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TENG to perform electrical inspections in Afghanistan

Apparently TENG Associates has been award a US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) contract to perform independent electrical inspections in Afghanistan. TENG will be supplying electrical inspectors to inspect for Task Force POWER.

Below is an excerpt from the Department of Defense Inspector General Report dated July 24, 2009.

On June 29, 2009, CENTCOM stated that Task Force POWER continues their comprehensive inspection of existing facilities. The initial inspection team includes an organization of 116 personnel (including eight engineers, three master electricians, 72 subject matter experts/electrical inspectors, and 33 support personnel). After the initial inspection is complete, these personnel will transform into the continued inspection staff of 42 personnel. Once initial inspections are completed and results analyzed, requirements for funding, materials, and manpower will be requested.

This meter is reading 231 VAC from the water supply line of a small bathroom water heater to ground. That will clearly kill you in the shower!

This meter is reading 231 VAC from the water supply line of a small bathroom water heater to ground. That will clearly kill you in the shower! This is a 240/400 VAC system in Iraq

If I recall correctly KBR started performing inspections for Task Force POWER earlier this year. If that’s not a classic example of the “fox watchin’ the hen house” I don’t know what is!

TENG and Task Force POWER will be the Afghanistan counterpart to Stanley Baker Hill (SBH) and Task Force SAFE in Iraq. TENG is expected to start deploying inspectors to Afghanistan in January 2010.

I have known about this for a couple of weeks and have asked TENG for a statement but as of today, they haven’t responded.

As of yet I’m not sure who will be the driving force for Task Force POWER.  I don’t know if the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) and USACE will have a structure similar to what they have in Iraq.

I do hope TENG will learn from the management mistakes made by SBH  in Iraq and improve on them.

I have started “Task Force POWER” and “TENG & Assoc” categories. I will keep you posted as I learn more. If you have any information on Task Force POWER or TENG & Associates in Afghanistan let me know.

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by BCBoy:

    I am considering applying with AECOM for an electricians position in Afghanistan and would greatly appreciate corresponding with anyone working for them in Afghanistan.Thanks

  2. Comment by Teng Inspector:

    Miss Sparky you have got to call someone about Teng in Astan. I have worked all over the world and this has to be the most effed up company I have ever worked for in my life. I didn’t work in Iraq so I can’t compare them to Task Force Safe which I heard was pretty well messed up. These guys Teng has here are idiots. They don’t have an effing clue what they are doing. What a waste of tax dollars and we are doing nothing to protect the soldiers from electrocution.

    Just venting now. Not sure how much more of this BS I can take please send me the info for Task Force Safe in Iraq.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I’ve been getting quite a few complaints in the last month or so about Teng. Some from employees some from on-lookers. I was kind of hoping it was just start pains on Teng’s part and was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. But I’m thinking they are in way over their heads. That’s too bad.

    • Comment by Name Not Given:

      I have to agree, i am surprised that everyone has not been hauled in front of congress yet. what is worse; the wiring thats present in AFG or the fact that Teng cannot report it correctly? if senior management took a few minutes to listen to the electricians in the field versus hiring some dumba** that thinks he was appointed by the queen, our warfighters would be much safer. If KBR fired a “Black” (please note this has nothing to do about race, those that read this post should understand exactly what i mean) because he was too stupid, why did Teng hire him?

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        Yes…. his last name is Black. Personally, I don’t know if he’s “black”, “white” or “none of the above”. To me it doesn’t matter. Protecting soldiers and civilians from electrical hazards is his job. If he’s not doing it he needs to be FIRED!

  3. Comment by Teng Inspector:

    Also isn’t it fraud to fill out time sheets and sign them in advance. When you go to work for Teng you get time sheets already filled out in advance till the end of June. How in the hell do they know what hours will be worked till the end of June. WTF! They are acting like this is their first effing government job anywhere!

    Will send more later.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Well yes it is. The last I heard is you could not fill in your time sheet until the end of each shift. But that was for a cost reimbursable contract such as KBR’s. Does anyone know if Teng’s contract with USACE is a cost reimbursable or fixed price contract?

