, unarmed of course. I never seen those personnel guard military soldiers. Seems stupid to guard soldiers who have weapons and the guards have a radio. “HALT! I’ll PEG YOU IN THE HEAD WITH MY RADIO…. DONT MAKE ME USE CHANNEL 2 (operations)!!!”

  17. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    They haven’t released a thing here on the rape. They are making everyone attend a sexual assault class though. As far as I know, they still haven’t caught the rapist.

  18. Comment by for-what-it's-worth:

    I know that the sliding bolt locks are very inexpensive back here in the States, and when home on R/R one should buy several, that way when someone trys to open the door – they can’t, also buy some of the peep-holes too, they aren’t that expensive, then you could see who might be at the door in the day time, more difficult at night. If they won’t allow it for all people – they should atleast allow it for the women!!! Put one on the front door and one on the door going into the bathroom when a neighbor shares the bathroom, that way they can’t go into your room while your gone.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Peep holes at the front door are a great idea. But peep holes in the bathroom? Not so much!

      I know which of bathroom you are talking about. It has a door from both rooms that go directly into a bathroom. My husband had a room like that. Who thought up that stupid design. It means your trailer mate has access to your room via the bathroom if you forget to lock the bathroom door. My trailer had one front door into an inside foyer. There was a door on the right and a door on the left with lockable doors into a bedroom. The door to the bathroom was in the foyer. So either room had access to the bathroom without disturbing the other. I liked that design.

      A peep hole in the front door would have been nice.

  19. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    I need a copy of the BOLO (be on the look out) that is posted all over JBB (Balad) for the guy who raped this KBR employee.

    You can either scan it and send it as a PDF, take a photo and send it as a JPG or make a copy and send it in the snail mail.

    If you need a snail mail address or email address shoot me a message via the contact us page in the upper right corner of the site.

    If you have any other information about this rape, KBR’s response to it or anything else you think we should know please shoot me an email or get in touch with the victim’s attorney, Todd Kelly


  20. Comment by CHICK:

    Hey Sparky, where are the comments?

  21. Ping from KBR Employee (Anna Mayo) Says She Was Raped and Beaten By Fellow KBR Employee in Iraq « Overseas Civilian Contractors:

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  25. Comment by Keven Barnes:

    1. Why is a low-level Lt Col writing this and not a 3 or 4-Star? And what branch of service EN?

    2. “at JBB, VBC (Camp Victory) reportedly has between 8-20 sexual assaults per week…What might not be known is that statistically, 70-80% of these assaults are by an EODT (EOD Technologies) or KBR member, so stats are stats, please be aware of what to look out for”

    -Why do these 2 companies still have there contracts and haven’t been terminated Obama?

    Well Secretary of Defense Gates.
    Note: The Theaters of Operations have had the same problems under you Gates for how long? 8-20 assaults a week. It really is time for you to go and these ladies should have a direct response from highest ranking officer there is in the Theater of Operations and the demand for a T for C (Termination for Cause)should occur immediately.

    The LtCol didn’t say 8 – 20 a year – he said per week!

    Yes there should be some heads rolling. Gates and the 4-Star in charge and the companies whose employees did this. Keys, the LOGCAP contract is a COST PLUS contract. They could put cipher-locks on or fingerprint entry of the common badge proximity unlock.

    DCMA is who tells the LOGCAP contractor to get it done and how fast they want it done. DCMA could direct overnight air freight to get these locks on and they could direct bus service too. Letter of Technical Direction. I bet the DCMA commander is an Army LtCol or Army Colonel.

    DCMA is far more responsible that you ladies think and they hold the purse strings for LOGCAP purchases and getting things done. Well Gates – what’s the problem ? Life-Support and all issues associated with that fall under LOGCAP and they can stretch that to mean armored vehicles, buses, and whatever they get directed from higher up to get done.

    Letters to your Congressman or Congresswoman and to the head of the Subcommittee for Contracting Oversight Senator Claire McCaskill. Obviously these assaults are just a routine event instead of a job-ender for some commander of DCMA or a 4-Star.

    So you tell me Obama, that a 4-Star loses his job for telling you and Gates that you are doing a crap job to Rolling Stone Magazine, but you sit on your ass while 8 – 20 women are sexually assaulted A WEEK.

