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Ignore that man behind the curtain – KBR’s Bill Bodie is full of BS

BiohazardWARNING: Personal protective equipment is highly recommend to read the following article. (see photo for suggestion) It is so full of bullshit you are bound to get some on you!! If you have a low bullshit tolerance, I suggest you just back away. What you are about the read is the chosen (by KBR attorney’s) opinion of a KBR corporate puppet! Everything you are about to read should be considered fictional and in no way represents the will of the majority of past and present KBR employees and victims. Please proceed with CAUTION!

Times Guest Columnist (The Daily Times serving Delaware County, PA)

As the old saying goes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.

Recent media coverage on an amendment proposed by newly elected U.S. Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., has not only misstated the facts on the arbitration issue, but the Jamie Leigh Jones case as well. KBR would like to set the record straight.

As written, Sen. Franken’s ill-conceived amendment promotes frivolous lawsuits, increases litigation costs, and provides less monetary benefit, in many instances, to victims.

For these very reasons, the Department of Defense, Chambers of Commerce and businesses, large and small, across the country are against the legislation.

Sen. Franken’s amendment does not help employees. It hurts American business and erodes the ability of businesses to support our soldiers.

Many companies have dispute resolution programs designed to address employee complaints timely and efficiently, without the delays and expense often associated with litigation. KBR is no exception.

Under KBR’s dispute resolution program, 95 percent of all employee complaints are resolved promptly to the employees’ satisfaction and at no cost to the employee. This is not only good for employees, it is good for business because it helps control costs, ultimately saving customers money, in this case, U.S. taxpayers.

The few remaining claims not resolved by this process are heard before an independent arbitrator, chosen by both parties, who considers all the evidence and rules accordingly.

There have been erroneous and inaccurate reports regarding the Jamie Leigh Jones case on which it appears the writer of the Oct. 19 Delaware County Daily Times editorial relied.

The assertion that Ms. Jones has been denied her day in court is false. A criminal investigation was conducted and found Jones’ claims unsubstantiated.

A State Department investigation in Iraq, in which numerous individuals, including Ms. Jones, were questioned, found there was no evidence Ms. Jones had been sexually assaulted.

Further, the Justice Department pursued a grand jury investigation in Florida in February 2008.

After hearing all of the evidence, which included testimony from Ms. Jones as well as the firefighter she alleges sexually assaulted her, the grand jury decided to issue no indictments.

The allegation that Jones was imprisoned in a shipping container is also false. Following her reported alleged assault, for her own safety, Jones was provided with a secure living container, or trailer, similar to that in which other KBR employees live (and the very kind in which Jones herself had requested to live).

There, Jones phoned her family and was attended to by a female KBR employee who got her food and clothes and, upon Ms. Jones request, spoke with Jones’ family to assure them of her safety.

The employee also stayed with her for several hours until the State Department, to whom KBR reported the alleged assault immediately, arrived. Despite claims to the contrary, there were no armed guards outside her room.

KBR safety personnel (who are never allowed to carry weapons) were in the area for Jones’ safety since her alleged assailant had not been identified at that time.

KBR then worked with the State Department to arrange for Jones to leave Iraq and provided a female counselor to escort Ms. Jones home to the United States.

To date, two formal investigations have been completed and neither resulted in any liability against Ms. Jones’ alleged perpetrators. Despite these findings, Ms. Jones continues to pursue legal action against KBR.

There is no greater priority at KBR than the safety and security of its employees.

Throughout the continued media blitz regarding Ms. Jones’ case, assertions against KBR suggesting the contrary and a blatant disregard of the facts have perpetuated a biased, one-sided dialogue.

The company intends to continue its vigorous defense and we believe we have the facts on our side. KBR remains committed to engaging in a transparent, fact-based dialogue and in turn, we expect and believe that, we as well as the public, deserve the same commitment from those in the media and in public office.

William C. Bodie is president of KBR North American Government and Defense.  (Link to Original)

Bodie….what is wrong with you? I’m no psychologist, but I think you’re just not right in the head!! Pathological maybe?? Whatever it is….I’m sure there is a treatment or at least a pill available.  You really should consider seeking help.