      • Comment by sail:

        It does not matter what type of contract it is – filling out timesheets in advance is the samething as fraud. As soon as DCAA does a floor check and finds them doing this they will get busted.

        • Comment by sail:

          DCAA Contract Audit Manual section 5.909 States the following f.
          “Direct labor employees record their time no less often than daily.”

        • Comment by Ms Sparky:

          It does matter. If Teng is not being reimbursed for labor because it is a fixed bid contract and they are being paid a specific amount for a specific job then they won’t be submitting labor cost for reimbursement. I seriously doubt this is the case, but because I have not seen their contract yet I am not willing to completely rule it out. But….because I am willing to bet this is in fact a cost reimbursable contract……CALLING ALL DCAA to do a floor check on Teng in Afghanistan!

          This is such a rookie mistake one has to wonder if this is their first government job.

          • Comment by sail:

            Actually, the type of contract does not effect the way that time is to be recorded. Only the way the payments are made and the amount of detail that is submitted with that invoice.

            All contractors – and TENG has had US Government contracts since 1992 that I have found – must have a COMPLIANT time keeping systems. This includes as stated in the DCAA Audit Manual and quoted above ‘Direct Labor employee record their time NO LESS OFTEN than daily.’ The definition of a Direct Labor Employee is any employee whos time is charged to one or more Government Contracts (note it does not say Cost Reimbursable Government Contracts).

            Additionally, contractor can not have multiple time charging processes – especially if they have multiple contracts.They must have ONE consistent process to record all time. Contractors under go required annual audits – there time charging system is one of them. “The primary objective of a labor cost charging and allocation evaluation is to determine the accuracy of contractor employee (salaried and hourly) labor hour charges to contracts, indirect accounts, or other cost objectives” DCAA Contract Audit Manual Chapter 6. A fixed price contract is definately a cost objective.

            There are many potentials for fraud here. As neither of us has seen the contract – (I was unable to even find a copy of the soliciation for this contract.) The contract may actually require a minimum number of inspectors be on site. By collecting these time sheets in advance they could say oh we had them see. As you previously reported Blackwater is having to pay the Government back for Over charging on one of their FFP DOS contracts because they could not prove that they actually had the minimum number of staff required on site.

            Or suppose one of these employees is transfered to another project – or even to an indirect position – but is still being paid on the Time Sheets that were submitted in advance. This would result in the costs being recorded against the wrong cost objective or even worse – they could fill out another set of time sheets and the costs could potentially even show up twice – even though he was only paid once.

  4. Comment by TF Safe inspector:

    I worked as an Inspector for Task Force Safe and I would be interested in working for Teng as an inspector for Task Force Power and get the job done correctly. But I cant find any info on any positions, I have contacted HR dept but have had nothing back.
    With my experience you would think they would be interested I have seen all the horrors and know the fixes

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I commend you for wanting to make a difference in A-stan, but I recommend you stay with TFS as long as you can. Teng is reportedly very very very unorganized in Afghanistan, there is no medical insurance, the wages are significantly less and you sleep in a 200 man tent with TCN’s.

      One would think with your TFS experience they would just snatch you right up. But, the simple fact that you work for TFS now could be the problem. You could be too experienced and knowledgeable about how things are done. That seems to be a point of contention.

  5. Comment by Anon:

    TFS and TFP good luck, what you guys are trying to do is convince a race car driver into changing a flat while still driving on the autobahn.

    I think we all know Afghanistan is not Kansas. The middle east and south central asia are not exactly the easiest place to operate. Those who are used to KBR and Fluor style operations with radio, networks and running water (more or less) waiting for you when you show up in theater should ask around about how hard it was to build the camps everybody thinks are so shabby. Teng, and all the other new kids on the block are all rookies to the remote deployed locations compared to the people who actually built those camps. The learning curve is going to be steep and some are going to fail. The proof of the pudding is in the eating; and believe me these companies may have won a lot of contracts but some of these new guys and girls have no clue what it takes to stay there and get it done.