    Does the words impeachment mean anything to you?

    I hope that you ladies in the Theaters hear from General Petraeus on this one. Wake up Obama. Fire Gates. Tell DCMA to get off their asses and issue LOTDs to get everything that is needed. How about arming up these women and give them 9MMs ? That is just another LOTD and a little training. Shoot them in the head and quickly that number 8-20 will get to ZERO.

    The Afghanistan guy should have been shot just for his comment so that he could tell his buddies that American women don’t wear Burkas and they will kill an Afghani in his tracks rather than put up with being stalked by one or talk rudely to by one.

    • Comment by Undisclosed:

      Wow good info… learn something new everyday. I cant believe the number is that high per week (not disagreeing) just wow… I had no idea.

      • Comment by Keven Barnes:

        All those comments above and no one said it.

        Really ladies, I will tell you exactly what I tell the Visa 20 and Visa 18 women in Kuwait who, in this country of 3 million are raped at the rate the same as the LtCol is describing – except, here, it is by their employers and other ex-pats, and the Kuwait police on a very frequent basis. The population of all the camps combined is not even 1/3 and all these people on the camps have been screened somehow to get a base access.

        Ladies get a knife and let them get close and then cut their throat. If there are more than one – all that blood flying will certainly stop them in their tracks and they will be thinking about something else. Once you stop that blood from getting to his computer – he is no longer a threat.

        A Kuwait lawyer says it is fine for them to carry a knife (while I advocate you get a handgun). Self-Defense and if they die. That is fine. Don’t wound them ladies – kill them. One or 2 will be what is needed and then let the LtCol announce that. You will see Zero before you know it and those Afghani’s will get the message.

        DCMA – get these ladies 9 mm and a couple of clips. Empty a clip per guy. 15 rounds each.

        • Comment by Ms Sparky:

          Keven-I have mixed feelings about that. If a woman doesn’t know how to use a knife it can be turned and used on her. Prevention, awareness and self defense techniques are critical for any woman anywhere but if they are not trained to use a knife or a pistol it can be very dangerous.

          • Comment by Keven Barnes:

            Ms Sparky, do our soldiers go out to hunt Taliban and Insurgents with a their badge in hand? No, they are armed and they intend to kill, not to wound. These women need to take action. A sheep is unarmed too. I am telling you, when about 4 bodies are handed to the LtCol and he writes about it you will see results. Not handling this with lethality is not producing results and that is to protect all the women on the camps throughout the Theater. I doubt they are going to have an argument of anything and use their weapon out of anger as men do throughout the world. Arm them up. It will take a General to have his job at risk to instruct DCMA to issue weapons and the immediate weapon available are some pretty large knives in the BX and PX. They are not strong enough to pull it out and just wave it to scare them off. If is a trade-off of surprise if they let them get close and kill them or hope they go away when they show their weapon. Him running off is not going to get the message out to the rest of them. A few bodies getting shipped out and the stories will create an element of fear in those with the idea of rape in their head. If you go concealed carry in the U.S. and crime, it is proven – the concealed carry have a lower incident rate of crime. Body bags Ms Sparky. In the meantime, if they don’t know how to use that knife, there are many Army and Marines there to ask. If the U.S. military don’t help them, ask a gentleman from Australia or England. I doubt they will have orders from a General who is afraid of getting fired for directing something that may appear incorrect, but will reduce 8-20 women getting raped per week. That is 400 – 1000 per year and over a 7 year conflict since we are not so quick as WWII, thta is 2800 – 7000 women. You are willing to play passive resistance (which isn’t stopping the recognized 8-20 per week) or kill a few of these bastards? Come on General Petraeus and DCMA – get this problem handled. Stun guns are not going to get the psychological effect that a few bodies getting shipped out will. Ok, I have had my platform. Let’s see a few rapists getting sent back in body bags.

          • Comment by Keven Barnes:

            They are already doing the prevention awareness and you still have 8-20 U.S. Government recognized incidents in just one area of the Theater per W E E K. What is the real total per week across Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and other theater countries. 200 – 300 per week ? If you read his email, he is only saying what he knows. If the Generals don’t sanction this arming of the women, then weak-kneed companies and their pandering Project Managers will disarm these women with an email threating their jobs. This has to be taken seriously by General Petraeus and DCMA. They are as responsible for these sexual assaults as they are for the 35 electrocution deaths for not overseeing their contractors and having competent Quality Assurance Representatives to inspect the work. Petraeus knows that side-arms can be effective. So why is he ignoring the problem. Is he waiting for Rolling Stone to come around for an interview ?