You don’t actually believe these sad pathetic attempts to sway public opinion by publishing columns or opinions is actually working???  Did you actually write them???  Highly unlikely!!

You are a sad sad pathetic little man!  I do hope KBR is paying you BIG bucks…..because you are going to need ever dollar to try buy your way out of hell!! Some people who have actually worked for KBR think KBR is hell.

You are an embarrassment to the United States of America!

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by .....:

    Until now I always thought that BS stood for Bruce Stanski, I stand corrected, it seems that it goes with this title at KBR.

    Thanks Ms Sparky!

    • Comment by andrea:

      As an American, I am unclear why these people are even walking the streets as opposed to being in jail. As a former correctional nurse…I know that the rumors of what happens to people like this are very true. These people belong in prison…and be aware that inside -KARMA- really is a *bitch* and they (the criminals of Halliburton-KBR) will be the ones on the bottom.
      Bodie…Bodie…Bodie… every dog has his day..and yours will come… I just hope that you are wisely investing in Vaseline and Preparation H…in the mean time!
      As far as being an embarrassment to the USA? These greedy turds are a disgrace to the human race and no better than SH himself. That our elected reps. allow this to continue? Well looking at what it costs and the earnings table as opposed to that of the real troops…perhaps there should be an adjustment in all of this.

  2. Comment by Dwight:

    Ms Sparky seems a little feisty today. Mr Boobie I mean Bodie must have hit a nerve.

    Just out of curiosity I googled Delaware County PA. Yawn! http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/42/42045.html

    KBR is clearly desperate. No one will publish anything they have to say. But these tiny rags will get hits because, no offense Ms Sparky, bloggers are reposting.

    Letters and columns like this are free advertising for the paper.


  3. Comment by for-what-it's-worth:

    Bodie – I left the (Mr.) off because you aren’t a real man – men stand-up for what is right!!!
    If there wasn’t any validity to Ms. Jones’ claim – then why – WHY are you and your leash-hold company trying so very very hard to discredit her.
    Why not do this country a big favor and move your corp. headquarters to IRAN -Tehran, and stop the flow of Stinky -Poopy-Dung- that permeates the air ways of this Great Country?
    Pass this to Heather Browne someone please – certain she with then forward it to Boooooodie and the corporate group of Clingons that refuse to go down when the toilet it flushed.

    • Comment by andrea:

      If there was no validity to Ms. Jones complaint …then why was she placed into a storage locker, allowed to call for help and escorted home? (After which she required reconstructive surgery)For her safety? My.. what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.
      That aside. I still do not know why we do not get rid of the play pretend soldiers who clearly have no honor…and perhaps up the benefits and re-appropriate these funds directly into the military budget.

      • Comment by sail:

        Andrea – that would be because the military is unable to recruit enough individuals to do the work – additionally, the work that contractors do for the most part is not the type of work that the military wants to do.

        This is not a new concept – contractors have been doing these types of services for the US Government all the way back to the Civil War.

        Additionally, contractor employees are not the only ones that are behaving dishonorably – there have been numerous reports of rape of military personnel by military personnel. They just don’t make the same headlines. Just because you put someone in a uniform it does not automatically make them honorable.

        No matter who commits these types of acts they are reprehensible and should not be tolerated.

        • Comment by andrea:

          You are correct re: whomever commits something so heinous should be incarcerated. But I must tell you … as a military mom and sister…and daughter, you cannot compare the salary and benefits that are paid to the real military to that of the contract pretend soldiers. And there is no way that you can compare the honor in the real military to that of those who are highly paid to play soldier.
          Perhaps I am a Pollyanna only having been around the military as a relative, but I know what the pay base is for our military and along with the deficits in proper supplies.
          Honestly I believe that there will always be issues in every arena of life. [re: bad people] But I wonder what could happen if the huge amount of money going these private companies went into the military appropriations and was actually spent on the real military…. more people who have the skills and capability would be able to actually support their family through serving our country.
          I will never be convinced that the pretend soldiers hold anywhere near the amount of pride, honor and commitment that I have witnessed in the United States Military. Yet, so many are too eager to publicize every single incident of wrong-doing by the American Military. I have yet to see a comparable amount of press going to the sacrifices they make. There is no news and medals for reaching out to the children of the Middle East. All of these extra efforts have just been pushed aside. Yet, I know of a group of Marines who on the way to Fallujah (sp?) who stopped to check on a small child in the road. When the Col. called for the medic she raised her arms to be lifted and the explosion left many dead and the rest badly burned. Scarred for life, those who actually did survive were discharged to civilian life without the same level of support many celebrities ask that we give to our pets. As far as who wants to do what ..the last time I checked …orders were orders and they were followed. I do not disagree with you..but is it not too convenient that there is a plethora of contracts which have links and many political ties to current and former governments.
          I would like to research more about the history of the military contracts that go back to the Civil War..this sounds very interesting to me..Thanks for the heads up!

          • Comment by sail:


            Having been a military dependent, active duty and a contractor I may have a different perspective than you.

            First you keep referring contract employees as pretend soldiers – they are not – in fact they must at all times identify themselves as contractors and must not in anyway present themselves as military or government personnel. LOGCAP employees are not armed and do not participate in the military functions.

            These employees do the things that the military does not want to – like clean the toilets and the buildings, pest control, preparing/serving food and cleaning up afterward.

            Additionally, I believe that you have a skewed concept of what these people actually make. The base salary (40 hours a week) for most US Expats is around $29k – on top of that just like the active duty personnel they receive danger pay. Unlike active duty personnely they are working 84 hours a week (12 hrs a day 7 days a week) or the equivilent of 2.1 full time jobs. They are paid straight time for the additional 44. So yes they are making a good income. But they are earning it. Remember this is for a US Expat – the majority of the work is done by Third Country Nationals – mostly subcontracted that make far less.

            The Army did a study on one task order alone to determine if it would be more cost effective to have the Government do the work. They determined that it would have cost the Government 2.5 times more to do the work themselves. So even if they took the money they were giving the contractors to do the work and gave it to the military – they will still have to raise our taxes to cover the additional estimated $22B annually it would cost.

            • Comment by andrea:

              oops…belated…my apologies…I did not realize that you worked for KBR and have been in the service (which branch if you would not mind sharing) …
              SO, just wondering did you get to interact with the Iraqi and Afghanistan Citizens?
              WOW…quite a resume…Thank you for your service. There was one more thing I wanted to ask (if you do not mind) are you still with them….it sounds like you have accomplished an incredible amount in the past twenty years and again I truly thank you!

          • Comment by Grizzly:

            Reading this, although somewhat belatedly, I feel compelled to respond.