    Second, the Quality Assurance and Construction Inspection functions that should be performed by the Gov is being performed by Contractors. Hiring contractors to monitor contractors is that any different than the so called internal controls required by the Prime contractors? We all see how that worked out. Oh wait that’s how we got to the present electrical nightmare (sarcasm). What a mess…

  6. Comment by TFP Inspector:

    Teng is more than disorganized, they have proven to be utterly incompetent in getting the project off the ground. Signing on with Teng has proven to be a very expensive mistake on my part.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I am very sorry to hear that. I know we desperately need the expertise of our best electrical inspectors in Afghanistan. I’ve gotten nothing but complaints from TENG inspectors. Where is USACE in all this? Can they not see there is a huge problem?

      If you can provide any accurate specifics that won’t point the finger at you and jeopardize your job (if you are still there) would be great. Go ahead and name names. These companies have a knack for hiding the issues from the client and then telling them “Everything is A-OK! We are right on schedule!”

  7. Comment by Bill:

    can anybody give me information on Teng, I might be working for them in afganistan?

    Thanks, Bill in Chicago

  8. Comment by Anon:

    Have you heard that William Black, former DPM-E for KBR, has been hired by Teng/Task Force Power as the new theater PM? Conflict of interest?

    • Comment by Anon:

      …. and he is now bringing all of his KBR buddies over to run the show for Teng. This has bad news written all over it.

      • Comment by thesilentone:

        Care to prove that statement?

        Let me guess, you were not hired………

        William Black was the best one in the KBR electrical dept. He always told the truth and he actually is a British Master Electrician.

        • Comment by Anon:

          Actually I can.

          And whether or not I was hired is really none of your concern.

          I am not sure why you felt the need to verify his credentials, since I never questioned them. Seems as though you may have some vested interest here to me.

          • Comment by ANON:

            All Billy does is give us the daily brow beating everyday and chases the female admins his “angels”. Another winner of a Teng management choice. And it is simply a fact that he as surrounded himself with all his old KBR cronies and yes men.

        • Comment by ANON2:

          William “Billy” Black is the most incompetent electrician in theater and all of us here at Teng know it, with the exception of the corrupt executives in Chicago that have never even set foot out here and don’t care what happens because they’ve got a cost+ contract.

          The longer it takes to do the work, the better for Teng, and the better for Mr. Black, and that’s exactly why he is in charge.

          Mr. Black is lazy, abusive, does not follow proper procedures, DOD, corporate, TF POWER, USACE, or otherwise, and is frankly unsafe. He is motivated by his existing relationships with the O&M providers and protecting his own job security in LOGCAP, soldier safety is maybe in a footnote somewhere.

          He breaks up inspection teams and shifts people around so he has people loyal to himself distributed everywhere in theatre. He has late-night brainstorming sessions on how to get people that aren’t loyal to him fired and cover up suspicious activities that he’s continuously involved in. He has “spies” everywhere. For example if something happens at the headquarters at NKC (like a complaint regarding him, a report of an unsafe condition, whatever), Tonya Hannah, a former KBR employee that he had Teng hire, will make sure he gets a secret email bringing him up to speed in an hour so he can take preemptive action.

          Whenever he comes to talk with someone that isn’t loyal to him, he brings a buddy along with him, like some mob-style intimidation tactic. He is constantly engaged in personal attacks and slander, making up just outright lies about people. He lies about things they have said or done, makes up stories about drinking alcohol or having porn on their computer to try and create a justification to have them “investigated” and actions taken against them.

          Through backstabbing and various other political maneuvering, he has managed to get a long string of the best people we had out here fired. Two project managers, our safety guy, our only two IT personnel, and one of our best American master electricians, among others.

          Teng spent hundreds of thousands bringing in a new software expert to develop a new inspection system that allowed us to do 3-5 times as much work. Billy had been brainstorming ideas for months to get rid of the guy and sabotage this new system because it was going to put a huge spotlight on his job performance. Not only on him, but all his buddies in theater. People would no longer have been able to get away with not fully inspecting buildings and it would have revealed which inspectors are working and which ones aren’t… and Billy’s KBR buddies are the one’s that aren’t. He protects and shields them from scrutinization, their reward for loyalty. Within just weeks of this new system being implemented Billy won and had the IT guy fired based on some made up b.s. story. At first we were told that we’d still be using the new system, but that has since been abandoned (of course). So the US Govt spent hundreds of thousands on the development of a new software system that we aren’t even using? Teng is probably using it for one of its US-based projects instead, funded by the taxpayers. Can anybody say fraud?

