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KBR and prostitution in Iraq

human traffickingI’ve written about prostitution in Iraq and the involvement of KBR employees many times. It just never seems to go away.

I recently received a comment on another post from a former KBR employee about their personal experience with KBR and prostitution in Iraq.  In talking with another KBR employee on the phone I asked them about this specific camp and was told he had heard a KBR guy from Camp Prosperity (D-2) in the International (Green) Zone had been fired for running prostitutes. Below is the original comment. (It has been  edited slightly for clarity).

To all who don’t believe, well listen to this. I left the army in 2008 after the surge and was asked to join the staff at USMI as an electrician. On the few nights we could call our own we hitched a ride down to Prosperity (across form the NECK) for a little R&R and just hang out with some old bros from the unit I was with. We were sitting at the picnic tables out by the vollyball net when couple of young ladies walked by us . Well right after that this one guy who was with KBR came up and acted like he was our best friend asking all of us if there was something the girls could do for us, like clean our rooms or heat up our mattress. At that moment to his surprise the DPM (Deputy Project Manager) was walking buy and like the idiot this guy was he made him the same offer. I’m not sure what every one else has witnessed but the way the Iraqi nationals and the FN’s are forced to work and live is wrong. As soon as I reported this to my electrical super.( Sam Garcia), I was shipped out and re-assigned to Anaconda where I was warned and wrathed. I was a soldier who fought and was wounded for all people and witnessed first hand the wrong that is inflicted on the people of other countries not just the Iraqis. The Russian ladies are so beautiful as well as the Filipino women, but as married men and women when are they going to learn that they should think with there head and, and not with their crotch. This goes for KBR management for sure . They are the biggest supporter of prostitution in the area of USMI Central. Believe or not!!!

Although I can not confirm this alleged incident, the detail of the comment combined with the confirmation from another camp and the fact that prostitution is very prevalent in Iraq I have no reason to believe this didn’t happen. I want to know, what happened to the KBR employee who was pimping out these women? Most likely Filipino women. Was he transferred? Was he fired? WAS HE ARRESTED? Was this reported to the Army Criminal Investigations Command (CID)? Who was that DPM?

Here is an email I received from a former American KBR DFAC supervisor from FOB Marez in Mosul, Iraq. Again, this is all alleged but there are just too many specifics for me to believe it’s not the truth.  (email has been edited for clarity)

I was in Mosul when they (KBR Subcontractor) brought all of those girls  (over a 100) in from Manila to work in the Marez DFAC and to be secretaries (and more than 90% of them did not have any administrative skills).  I was there when the allegations of rape, and prostitution arose and the military launched a big investigation. I was there when they (KBR) manhandled and dragged a KBR employee out of the DFAC because a girl from Manila said she was forced to have sex with him.  Then the (DFAC) Subcontractor made me interview every single girl that worked for the subcontractor, KBR was aware of this, they made me conduct interviews and ask if any one was raped or forced to do things they did not want to sexually and physically.  I was not skilled or had any training to do this.  If I look I bet I can find the notes because I kept them.

Do you know how long I have held this in, because we are told we can not talk to anyone or we will get fired.  I remember that girls would disappear, sometimes for 2-3 weeks or longer.  I was really close with this particular (Filipino) girl named (name removed) and she disappeared for about 6 weeks I kept asking for her and no one would answer.  Then she came back to camp and she was never the same, when I say the same her lively hood had been taken out of her.  I kept asking her what was wrong.  She finally told me that when they disappear it is because they are pregnant and they want to go home and have their babies (a baby with American blood) instead they are taken into the city Mosul or Turkey to a house and held or guarded by men that live in the house, kept locked in a room and then forced to have an abortion and held there until cleared by the doctor or person that performed the abortion.

Prostitution is illegal in Iraq, is a violation of General Order 1 and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 52.222-50  Combating Trafficking in Persons .

So I ask again…”Were there any arrests?” Helloooooo out there. Is anybody listening? I can just about guarantee that there are active prostitution rings at every camp that has foreign national females. Also many foreign national men are being “pimped out” as well. And the majority of the pimps are going to be their KBR supervisors and the supervisors for the labor subcontractors  (slave brokers) who brought them into the country.