            It is evident that KBR is not the sole owner; proprietor and disseminator of B.S. KBR and the other Contractors are comprised of good citizens serving their country and the Soldiers Sailors, Airmen and Marines on the front lines. I take particular offense to your referring to us as wannabee’s. I am a Retired First Sergeant that served 22 years in the United States Army! I am no wannabee! A good majority of KBR employees are veterans that get great pleasure helping and serving the men and women fighting for this country. Your myopic opinion is best characterized in the Movie, “Men who stare at Goats” you have an uneducated opinion and you believe all the stories and filter the facts to support you pre-formed opinion. You are an idiot.
            Wannabee’s do not get killed by wannabee rockets, the do not work in 130 degree wannabee heat, they do not have wannabee families and do not get shot by wannabee bullets. When I was unloading convoys for the Seal Team 2 and 6 I was not operating a wannabee loader on a wannabee mission. Are there people who are in Iraq and Afghanistan trying to fill some missed void in their life where they wished they served? Yes! Are their cold war soldiers who always trained for combat but never had the opportunity to go, working there to see if they could handle it? Yes. What is so wrong with that, be it money, ego, desperation, whatever the motivation, we are here working in conditions that you could only hope to imagine. KBR, DYN Corp, Fluor and over a 100 other contractors are doing jobs supporting our countries forces. There are redundant levels of oversight. During start up and through the insurgency there were a lot of crazy things happening on both sides of the fence. War is loosely controlled chaos. I was in the Green Zone. I was there when MS Sparky was there. I was there when the incident with Jamie took place. The biggest contributing factor to this incident and others at USMI was alcohol consumption.
            KBR Security did not have Armed Guards except on the Rhino and corporate guys that were not SEII or B&R employees. I lived in one of those “Shipping Containers” It had a toilet, a shower, a sink, a refrigerator, desk, wardrobe, bed, and an office chair and THANK GOD, An Air Conditioner. I was so thankful to leave a Bedouin Tent and move into a bombed out building and ecstatic when I got my Hooch (Container).
            The people at USMI worked for and supported the State Department. The whining factor was greater at USMI. They had supervisors supervising supervisors. It was by all means a real Union GIG! (No offense Ms. Sparky0 you know the deal. I was at D@, Steel Dragons, Headhunter, Bulldog, Union3, and Prosperity. I was on the DOD side. USMI talked about doing things, they had the parties, and they had State Department Privileges. The biggest reason most employees wanted to transfer to USMI was because, (at that time) they did not fall under General Order Number One. This order outlined permissible and non-permissible activities for DOD Personnel and the Contractors serving DOD. It did not apply to DOS. Hence, USMI had a far greater number of Alcohol related incidents than other camps. Alcohol is a judgment inhibitor. My wife says if it wasn’t for alcohol, most men would be very lonely. So combine, stress, testosterone, alcohol and deviant behavior (on both sides) you enhance the probability of a sexual assault. It does not make it right. It is what it is. Those are the facts. After this and other unpublicized incidents, (including a US Marshall slamming an up Armored Suburban through the Embassy wall, all personnel were placed under General Order Number One.

            I could write a book. What elevates me to anger are comments of a general nature throwing all contractors into the same bag. Let’s apply the same Standards to the Congress, the AFLCIO, AFGE, SEIU, and the President. Honesty and integrity? Barny Frank and Chris DODD? Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson, and let’s not forget William Clinton, whitewater and Monica Lewinsky.

            Although he is the “Villain” in the movie
            “A Few Good Men” this quote is how I feel about people that throw stones and criticism from the safety of their homes.

            Col. Nathan Jessup:

            Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns.
            Who’s gonna do it?
            You, Lieutenant Weinberg?

            I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for “civilians” and “innocents” and you curse the marines who put their lives on the line everyday.

            You have that luxury.

            You have the luxury of not knowing what I know:

            That civilian deaths and collateral damage, while tragic, probably save lives. American lives and my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives.

            You do not want the truth because, deep down in places you do not talk about at parties, you want me on that wall, and you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something.

            You use them as a punch line.

            I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said “thank you” and went on your way.

            Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand at post.

            Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to

            I highly suggest that until you spend time in a combat zone, until you see friends like Hector Molina shot up and killed by wannabee bullets, that you keep your uneducated mouth shut!

            1SG USA (RET)

            • Comment by bucca777:

              thank you for your service 1Sgt you do have some bucket head who post here and have no idea what they are talking about. I am sure you will get flamed by the so called HATERS who post here.

              • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                You are the most hateful one on this blog. You don’t even post anything of value. No facts, no reports, no media links, not data NOTHING. You just snipe. You used to provide a valid counter balance to the conversation. Now your comments are just a waste of server space.

                • Comment by Optimus Prime:

                  Wow! Great post grizzly. Thank you for your service to USA and your comments here on this post…..WoW! That was …..awesome.