          Numerous HR complaints have been filed against Mr. Black but Teng corporate in Chicago sweeps this under the rug and does nothing. By policy we are supposed to have HR representation out here but do not. If you file a complaint against Mr. Black, expect to be fired within a few weeks or 1-2 months tops. If the engineers weren’t such lazy worthless boobs I would actually feel sorry for them. When someone gets killed (probably just a matter of time), they will be the ones hauled before congress. Mr. Black will sit back, shrug his shoulders, and get picked up by the next cost+ company.

          Mr. Black is a British/Irish national that is not eligible to hold a security clearance, yet has access to secret-level information. He’s not an engineer, yet he is in charge out here. Our PM is just a figurehead that bows down to him. He is an incompetent electrician and couldn’t do field work if his life depended on it. We American electricians know the British code better than he does! Mr. Black is paid well over $350,000

          Given all the drama, safety hazards, suspicious activity, and blatant conflict of interest in having Mr. Black here, the big question is, why is he here? I figure he must have naked pictures of someone.

          • Comment by TIred:

            So true, wow you hit the nail on the head. Black is a fool, and he has all the guys in Chicago fooled. wait till the gov gets a hold of all this info. All he cares about are his lil admins that kisses his ass and the other brits LOL Teng was crazy for hiring this idiot.

          • Comment by Ms Sparky:

            Well that about says it all. I recommend you contact the DODIG, the Commission on Wartime Contracting and the USACE contracting officer as soon as you can.

          • Comment by Been There:

            You could insert almost any KBR manager’s name in that description. The only requirement to be a manager at KBR is 6 toes because they can count to twelve and that makes ‘em better at cipherin’.

          • Comment by next b-hut:

            you forgot the part about billy sleeping with anna miles… but hes at nkc now, so tonya has prolly got him covered for the time being

  9. Comment by TFP Inspector:

    Hey Anon hows those “twins” coming along. Keep up the good work.

    • Comment by Fueling The Fire:

      This comment section was just starting to get good. Either Anon has gone home or that “twins” comment hit a little close to home. Go CHELSEA!

  10. Comment by Creaven Moorehead:

    i dont know what is worst, the half wit brits that think they invented the wheel or the over paid huein union lackies. We need more ex KBR and Fluor personel to straighten these guys out.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      You can’t be serious! Granted KBR had some awesome electricians, many of whom were union. But your arrogance and attitude towards the inspectors is going to get someone killed! If you’re that good then apply to TENG and set everyone straight!

      • Comment by Creaven Moorehead:

        you are right ms sparky i did make some comnets with out thinking the union lackies are not to bad i did apply for teng but they said i was not british enough

        • Comment by Ms Sparky:

          Isn’t KBR’s William Black running things for TENG now?

          • Comment by Chicago area buzz:

            You are correct Ms Sparky, regrettably BB is in charge. As for Mr. Moorehead, the Huen people had to pass the ICC (International Code Council) test to even be considered. I worked with “Masters” from Tennessee who were in Iraq. They would not know a 3 phase panel if they were looking at it. ANON2 said it all.

            • Comment by Ms Sparky:

              I am very disturbed!! I got countless complaints from SBH inspectors on Task Force SAFE in Iraq, drive by inspections, letting things slide, pencil whipping! Just made me crazy because the lives of soldiers and civilians were/are at stake. Different company same crap!

              Personally I don’t even know how TENG got the contract. There’s a rumor running round they have been sold. I don’t know how true that is. I was really surprised when they picked up William Black. He has ties to both KBR and Fluor, possibly Dyncorp for all we know. To me that just wreaks of favoritism and quid pro quo.

              I’m angry the DoD and TENG doesn’t take these inspections more seriously. How many electrocutions have there been in Afghanistan?