  26. Comment by Keven Barnes:

    Ms Sparky,

    I just had another call this morning from a Visa 20 maid and she want to go to change employers. But the “Agency” (Kuwait sanctioned slavery business) will not help her change jobs. The employer, as will all employers in Kuwait are withholding her passport. Even Al-Sabah’s McDonalds employees have their passports withheld from them. She says the employer wants to get paid. You see, the Kuwaitis holding a Via 20 maid believe they hold them like a pink slip to a car and believe they should get paid 500 KD ($ 3.5 = 1 KD) to 1000 KD per slave. 20-30 are injured and die per week trying to escape their captors in Kuwait. The maids are paid 50 – 60 KD per month if at all. So, these kidnappers who won’t let them go are facing the same advice from me. 1. Call the Police (the women in LOGCAP assigments are telling DCMA and the Army there is a problem) 2. Call your embassy (These women should be writing their Congress members) and complain because the 4-Star General is not arming the women who are being assaulted. I tell these maids 3. Arm up, and according to a few Kuwait lawyers I have talked to, use equal or greater force to escape – up to and including killing them. In the Kuwait papers, on a more frequent basis, the Kuwaitis are complaining that the maids are assaulting them and they are starting to get injured. No, they are defending themselves and kicking their asses when necessary.

    Here is what is the Prime Contract and DCMA and the 4-Star Petraeus knows it it there. So why aren’t they following their own issued rules. Arm these women up. A 9 MM is an equalizer. It can pump 15 bullets into the guy before he hits the floor. And the message of those women walking around armed will send a very clear message. They are now authorized to kill a rapist. What’s the problem Ms Sparky? Open carry in 30 plus states is legal. The rules are here to over-ride any pandering Project Manager like KBRs Guy LaBoa. Then, legally, KBR is protected because, all is fair in terms of the force that these ladies can dish out.
    CENTCOM Policy, dated 23 December 2005
    (3) Written acknowledgement by the individual of the fulfillment of training responsibilities and the conditions for the authorization to carry firearms. This document includes the acknowledgement of the distinctions between the ROE applicable to military forces and RUF that control the use of weapons by DoD civilians, DoD contractors and PSCs.
    (4) Written acknowledgement signed by both the armed employee and by a representative of the employing company that use of weapons could subject both the individual and company to U.S. and host nation prosecution and civil liability.
    (5) A copy of the contract between the contractor’s company and the U.S. Government that verifies the individual’s employment and addresses the need to be armed.
    (i) Authorized Weapon & Ammunition Types. Unless DCDRUSCENTCOM (or a designee) expressly provides otherwise, all arming requests and authorizations for contractor or subcontractor employees under this contract shall be limited to U.S. Government-approved weapons and ammunition. Notwithstanding Host Nation laws or regulations that would allow use of heavier weapons by contract security/PSC, all DoD security service / PSC contractors must have weapons approved by DCDRUSCENTCOM (or a designee) before use. This restriction applies to all weapons in the possession of contractor employees, even if such weapons are required for personal protection. The following weapons and ammunition are currently authorized by the U.S. Government for use in Iraq and Afghanistan:

    (1) The M9, M4, M16, or equivalent (e.g. .45 CAL, AK-47).
    (2) The M9 or equivalent sidearm will be the standard personal protection weapon unless other weapons are specifically requested and approved.
    (3) U.S. government Ball ammunition is the standard approved ammunition. (No hollow-points ladies)

    (j) Requirements for Individual Weapons Possession. All employees of the contractor and its subcontractors at all tiers who are authorized to be armed under this contract must:

    (1) Possess only those U.S. Government-approved weapons and ammunition for which they are qualified under the training requirements of section (c) and subsequently authorized to carry;
    (2) Carry weapons only when on duty or at a specific post (according to their authorization);
    (3) Not conceal any weapons, unless specifically authorized; (open-carry)
    (4) Carry proof of authorization to be armed. Employees not possessing such proof will be deemed unauthorized and must surrender their weapon to their employer; and
    (5) IAW USCENTCOM G.O. #1, consumption of alcohol in Iraq or Afghanistan is prohibited. In the event of a suspension or an exception to G.O. #1, employees shall not consume any alcoholic beverage while armed or within eight (8) hours of the next work period when they will be armed. There are no circumstances under which a person will be authorized to consume any alcoholic beverage when armed for personal protection.

