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“I could actually hear him laugh”

Ryan Maseth FHPDear Michael,

When I unwrapped the drawing of Ryan and laid eyes on him, I instantly knew that you had captured him and brought him to life. I looked into his eyes and I felt him looking back at me.  When I saw his slight smile, I could actually hear him laugh, as if he was getting ready to say something.

My heart aches for Ryan and how he died.  In the midst of searching for answers, you have brought me peace.  I’ve had to learn to slow down and appreciate the gifts that God places in front of me.  The drawing you created of Ryan is a very special gift that I will cherish forever.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift; the purpose of life is to give it away”.  This is my favorite quote by Joy J. Golliver.

You are, without a doubt, a person that has “found your gift”!  And I can’t thank you enough for “giving your gift away”.  You give your gift to complete strangers to provide comfort.  It does that and so much more, it is a life long treasure that will be handed down from generation to generation.

I’m not sure I can express myself so that you can fully understand the depth of my gratitude.  Thank you Michael.  Thank you for finding your gift and thank you for giving it away.  May faith fill your heart, and may God’s love surround you today and always.

Thank you for blessing me!

Deepest Regards,
Cheryl Harris

(letter and photo courtesy of Cheryl Harris and Michael G. Reagan)

The “Michael” Cheryl speaks so fondly of is Michael G. Reagan, Artist and founder of The Fallen Heroes Project.

Michael G. Reagan is an internationally-recognized portrait artist who has assisted charities such as the Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center raise over $10 million through his drawn and donated autographed celebrity portraits. As a portrait artist for more than 30 years, Reagan has drawn approximately 10,000 portraits including over 1500 portraits of celebrities, professional athletes, U.S. presidents and other heads of state.

But, Michael calls The Fallen Heroes Project “the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life. This project reached into my chest and touched a part of my heart that I really didn’t think existed”.

“Our mission is to honor the American Fallen Heroes for their ultimate sacrifice during the war against terrorism. The foundation will provide the resources to produce and distribute to each family a hand-drawn portrait of their Fallen Hero, created by artist Michael G. Reagan, free of charge. Each portrait is intended to show our Love and Respect for these Heroes and their families.”

To date Michael has created over 1900 portraits of Fallen Heroes for grieving families. If you have a Fallen Hero and would like a portrait contact Michael by clicking HERE. If you would like to see portraits that Michael has completed and read letters from receiving families click HERE.

Shipping, art supplies and packaging are all costly out of pocket expenses for Michael. I ask you to make a generous tax deductible personal or corporate donation while visiting The Fallen Heroes Project website.  Click HERE for previous post on The Fallen Heroes Project.

Thank you Michael

Ms Sparky

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