              • Comment by Chicago area buzz:

                For the most part most of the inspectors do take their job seriously and are doing their best. But as in any society you will have a few bad apples. Then you have a system that limits inspectors according to what is an immediate LHS. Even tough it is wrong is it an immediate LHS?
                Keep in mind that the O&M contractors have maybe 20% of Americans actually doing the electrical work and repairs. Even though American tax payers are footing the bill. Of that 20% they are slowly weeding out some very good and qualified union electricians.
                Then you have an “Afghan First” policy which ends up hiring contractors from other countries. They do not have the same electrical standards as in the USA or the UK. So you need to hire contractors that have qualified people and are experienced with NEC and/or the British Standard and the materials used.
                In the past what has happened is that they in turn hire Afghans. Which I am all for helping the Afghan people, but they need proper supervision and on the job training. But most of them are not getting that. They deserve the chance to be taught how to install an electrical system correctly. If we are not going to teach them then we are not helping them.
                Yes foreign workers are cheaper than American workers. But the Americans have to pay taxes on their wages and they send the money home to the USA.
                Then there could also be a chance as you stated,”ties to both KBR and Fluor, possibly Dyncorp for all we know. To me that just wreaks of favoritism and quid pro quo.”

    • Comment by Brotherhoodman:

      Or could it be the half wit Americans, both nations have there half wits…you only want KBR good electricians.Not anyone that was near or to do with KBR HQ electrical or higher manangement, look at all the useless training,trackers and the useless conference calls we all had to endure, that was only justifying the HQ crew’s existance, don’t forget all the useless information that used to come out of HQ, so is Teng now KBR in disguise, i think so…..there are good inspectors and bad inspectors, it is just a shame the Teng management, cannot or will not get rid of the bad…they just get rid of the good, because the bad are in the KBR HQ team.

  11. Comment by 1st Grader:

    Hey Creaven,
    There is something called “Spell Check” you should learn how to use it before you make any more comments. UK ALL THE WAY!

  12. Comment by foy roberson:

    Hi guys
    after my experince in Kandanhar I quickly found out that the inspectors and the COR and POR are in the same boat they are using ce rated material and don’t even have the spec. sheets on any of it untill it’s time to turn over then thay think they can try to cover there tracks and blame the electrical supervisor. Acording to there ‘SOW’S’ they the contractor should have one US electrician per five TCN’s I had five buldings and apx. eighty TCN’s and then the COR and the POR decided that they would turn me in and get my license (to no consern to me)I have gone thru my congress man and have a complaint with DoD with problem and I hope they don’t kill anyone buy the time it get’s resloved. Thanks

  13. Comment by foy roberson:

    Also while I was there the Corps Did’n have any inspectors there they tried to hire me to supervise and inspect there locations

  14. Comment by B:

    I am doing research on former Gov Blagojevich and found Teng. A subsequent search on Teng led me here, very interesting stuff, but not a surprise. As a random third party I just wanted to say, what did all of you expect? Teng was Gov Blago’s #1 contributor. Not #2, not #5, not #10, #1!!! And by a rather significant margin. And when Teng’s president/owner, Ivan Dvorak, was asked about this, his response was basically, “uh, yeah, duh, of course we gave him money, in return he awarded us govt contracts.” This seems to be how business is done in Chicago period, but that doesn’t make it right or change the fact of what Teng is.

    I suspect Teng’s success is almost entirely the result of political grafts. Who’s in the white house right now? Who is the new mayor of Chicago? Based on the definition of insanity I will have to say you’re all crazy for expecting anything different from Teng in Afghanistan. Sounds like the same company I’m reading about in all these other stories.

  15. Comment by foy roberson:

    I have come to realize that this site is just a bitch session and probaly worthless. Knowbody has any ball’s to turn anybody in. thanks for your time and you will not here for me any more

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Sure this is a place for people to vent and share information. Do you actually think for one minute if I get any information about fraud, waste and abuse, crimes or contract violations that I don’t forward it to investigative committees, oversight agencies, the DODIG, CID, NCIS or all of the above. Seriously! You really think that?

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        I have to share this email response I got from Foy Roberson on this comment. I think it speaks (screams) for itself.

        Yes I do
        I have wrote to my congressman that is on the armed service commity and I think these people that
        feed your site are just venting. Thank god that they the mil in Afghanistan have droped the
        union electrician’s and I hope that all of the UN solders are ok
        PS please drop me from your site

  16. Comment by Kennymac:

    Trying to get in touch with Teng in Afghanistan, is there a number available to reach them direct in country?