    (k) Weapons/Equipment Restrictions and Responsibilities. Unless otherwise provided, the U.S. Government will not provide any weapons or ammunition to contractors, their subcontractors, or any employees of the same. The Contractor will provide all weapons and ammunition to those employees that will be armed under the contract. The contractor and its subcontractors at all tiers will also provide interceptor body armor, ballistic helmets, and the Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) protective masks to those employees that require such equipment in the performance of their duties.

    (l) Rules for the Use of Force (RUF). In addition to the RUF and ROE training referenced in paragraph (c), the contractor and its subcontractors at all tiers will monitor and report all activities of its armed employees that may violate the RUF and/or otherwise trigger reporting requirements as serious incidents. Prompt reporting demonstrates a desire by the contractor and its subcontractors to minimize the impact of any violations and, therefore, will be given favorable consideration. Violations of the RUF include, though are not limited to:

    (1) Taking a direct part in hostilities or combat actions, other than to exercise self-defense;
    (2) Failing to cooperate with Coalition and Host Nation forces;
    (3) Using deadly force, other than in self-defense where there is a reasonable belief of imminent risk of death or serious bodily harm;
    (Well Ms Sparky, is a rate of 8-20 sexual assault a “reasonable belief”?)
    (4) Failing to use a graduated force approach;
    (Ok, graduated ladies means 1 or 2 shots, and the whole clip means you want him dead)
    (5) Failing to treat the local civilians with humanity or respect; and
    (6) Detaining local civilians, other than in self-defense or as reflected in the contract terms.

    Ms Sparky, the language is in the Prime Contracts already. Now it takes the Generals to instruct DCMA to get this done. The proximity locking systems with a ciper-lock and deadbolts. Then 9 MMs for when the ladies are out and about to protect themselves. I don’t see the problem.

    • Comment by Undisclosed:

      I think (and i am not sure) Ms. Sparky is just trying to say a person with a weapon (and not being comfortable with using it on a daily basis) is more likely to hurt themselves or get hurt with it then it actually do any good.

      Guns are dangerous in the hands of someone who doesnt use them and isnt comfortable with the safety and dont get me started on if they didnt put the safety one. but i dont want a bunch of city folk who dont shoot often running around with guns male or female.

      now self defence courses there is a good idea… even if someone showed the newbie how to use a gun or knife that doesnt mean their good or can shoot it properly. Best defence is your own body and knowing how to defend yourself…

      and again if i misunderstood what Ms. Sparky was saying earlier then sorry.

      • Comment by Keven Barnes:

        These women are afforded the right to protect themselves in the United States if their job was there. The majority of the States allow open carry, which granted does look menacing, but is just a common sight in the war theaters. Why should these women have their rights stripped from them when there is a provision that the Theater Commander has as a remedy.

        There are lighter-weight Glock .40 and 9 MM and they are easy to shoot.

        These women deserve a fighting chance. 2 shots if they maybe want the rapist to live. 15 shots or the clip if they want him dead – and if she is really pissed off. She should reload and empty the 2nd clip into him.

        Am I being clear. 7 years of doing it the way the male chauvinists from KBR, DCMA and the Army have proven ineffective at saving these women.

        Your argument about training is weak and from either a view of being uneducated about firearms and the Regulations I have already cited which allow for paying for the training to be accomplished. There are plenty of Army members being sent to the Theater who cannot hit what they aim at. When I went through Ft Bliss’ firing range, I witnessed in our group 9 shooters who were pathetic and finally, while we loaded up extra clips, the Army sent in Phantom shooters to get these guys and gals to pass. I saw one shooter, on a mandatory reload actually strip the slide off the Barretta like Matt Damon did in Borne Identity. Pretty funny really.