                • Comment by andrea:

                  I am not certain where the ‘wannabes’ enters. I know I would not wannabe there…Our small community has lost too many to this mess…but hey…everyone…including all of the NATO Forces, contractors et. have got to be on the same page with the same rules and the same standards.
                  By the way that was one of my favorite Jack Nicholson scenes. That and the one where he is talking about noodle salad and pops up and says ,”what if this is as good as it gets.”
                  Thank you for your service..I keep a prayer for all of the troops involved in this. It simply makes me sick the rate that the death toll has increased in Afghanistan.
                  I am not certain why there is a build up in Afghanistan. I am so tired of this…TWENTY YEARS AGO, we entered Kuwait and we have never left. At that time I could not even imagine that my babies would grow up not knowing one day when we were at peace.
                  Thousands dead and trillions spent…When this is over what will be the legacy? Another ..because we said so? We simply lack the resources to run this country; what makes anyone think that once we set a happy little gov’t. up for Afghanistan that they are going to stay that way. Because we said so? or because we are spending billions of dollars and too many troops to even count so we can build them roads, hospitals, schools…hey why not add a McDonalds? They neither want nor need us there … I say bring ‘em all home. The ones left in Iraq as well as those in Afghanistan. oh and btw…the last I heard our infrastructure was in deplorable condition.
                  But back on the original subject…I still and forever believe that if a crime is committed there should be access to the court system.
                  When it comes down to the nuts and bolts…if this young woman was RAPED then someone got away with a heinous crime. Come on she required and had reconstructive surgery. I do not give a tinkers damn who was drinking what.
                  That just makes it worse…had the same thing happened at …let’s say… a police or fire academy…we all know how that would end…and she sure as hell would not have had to wait years for her day in court. Why two sets of standards?

                • Comment by bucca777:

                  LOL, Sparky touche it must hit a nerve because you blog about stuff that doesn’t even rate to posted Bill Bodie does not even work for KBR anymore but to keep the flame going you or foreseti bring him up to keep the talk going. Just like the Democrats who continue to demonize George Bush have learned that it old news no one cares. So in closing some of your topics are a waste of server space. I must have hit a nerve because you are throwing everything but the kitchen sink. Keep up the good work sparky of promoting KBR like you do before you know it we will be back in Afghanistan once again and running all of Iraq too. Too bad your flagship kids Dynacorp and Fluor are not doing so hot.

                • Comment by bucca777:

                  LOL, Sparky touche it must hit a nerve because you blog about stuff that doesn’t even rate to posted Bill Bodie does not even work for KBR anymore but to keep the flame going you or foreseti bring him up to keep the talk going. Just like the Democrats who continue to demonize George Bush have learned that it old news no one cares. So in closing some of your topics are a waste of server space. I must have hit a nerve because you are throwing everything but the kitchen sink. Keep up the good work sparky of promoting KBR like you do before you know it we will be back in Afghanistan once again and running all of Iraq too. Too bad your flagship kids Dynacorp and Fluor are not doing so hot.

                  Sorry Sparky i posted this on the griz post.

            • Comment by Ms Sparky:

              Grizzly – Thank you for your comment and your service. Hats off to you.

  4. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    The Delco Times registration is messed up. I can’t get registered so I can leave a comment on Bodie’s “column”. It keeps saying I didn’t put in a zip code!! If they could get that fixed, other people could comment!! Like me!! Aggravating!

  5. Comment by mee222:


    Do you think that is why someone wrote on the men’s bathroom walls at the BIAP Regional offices – “Flush twice it’s a long way to Leesville from here?”

  6. Comment by Optimus Prime:

    I cant believe I dont have any smack to talk today…today is just a good day to be alive and enjoy the time and reflect on what the real meaning of a happy life is. Is it work, family or material things? No matter your idea of a happy life, take time to reflect and decide on what is important to you. Then take actions to protect what is important to you and take the time to tell someone every day that you love them.
    Autobots roll out – Happy Labor day.

  7. Comment by Justpassinthru:

    BRAVO!! Grizzly and thank you. As for you Sniper…thank you and keep up the right perspective and good work! As for you Sparky…you need to stand down and remember that while you may have your groupies, ultimately all you are is a 15 minute famer looking for trouble anywhere and any how you can find it. Now write me back and have your say so you can feel better. All of you Sparky groupies…have your say too. Dare you to block this Sparky.

  8. Comment by Optimus Prime:

    Keep thier heads ringin Buccabot.

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