I have been hearing rumblings of prostitution issues at Camp Taji and Camp Victory as well. I have a suggestion for KBR. When they discover a KBR employee is running a prostitution business exploiting foreign national workers, that employee needs to be fired and turned over to the MP’s and hopefully the CID will initiate a criminal investigation. Then fire the the “pimps”  managers for the next two levels up. If they did know about the prostitution business and did nothing they are accomplices and should be turned over the the MP’s as well. If they knew nothing about the business they are ineffective idiots and should be asked “window or isle….chicken or pasta?” and take them to the airport.

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  1. Comment by u heard me:

    well, i must say. I know for a fact that there was as probably still is trafficking at D2 especially the Iraqies. a site mgr that has been moved for stealing MWR equipment is still a site mgr at Stryker. but, needless to say him and other condoned the trafficking. and nothing was ever done except a transfer to another site. when it came out that D2, had a prositution ring, it was setup right outside the main checkpoint where the majority of the firefighters, FN and SCW’s stayed.

    Ms Sparky’s Response:
    Yes, I heard you. I sent you an email to the email you provided asking some more questions. I would like to know more specifics about this particular incident. You can email me by clicking on the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page.

  2. Comment by mb1492:

    my question is why hasnt anyone informed someone that can do something about it, such as inform the LOGCAP people or DCMA for that matter. Reporting to your supervisor is one thing but it should be reported to the people that control KBR.
    Those are the people that control the money that flows to KBR. Just my two sense.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      The problem with telling people to report it to the DCMA is like saying report it to the DoD. Who do they report it to? Most people working for KBR or any other LOGCAP contractor probably has no idea where the DCMA office is, if there is even one on site. If there is an office, you don’t want to be seen gong into it or even talking to the DCMA. LOGCAP contractors have a strict unofficial….”if we catch you talking to the DCMA you’re fired” policy. Email addresses and phone numbers are not readily available to those other than management.

      Then there is the issued that KBR and others won’t do anything about the perps except transfer them so why bother. We’ve seen that happen over and over. Most contractors don’t self report the majority of these crimes. That just puts the person reporting at great risk of retaliation. Especially if the perp is a manager.

      Most people have little faith in the hotlines. The DoDIG hotline doesn’t get back to you and the people taking the info don’t seem interested. I still encourage people to use the email address just to maintain a record a it was reported.

      I would love to publish a list of contact emails, locations, anything that will make it easier from the people who have witnessed the contract violations to report them.

      Right now I am trying to contact the DCMA that oversees Dyncorp LOGCAP IV TO4 in Afghanistan. They are not paying the Expats and foreign nationals as agreed to. People are quitting and this could very easily turn into a mission impediment. Any ideas there?

  3. Comment by Baboo Remembers:

    The subject of the world’s oldest profession is all too familiar; several documentaries have been produced on this subject. The creditability of Americans defending the rights of the poor and subjugated is questioned and jeopardizes American foreign policy and creditability worldwide. All dictatorships, cult or any other similar group always seeks to control the movement and behavior of young women and continues to promote the spiraling hopelessness of desperate women. History has often portrayed free thinking women ie.,Ruth and Joan of Arc as manipulators of men, when in fact they were caretakers and liberators.

    Organized crime or sometimes known as “labor brokers” realize TCN’s are desperate to leave their village and willing or forced to participate out of necessity to generate an income. They also know several men regardless of their cultural background, have at least one common vise, and pursue it despite of the long-term effects.

    I think it’s safe to assume the Filipino or other TCN labor brokers and members of upper management had a plan in the beginning to start a prostitution ring when they signed a contract. If any site manager or any other contractor is participating, most likely they’re receiving a their “cut” with fringe benefits. There is always an unscrupulous American contactor and TCN “pimp daddy” waiting to utilize this influx of female TCN’s to those who are willing to participate.

    • Comment by .....:

      It doesn’t seem to matter to management if the women are from impoverished third world nations or US citizens. If threats and intimidation don’t work then physical assault and sometimes rape might. It is all about power and control by whatever means necessary.