        Most state require some sort of practical test.

        In a once a year refresher training, we had an Oakland, California police officer, who was also in our unit tell us that “a full gun is a happy gun” and empty a clip on each bad guy. It works in Oakland and it should work anywhere.

        Stop walking on egg-shells Ms Sparky. Fill up some body bags.

        • Comment by Undisclosed:

          but see the thing is you HAVEN’T addressed the lack of training. just because you show someone 1-2 times (no matter the gender) does not mean they know how to use it. Do you know how many people get shot per year because they dont really know how to use it properly??? if you gave all those women guns you would have 8-10 shootings per week and i gaurentee it would not be the bad guy.

          working 12/7 do you think there is adequate time for proper training? I mean look at a lot of the reserveists they do training 1-2 times per month and most of them couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn from 50ft.

          I am all for self defense don’t get me wrong but there are many things you can do with your hands / feet injure or worse to an attacker. its only takes 8lbs of pressure to break the shin bone. I really don’t think guns are the answer here.

          • Comment by Ms Sparky:

            I have to say honestly, if I had been armed while I was in Iraq there would have been several “accidental” shootings and I wouldn’t have felt bad about it all! :)

          • Comment by Keven Barnes:

            There has been a rule in the Prime Contracts to make this available and the Contracting Officers could have allowed this and authorized payment for the training. Symantics. The training to stay proficient to kill the rapist should be practiced so that it is 2nd nature and she can take him out with speed and efficiently take out 2 or 3 if necessary. THEY should be seen telling their male co-workers that they need to take off 2 hours to go to the range to blow some heads off. THEY should be seen walking to the their transportation in front of the Afghanis who are living in the camps and going to the range to blow some heads off. THEY should bring their targets back and tape them on their walls where they live so that it become very apparent at how tight of a group they can put 3- 115 grain bullets. Those ladies should be seen as someone who can defend themselves and with a few body-bags getting packed out – that psychological transition will take place. But a bunch of whiners who think women just cannot kill or shoot is 17th century pilgrim thinking. Heck, I saw in the Green Zone a male Lt Col (Army) NOT take his clip out of his 9, strip back the slide to show to his buddies how cool he could catch a bullet, and then let the slide fly forward and stripped off a fresh round and then, as always, he pulled the trigger to drop the hammer while aiming it a line of people coming out of the U.S. Embassy exit. He pulled the trigger and to his surprise the gun went off. Dumbfounded and wondering how did that happen, he pulled the Beretta from the clearing barrel and was pointing it at the crowd leaving the U.S. Embassy and pulled the trigger 2 more times and luckily on a dud shell. So, dumb things happen – even to men. Let these ladies get proficient. Those would-be rapist will see these ladies clearing their weapons and reloading them and they should always be wondering just how fast she really is and is it worth it to test her. Ladies, you know they may just be wearing body armor – so just above the plate to the neck might be a good place to practice hitting.

        • Comment by Ms Sparky:

          I’m not walking on egg shells. I am actually thinking of the potential rape victims. Even though I have been around weapons all my life it would still be difficult to pull the trigger on another human but I would if necessary. But it is not instinctive it would be a conscious decision. I would think most rapist don’t expect a woman to be trained in the art of self defense so they are not expecting it. I think that would be the most powerful weapon to use against any attacker.

          Personally I think ALL rapists should be sent home in body bags. Let the MP’s do it.

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        That’s exactly what I am saying. A weapon in the hands of someone not intensely trained to use it can be used against the victim. If intense training is provided by a professional trainer and there is some sort of qualification program that is another story. I agree we don’t need a bunch of untrained gun toting civilians. Self Defense training should be mandatory. And I’m talking training not a 2 hour class on “OK you all be careful out there!”

        • Comment by Keven Barnes:

          Well, there are 43 out of 50 states with not so intensly trained open carrying citizens and I think the point is they have a policy in place that allows them to be Armed. The MPs in 7 years haven’t proteced them.

          I trust that they will put the bullets on target and if they can get a solid backstop. Like the LtCol says stats are stats. Well ladies, give him some body bags to keep track of. He talks about rape stats like it is a routine car accident and the stats.




          Bottom Line General Petraues needs to get these women armed and direct DCMA to issue Letters of Technical Direction at all bases to install proximity card locks and cipher-locks.