  17. Comment by TFP Inspector:

    All a bunch of no good losers. These comments are blown way out of proportion and most of it is made up bullcrap, just like little babies cry cry cry when they dont get what they want. I will say this things are not perfect but things have improved a hell of alot since BB arrived, I do believe that Chiacgo has alot to answer for especially now with the new contract. To the guys saying conflict of intrests BB working for KBR so do 3/4 of the company so is that a conflict of intrest as well? and no they where not all brought on by BB they were here before he turned up. Did you ever think they might have been hired on because they had previous LOGCAP / Middle east experiance. To the jerk who made the comment about union guys As a non union electrician i have to say that Teng have got some mighty fine union guys but they got some real dumbasses as well. They have got a few brits i dont understand why they are getting shit on this site they are just here to make a buck and to take care off our troops like we are, as i said at the top exacerated bullcrap. Just like FOX news dont believe everything you see or hear, or in this case read!! Ms Sparky 2 things do you know if there is any law on a company having to pay an employee for their R&R. Teng are holding back the 11days R&R payment until the end of the contract and classing it as a bonus although you have to be in good standing with the company to receive it, also if we were to dmob they have stated that we will not get paid for the time it takes us to go through Kuwait to drop of our body armor then fly back to the UDC (Huntsville). They will only pay us for the 2 hours at the UDC. It does not seem right as this process could take 3-4 days from Afghan-Kuwait- UDC. Not sure if this makes a difference but its a fixed price contract. Thanks Ms Sparky

    • Comment by Another Inspector:

      Is LOGCAP experience even a good thing, considering that’s what we’re finding fault with?

      I agree there are a lot of good folks that had previous LOGCAP / Middle East experience, I like to think I’m one, but you haven’t said one thing that refutes the matter-of-fact behavior of Teng and management like Billy.

      How did this whole project even start to begin with, why are we here? Because a green beret, along with some other troops, got killed in Iraq. Who was responsible for that? KBR! Who was in management at KBR during that time? William Black! Billy was involved in all that, he was one of the people responsible for those deaths and covering up KBR involvement.

      How ass backwards is it that the guy who messed up the power systems to begin with would then be rewarded and paid even more money to manage the process of inspecting them up to code? The whole point of TFPOWER and Teng is congressional oversight. Congress passed a mandate wanting independent verification of O&M work. And to lead that effort they hire not only the guy that helped mess up the systems to begin with, but a man that is in bed with the O&M contractors.

      The issue isn’t with electricians with LOGCAP experience, it’s with the management and how things are being run. It goes against the whole point of us being here.

      And you talk about losers? Whos a loser? If we’re losers, well, we’re working on the same project buddy. I’ll tell you who the losers are. The US military and the taxpayers! How much is being spent on just Teng’s contract, not even including TFPOWER at large? Just Teng? I’ve heard about 100 million. It is said that this project is worth more to Teng than all of its other projects combined. People back home are starving, we’re looking at a 1.7 trillion deficit for just this year. WTF are we doing out here? Look how ineficient our work is. We do 1/3 or 1/4 of as much work as we could be doing in the same amount of time… and all the people that wanted to fix this were fired and/or silenced. Because it’s a cost+ contract, the longer things take, the better for Teng. And even with the work we do, most of it is frankly pointless. The LSSs are what really matter. Probably 80% of the deficiences we find are insignificant trivial nonesense that you could find in most homes in the USA. But it’s technically against the NEC, so we flash it.

      How many people have died from the electrical systems in Afghanistan? Zero! How many years was this war going on before Teng showed up and started inspecting? 8, years before Iraq even became a war.

      So, come on, lets get real. Nobody can claim it’s thanks to us that nobody has been killed so far. Frankly, we’re just plain lucky nobody has gotten electrocuted since the build up.