  4. Comment by Baboo Remembers:

    Here a few terms you might need to aware of to determine if your boss or coworker participates in prostitution…which is illegal.

    The pimps have rules, regulations, business structure, and even their own language. As to business structure, pimps operate a multi-tiered business. There is even a series of pimp videos, produced by pimps themselves that illustrate how the business should be run.

    As to the business structure, at the top there is the pimp who runs the business. Below the pimp is the “Bottom Girl.” She acts in a way like an office manager, keeping tabs on the “track” when the pimp is away, keeping the pimp appraised of the law enforcement activity, and collecting money from the prostitutes. The Bottom Girl can be especially important when the pimp is incarcerated.] In addition, under the Bottom Girl, the pimp may employ a “wife-in-law” who has similar duties as the Bottom Girl. Below that there is the bevy of normal prostitutes.

    The pimps even recognize a hierarchy among themselves. The least respected, or newer pimps, are the “popcorn pimps,” “wanna-bes, and “hustlers.” A pimp who uses violence and intimidation to control his prostitutes is called a “gorilla pimp,” while those pimps that use psychological trickery to deceive the younger prostitutes into becoming hooked into the system are called “finesse pimps.” Lastly, the successful and established pimps are called “players.”

    An important part of the business of pimping is obtaining, and maintaining, a selection of prostitutes. The rules allow prostitutes to move from one pimp to another by “choosing.” To choose, the prostitute is first supposed to make her intentions known to the new pimp. This intentions period is most likely to allow prospective pimps to reject the prostitutes intentions. If the prospective pimp wants the new prostitute to work for him he will then accept money from the new prostitute. This money exchange is referred to as “breaking bread.” The new pimp is then supposed to inform the old pimp of the change, and possibly some of the bread from the moving prostitute is exchanged. Losing your girl to another Pimp is known as getting “Peeled”. Informing a Pimp that he’s been peeled is a professional courtesy and any attempt to respond to this courtesy with violence will quickly get you dubbed a “Gorilla” or “Godzilla”. Prostitutes that move between pimps often are labeled as a “choosey Susie.” In addition, a prostitute may “bounce” from pimp to pimp with out paying the “pimp moving” tax.

    With rules, inevitably come people who break the rules. The pimp business has an internal structure for dealing with rule breakers, and, not surprisingly, it is a structure built around violence. For example, pimps have been known to employ a “pimp stick,” which is two coat hangers wrapped together, in order to subdue unruly prostitutes. Another punishment for unruly prostitutes is to “trunk” them. The pimps lock the prostitutes in the trunk of a car to teach them a lesson. In addition, although prostitutes are supposedly free to move between pimps, the movement between pimps sometimes leads to violence. For example, a prostitute could be punished for merely looking at another pimp; this is considered “reckless eyeballing.”

  5. Comment by Contractor_n_Iraq:

    In 2004, while at Victory a couple times after dinner and exiting one of the DFAC’s, a Filipino guy would ask me if i wanted a “girl for the night”.

    While at Camp Lima Karbala in 2004-05, the Polish nurses there would give massages and make some extra money on the side under the guise of receiving English lessons.

    In 2005 while i was at FOB Suse Detainee Facility (a non KBR camp) up in Kurdestan, a local contractor brought in 12 Filipina’s to work the brand new DFAC. They were set up in trailers outside the facility with satellite TV, internet, etc. They actually had it alot better than we did. We were all in open bay and didn’t have an MWR at the time. The Kurdish guy in charge of them eventually started pimping them out to the soldiers there.

    Unfortunately human trafficking has been rife here from the beginning.

  6. Comment by Bigg:

    I remember D2 (Camp Prosperity), there was this dude, I think he was canadian working for KBR, he was the pimp back on 2008-2009.

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  8. Comment by Eric:

    While KBR was doing this, there is another entity that was doing this as well. When I got to Camp Liberty in 2005 March, I found out I could have a Filipino girl for the price of a $22 phone card purchesed at the PX and it was a Expat AAFES employee who told me about this.

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