          Failing that- get the largest knife they sell in the PX in the meantime.

          Otherwise we will ask Rolling Stones to come and ask why you Petraeus and Gates cannot get these women armed for self-protection when there are 75 – 125 sexual assaults per week.

  27. Comment by Keven Barnes:

    Since some readers may not scroll back to the top

    The LtCol said QUOTE Some conjecture, but I’m painting a picture for us to be careful towards. The victim is in intensive care, face badly beaten, and arm possibly broken.

    Though at JBB, VBC (Camp Victory) reportedly has between 8-20 sexual assaults per week…What might not be known is that statistically, 70-80% of these assaults are by an EODT (EOD Technologies) or KBR member, so stats are stats, please be aware of what to look out for. UNQUOTE

    It is the women who need to be armed – or are the men afraid ?

  28. Comment by KBR TOO BIG:

    Mr. Barnes sounds like he is informed on things but when it comes to leadership he is stating names of leaders who are no longer in charge. Guy LaBoa has left KBR and General Petraus is now in Afghanistan (no longer in charge of CENTCOM). I’m not trying to bash anybody here but if you are going to state facts make sure they are correct.

    • Comment by Keven Barnes:

      Dear Too Big,

      It doesn’t matter who is in charge of KBR or EODT or DCMA. The “stats are the Stats” and it doesn’t change that fact that I believe really we are not looking at 8 – 20 per week but a far higher number and whoever the 4-star is needs, and should have done it already and that is to arm these women by directing DCMA. Did I say there was a suspension of the sexual assault when those 2 names were in. No, this is another DoD pattern of failure that has gone on since 2003 and is continuing to this day at that weekly rate, which is more like 80 – 150 per week throughout the Theaters of Africa, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, — well you got the picture. Those 2 are guilty for not acting or asking for the real remedy. A weapon and 2 or 3 clips per woman. These ladies will let us know in “stats” of body bags if they are getting a handle on the situation. Gates has failed, All the 4-Stars have failed and DCMA has failed. The LOGCAP are just pandering and will do whatever they are told because it is a cost-plus contract. The losers are the women who have been denied their right to fight back because like everyone in a poor economy. They can help their families at home. Those doubters up there expressing their opinion that these women will freeze up or not be able to hit their targets. I believe they will have some fine shot groupings and they will rack up some of their own body counts. Well Petraeus, what is your problem on this one ? General Petraeus, basically you have failed on this part of the war and all the PSDs and MPs running around are not going to defend these women. I have it right. If those clowns never wrote a memo to get these women armed and there was just one week of incidents on their watch – I have the names right – I am right on the bulls-eye. A clip per guy – empty it out and find the other guy and by the time she get ready to take out the other one or 2, she will be just getting her shot groupings down. This is the best answer to a systemic problem – body bags.

      • Comment by Not Bucca:

        In regards to arming females, I think we all need to take a collective breath and think “what if”; what if the hundreds of times that some Billeting or O&M Expat/TCN walks into a female or males room because of incompetence, forgetting to knock on the door or whatever, and the female or male blows the TCN/Expat away. Heck, we couldn’t get our driver’s weapons so I think we need to put the arming of females issue to bed for now. It just isn’t practical unless they are outside the wire. I think it’s also important to make mention that the e-mail sent out by the LTC was mostly legit however, at the time there was talk of someone doctoring up the message and the part of the sexual assault ratio and that was acknowledged by command staff at the time (someone may be able to shed light if I’m right or wrong on this). But, most importantly, in reference to this specific issue, how’s the girl doing? I mean she was beaten into pulp and must be traumatized for life and may never mentally recover. How is she doing? How are all the other females in Iraq, past and present doing? Just look at all the Billeting Managers who have been fired for sexual type flagrancies of walking into females rooms, key control (lack of), harassing females and trying to get something in exchange for “favors” like putting a female in a place closer to work, with a shower etc. Who remembers the C Sites incident and the G Site Billeting Mgr, going through girls rooms and masturbating while the girls were away from the room. They found a freaking Vaseline jar in his room. Was he fired? I doubt. Maybe all the females should take a class action suit against the company because I’m sure there are volumes and volumes of documents from ER/HR detailing complaints made by people that went unheard or thrown out because it was “he said-she said” .