      But what is the cost? TFPOWER costs who knows how much. Teng by itself is about 100 million. When you break it down by truly dangerous life threatening deficiencies, not all flashes, but the ones we electricians would actually fix if we found it in our own house, taxpayers are spending what, like $50,000 on each problem we find? Maybe more! Whereas an electrician in the states would cost a couple hundred to FIND & FIX the same problem! The argument could also be made that we’re endangering more lives than we’re even saving. Teng + TFPOWER, we’re putting hundreds of additional people in harms way because we “might” prevent one or two others from getting electrocuted? And the taxpayers are spending hundreds of millions for this? Yeah, that is rationale.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like being here and having a job and making several times what I could back in the states. And I think there is a legitimate reason for us to be here, but it’s just all out of proportion. You could basically get rid of all our management, all the engineers, all the CAD guys, cut the number of inspectors in half, and we could have blitzed the truly critical areas, the LSSs, inspecting and repairing at the same time, and the whole process would have been done in a matter of months for probably a tenth (or less) the cost with the exact same practical end result. I know the new contract trims some of the fat, but the big problems are all still there. Same song, different verse.

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        Awesome comment. I agree with you about %99.99999. I agree wholeheartedly that Bill Black is a huge problem and should never have been hired by TENG. TENG was and still is too inexperienced to do this work. I’m not even sure how they got the contract. Yes we are wasting 100’s of millions. The only thing I disagree with you on is:

        Teng + TFPOWER, we’re putting hundreds of additional people in harms way because we “might” prevent one or two others from getting electrocuted? And the taxpayers are spending hundreds of millions for this?

        First, our troops shouldn’t be in Afghanistan and we should bring them home. But they are and we need to support them. The Army has chosen to use O&M Contractors like KBR, Fluor and Dyncorp to do this work. There was nearly 8 years of NO oversight of these contractors. That’s the Army’s fault. Unfortunately soldiers and civilians have died because due to electrical shock. Very sad. These same soldiers and civilians could have died via a mortar or suicide bomber, but they didn’t. As an electrician I feel that one electrocution death or chock injury is one too many. We have an obligation to make sure the O&M work is done correctly. Yes, it costs too much. Yes, this oversight is virtually non existent. Yes, TENG is not qualified. The Army’s head is on the block for that. But I believe that as long as we have one soldier or civilian serving the US in Afghanistan then we should do what is necessary to provide them with safe living and working conditions. Unfortunately because people are trying to kill in Afghanistan, we have to put people in harms way to do that.

        I appreciate what you do. I appreciate the risk you face to make sure our sons, daughter, mother’s, father’s are not electrocuted. What you are doing now and the standards you are setting may make impact the safety of my grandson who is bound and determined to be a soldier.

        And that Green Beret’s name is SSG Ryan Maseth. I just published a post on their case. His mother, Cheryl Harris is the reason there is even a Task Force SAFE or Task Force POWER at all. She is determined to make sure no other soldier or civilian dies from contractor incompetence.

        Be safe!

        • Comment by FD- Bagramspark:

          I am not been funny but the fact that the very people that installed this stuff are now back out here under a different landyard makes it all a problem. Too much effort is placed in paperwork than it is in getting the job done……there are LHS issues out there that needs fixing…BUT….it takes 2 days to get the material from the stores, 2 days to get approval to do the job and then 2 days to finish the paperwork…..waste of time and effort for a problem i could have just fixed 2 minutes ago?????? If these idiots from KBR had not been re-hired by their buddies at Fluor then the PM’s would find all little deficiencies and we would not be receiving flashes from TENG….Get the PM’s right….get the JOB right….cant be any plainer than that

  18. Comment by FD- Bagramspark:

    I used to smoke bud with Billy Black when we were in KBR HQ at his and WL school of excellence….aaargh the good old days. He blanks me now and doesn’t even reply to my emails. you want some dirt on him, let me know.

  19. Comment by initforabiscuit:

    Im on my way out there. Whats the crack?

  20. Comment by ganga:

    Billy Black Sucks (edited)!!!

    • Comment by Brotherhoodman:

      We all know BB sucks, what is up, everyone out there for Teng are lazy f**ks, who can’t get jobs back home, also most haven’t really done much back home, if you put your mind to it, you can earn as much back home…..with a bit of work….opps BB and his merry men,do not know what work is…..$$$$$$$ wasted each and everyday.

  21. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    Does anyone know if Thomas Koch (Cook) formerly of SBH and Task Force SAFE in Iraq with TENG in Afghanistan now? If not, do you know where he is?