        • Comment by Keven Barnes:

          Poor excuse not to arm these women. The same proximity locks can be programed that the idiot who walks into the women’s shower could be used to keep him from getting his ass blown off.

          DCMA need to procure these and it could eliminate the target appearing in the first place. But for those who do want to be targets (and ladies, just treat them like a target) There is not excuse in this technological age where there are secure rooms not to treat these women as an equal to Classified documents. Cipher-locks, and the IT system that goes along with it. The back-up on failure of that system is what has been protecting American since our inception – guns. Let them have their equalizers. Train them to identify if the threat needs to be killed or not. Make them proficient and deadly. The problem is the 100 – 200 incidents per week that are probably giving these women their own extra dimension of PTSD that men don’t face. Maybe, even when they get back to civilian life in the States, they will carry that extra skill with them and it will pay off to protect them. Right now, there are 4-Star Generals with there heads buried and ignoring these women. Send in Rolling Stone Magazine to ask why the provision is there and they ( who are equally responsible ) are sitting on their asses when the answer is available to these women under the 2nd Amendment in the States and on the bases under “Arming the Contractor” in the Prime Contract. I am sure these women are going to be responsible shooters and will hit their targets. I have seen women, right along with fumbling men manage clip changes blind-folded in an hour of practice. There are no good arguments to leaving these women without personal firearm protection – except good old fashion ignorance. – Are you British by the way where the citizens stood by and were disarmed without a whimper? Just wondering.

          • Comment by Not Bucca:

            I’m all for arming the OCONUS “workforce” not just females. That’s been a mantra since the beginning back in 03 but I realize you better watch what you ask for. Most of thes idiots, male and female would probably go postal. Maybe we need you back in the saddle and approve it. Besides, we are talking about a female who was assaulted while she slept. The guy tried to kill her so if she had her sidearm on the night stand I’m sure he would have used it after he was done with her instead of the stangulation. Got to love the Brits, though

            • Comment by Keven Barnes:

              Hello NOT Bucca,

              You are a bit naive’ aren’t you and you didn’t read everything I wrote.

              I said proximity locks on all the women’s rooms and lockers. and deadbolts. She would have then had enough warning to make a cup of coffee and wait for him to break in and then empty the clip into his body.

              Also, allow the women to go to the range 3 times a week and fire 100 rounds at each session. Mandatory clip change practice so they can change a clip in 2/10th of a second and pump the other clip into the perps buddy.

              The women should be seen coming and going from the range with their targets in hand.

              BODYBAGS not bucca. That will end the rapes.

              Pile those body bags near the DFAC until they can drag them off-base. That will be an effective deterrent.

              Arm them up and give them lots of clips. I am waiting for a few of these ladies to bag some jerk-offs with some big knives. Don’t let them live ladies. If you have to go defend yourself, make sure that threat is no longer moving. Send a message to the commander of the base that you would rather use a gun, but a knife will do too.

              Send a requisition in for 5 body bags and then dare the stupid ones to try their luck.

              Got it now not Bucca?

        • Comment by deadNurtracks:

          Thank you Mr. Barns! I could not begin to say it better. But just putting my own spin on it. Ms. Sparky (as usual) was quick to establish the MOST important points to be considered. First, before issuing anyone a 9mm or a knife for protection, thorough training is key. Second, but just as important, Ms Sparky touched on the human aspect. No normal person would ever enjoy taking a human life. But if a deployed female has to unload on one of these sexual assaulting scumbags out of self-defense, the trauma of why they had to do it would likely be bad in itself. Having said that, there is no excuse for the lack of, or as Mr. Barns put it, the failure to arm these would-be victim, and give them the basic ability to protect themselves. The whole idea that these protection measures are not being enforced is a disgrace. This way of thinking is no different for any other gun carrying citizen, soldier, MP or law enforcement personnel. The good soldiers and police are obviously not protecting the victims, nor are they adequately staffed to do so. Often times, they can’t do a whole lot after the fact either, especially when the assailant has yet to be identified. So what gives? I ask a sincere question, since I’m still sitting here with my mouth open regarding those whapping stats in previous posts. 18-20 per week? And that’s just one slice of the population? No doubt that number is grossly under captured and understated? I’m shocked those stats actually made their way into the light. This makes me suspect a WHOLE LOT worse. And it’s not been covered much on the news. Just saying, it seems that everyone likes a scandal these days, so somebody’s got to be clocking some serious OT on damage control… right? To you “BUCCA”, you indicated that we all need to calm down and take a breath, as if you don’t think the punishment could possibly fit the crime. Well, how often do those creeps get away with these assaults, year after year, and actually get caught? Rarely. When they do, they get a slap on the wrist, or worse, they get off Scott free because the truth is too hard for all concerned? And you, “unidentified”, appear to be just a bit prematurely concerned about females possibly not having weapons training, suggesting that female victims would most certainly lack an average ability to shoot straight at their assailants. You can’t believe that a woman’s eyeballs are the same ones that a man uses to fire his weapon. Though I do not excuse your attitudes, I don’t blame you either. It’s been engraved into your brains since childhood. Either way, it’s well-known within military law, that the punishment for rape can include death. I agree with that as well. Just because a person does not think that this problem is a big deal and decides to assault another just for kicks, does not mean they should not be shot, bagged, and carried out because that would-be assault victim decides to unload on some creep that walked up on her in the middle of the night before he could wrestle her weapon away. And yes, we woman don’t always help ourselves either. We just magically POP-UP at the top of certain organizations, just as one of these scandals arise, in order to perpetuate a fraud and put a female face next a logo. As if we all don’t see through that crap?? AS if we don’t realize that you likely would have never got that job, no matter how qualified you were, if not for the fact that they need a female in the pictures. But to those that don’t want woman packing a piece, or don’t think this problem is a gross epidemic, you probably feel really small on the inside, and a need to control others. You are in either one of two categories. You would either commit sexual assaults on others if you could summon the guts, or you would be more than willing to cover them up. To you, this entire problem and this discussion is just an inconvenience for you to bother with or ponder. You hate women & take every opportunity to take them down a notch. You disregard them as unimportant. You probably would not have read half of this; aside from the possibility that the victims actually having a means of protection actually struck a cord. I bet you could not believe that the previous reference to the General Order, showing that the policy is already in black and white, and only creeps like you insist on trying to stand in the way. So they can’t drink over there, but they can get raped?? That sounds about right. I would even be willing to bet that if we all had to qualify with a weapon in order to land those Jobs, you would have a lot more females working in these male dominated fields. You have to remember that most of those females have actually served in the military and know how to hit a target just fine with a little refresher training. And also, it is very irresponsible for certain entities to be bringing in random blokes, who could have not possibly been vetted, because half the countries they come from don’t even attempt to afford rights to woman in the first place. What are rights, they say? Also, you fail to realize that being sexually assaulted is just as bad as or worse than being murdered. The idea that a potential victim is so unimportant, and their life so insignificant, that some creep thinks it’s totally OK to physically impose this brand of hatred on another…does not phase you. It totally escapes you . The only thing that you WILL believe is a very tight shot group to a couple of would-be perpetrators, as the good Mr. Barns so eloquently pointed out. You may not have committed this offense yourself, but perhaps if this offender at-large was to roll-up on you, at some place like FOB Shank…and attempt to Sexually assaulted you, then maybe you will get it. Ponder that! And do a little research and you will see that it’s not an unheard of possibility.

  29. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    Someone from Iraq just sent me an anonymous email stating the Army CID has reopened (the once closed) criminal investigation into the alleged evidence tampering by KBR Security Officers in the Anna Mayo rape case.

    Due to the fact I am not on the email distribution list for all the Army CID updates there is not way to confirm that.

    What I can say it I sent my report to everyone I could think of including Army CID Commander Brigadier General Colleen L. McGuire.

    I can only hope the Army CID has reopened this investigation. If the CID finds there was in fact evidence tampering, I hope they take it all the way to the top including Ron Allen and Kenly Nifong. I hope the DoJ actually files charges.

    And most importantly, I hope this rapist that KBR let get away is found and extradited back to the US to stand trial for his crimes.

    If anyone can confirm this reopened CID investigation let us know. And if you have information regard this crime please come forward. I can help you get in touch with the CID and/or Anna’s attorney.

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