  22. Comment by Lydon:

    The wicked WITCH is GONE and please spread the word. NO MORE BB

    • Comment by BagramSpark:

      So what happened to Billy in the end? its a fall from grace if he has left Teng or has been pushed from Teng. Surely he has been earning $250K PA with KBR in Iraq and then rumours of $350K PA with teng, how much does one man want?? Next he will be applying for Fluor Daniels and Dyncorps, now they surely dont pay that sort of money! Anyone have anything? Dyncorp offered me $124,000 and Fluor $138,000 as a Master. I dont think the money is there anymore like it used to be on Logcap III. Billy wasn’t that bad, just seems Texas is not where the brightest sparks are from and thats why he looked like a superstar.

    • Comment by frosty:

      now now John thats not nice seeing as you had done the least work out off the whole of the task force power in a whole year!!! AS shane deeks had shown mw then they sack me for doing more than you work that out??

  23. Comment by bobby dazzler:

    ive jut stumbled acros this thread , not sure if its a witch hunt or a dig at all uk sparks, if this guy is gone , what did he go for ….pushed jumped resigned retired had enough of people digging at him …whatever it is i dont seem to see any post that give his side of things , if he was that incompetent how did he last so long , how did he get to where he is/was in the company , if he was/is pulling the wool over the americans eyes why are they too stupid to notice…anyone on here care to stick their neck out and spill the beans, even say what they would do to make it right ….probably not…but i thought i`d ask ..yes i am a UK spark and i am looking to go out to the middle east , is it a closed shop for the americans , are we not welcome , are we all stupid …

  24. Comment by sam:

    I get the feeling that all the bad comments against him are from american alleged electricians, I know first hand that 99% of american electricians would be laughed off a real site….back in the uk you guys are known as sparkies mates…do the pipework, pull thru the cables the real sparky prepares for you, raggle walls and drill holes…i have locals that i would sooner trust with an install than any american we have on our site…never have i had the misfortune to work along side so many lazy electricians who like too run their mouths about what jobs they have done, yet ask them to do a simple task and its completly beyond them….stick to bending pipe…the uk is about 30 years ahead when it comes to electrical work….Working here has confirmed 1 mystery to me tho….there is no way america landed on the moon…the laws of physics prevents the tonnage of wire nuts that would be in that rocket from breaking the atmosphere…..

    • Comment by bagramspark:

      We need to look at this NEC V’s BS atmosphere that is created. I have met both tradesmen, (worked for and worked with) from both countries that have impressed me. I listen in to the conference calls with TF POWER in Afghanistan and Dyncorp Have some knowledgable BS standard guys that know and can adopt NEC as well. Paul Craig and Lee Cassell are the project leads for Dyncorp and are both BS7671 trained. They seem to know what they are talking about and then Wayne Lahnam and Joe Tedesco back in the KBR era were fantastic sparks and very knowledgable as was Billy Black. It shows that both countires have some of the best sparks on ground, it’s just the ones that sneak through the net that bring the names down. I have worked with some of teh worst BS electricians who only know how to wire and can not see outside of BS and the same with NEC. We need to learn from each other and work together rather than continue to knock.Some NEC union guys who have paid their dues and come to Logcap with a receipt rather than a license it what is killing it for us all. Can not comment on BS but i think a lot of these guys just lack experience. Both ways can be worked on to make good electricians as long as the foundations are there and they are willing to learn.

      • Comment by NEW YORK:

        Say hello to Mark,TW.and Mike I had the same thing go on when I was there.Our guy started problem with C.H.Breakers and never looked to see it could dial down to 300 Amp.and O&M going crazy with a P1 and he withdrew it before we go off work. than got in trouble when he was caught showing his laptop off too the Afg.helpers security had him back in Bagram in a flash! he must have been sent back to Texas

    • Comment by Joe Paterno:

      Typical comment from a limey.

      Thanks for not capitizing American and proving how petty you are.

      Why don’t you stop taking all that “american” tax money.

      Can someone fire this ahole please.

  25. Comment by Kenny:

    What does Teng look for in a possible canidate? Any suggestions on experiences to add.

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