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Fluor’s LOCAP IV offer for KBR employees in Afghanistan

Below are notes from a meeting of a current KBR employee at Kabul, Afghanistan. The meeting was held on October 6, 2009 and was about the Fluor / ITT / KBR transition and how it will affect current KBR employees. The notes are as I received them except for minor formatting changes and I added “(Flour)” in several places for clarification. There is also some “scuttle butt” that KBR LOGCAP III Afghanistan will now report to Houston and not Baghdad. Can anyone confirm or deny that rumor.


  • (Flour)Taking Over 62 FOB’s and Starting 20 New FOB’s
  • They(Flour) Will Make Us Verbal Offers First, If Accepted, And then They Will Notify KBR for KBR Out Processing.
  • Pay 80% Uplift on 1st 40 Hours
  • Bi Weekly Pay Periods – Pay Direct Deposited Into Bank(s) of Choice
  • No Cash Advances
  • Must Apply Online
  • Sign-On Bonus $2,500.00 (In Your First Check), Must Be Returned If You Do Not Complete Your Year.
  • End Of Year; You Get A Completion Bonus Of $3,000.00


  • You Get 4 R&Rs Per Year (1 Every 91 Days)
  • R&R has to be taken Every 6 Months. (Fluor / ITT Make You Take 1 At Least Every 6 Months)
  • $4,250.00 Paid for R&R; You Must Buy Own Ticket From Dubai. 40% uplift While on R&R on for Weekdays, Weekends Not Counted.
  • Free Trip to Dubai (They (Flour) Pay For 1st Day Out and 1st Day In From R&R plus Per Diem For Food)
  • R&R’s Are 9 Days Plus 4 Travel Days (They (Flour) Don’t Count Weekends In Your Nine Days, And You Don’t Get Paid For Them Either)
  • 4th R&R You Get The $4,250.00 And The $3,000.00 End of Year Bonus. (If You Decide To DeMob Before 45 Days
  • After End Of Years R&R, They (Flour) Take Back The $4,250.00 But Pay Your Ticket Home)


  • 401K (Not Matched Dollar For Dollar)
  • Medical / Dental
  • Vision
  • Company Paid 50K Life Insurance
  • Company Paid 50K AD&D Insurance
  • Company Paid Short Term and Long Term Disability
  • EAP Assistance

I can not confirm the accuracy of these notes. If anyone else wants to chime in with what they’ve been told, that would great. If you have a question, ask it in the comments. If you know the answer….answer it. That way everyone gets the info.

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by Donny:

    I worked on Logcap III for nearly 3 years with KBR; I lived in a tent for the first year when I was at Al Asad, and then the remainder of my time there, I was in a nice comfy hooch in Mosul (Camp Marez H-4). My cousin has done 2 tours in Afghanistan, and he swears that there are Fluor employees living in containers there. Can anyone verify this; I’ve heard that it is nothing but tent living.

  2. Comment by Concernerd:

    I have only heard the Supervisors and Managers are. Usually it starts at the top then trickles down. I have many friends in Afghanistan right now. And one of them stays in a 80 man tent some speak english and some don’t its dirty and smelly. But having 80 guys in one tent that is alot of smelly feet and stuff. Butyou gotta do what you have to do until they complete the process. Its kinda hard when Pakistan shuts routes down and our government overspends in all the wrong places. So good luck on getting a hooch. F.O.B’s definately a tent, Big major bases ?????

  3. Comment by Leon:

    There is no comprehensible reason why people should be living in tents in Afghanistan after so long. I just come down to Fluor not caring about it’s employees. I lived in a tent with 450 people of all nationalities with some of them getting up to unspeakable things in bed a night. I had to get up in the night on many occasions and separate them as there were people sharing the same bed and having same gender sex. This was happening right next to me and when I tried to get it stopped I was told that “it is there culture” and we cannot stop it. That is BS but Fluor just did not care. KBR did their best to get hooches for all of there people.

    • Comment by Donny:

      Yeah, a friend of mine told me the exact same thing about the 450 man tents; I am baffled that Fluor would even consider mixing expats with TCN’s. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Comment by NEW YORK:

        I had a guy from NASA was from(Turkey) in a MWR/office on camp Span and he showed me his forearm from the T.B. test and it was as big as a walnut I quick undid my laptop and left and to think we need to work around them (TCN’S) and share a tent with them without them being checked out than we got 10 in are tent from Nepal and a smell that came off them would make you puke so we made sure they washed up the shower was on the back side of the tent . They got washed up and they were easy to get along with once cleaned up and not a bad bunch of guy’s it helped that the other American with me was their Boss .It was far different in Bagram while in transit the whole bunch were loud and dirty never mind the whole transit area looked like a homeless shelter under a highway

        • Comment by all hands:

          i been with Fluor 2 years, escape bargram and living condition inmprove 100%.yes life ina tent but rooms are built in the placces i have ben and only 8 per tent , if ya try to cram 20 people in a gp med on bunk beds made for a Chinnese man ya have problems but .it gets better, and im here, Fluor vrs KBR not much difference , execpt RR

      • Comment by YO:

        Dyn-Corp is the same way TCN’s and expats in same tents. Those are the people from India,they are all gay. You may get a chue its all in who you blow, sorry know.

  4. Comment by comment123:

    Don’t count on Fluor to do anything to stop abuse. They will lie and do whatever it takes to shut someone up, including slandering anyone associated with the person they want to leave. I had a manager literally yelling in my face, screaming at me because I wouldn’t do something that compromised compliance. He slandered my reputation when I complained. He is still there, I am not. I lost a great deal of money as a result of being railroaded out of the company.

  5. Comment by comment123:

    And sadly, I was not the only person who experienced his workplace violence when trying to enforce compliance. Upper management and HR are aware of his terrifying explosions in the workplace, they chose to just move him around within the company. They know chances are slim that DCAA will audit a firm fixed price bid, so they allow him to bully people around so he can submit a non-compliant bid.

  6. Comment by Of course:

    I would be more than happy to tell Ms Sparky my story. The truth needs to be uncovered

  7. Comment by chick:

    Question, anyone here worked for blackhawk (blackhawkmgmt.com) what is the pay? Better than KBR or less?

  8. Comment by anthony:

    Hello my name is anthony I lost my passport and went to the embassy and they held me for a while.fluor told me the not going to pay me anything.

  9. Comment by vada payne:

    my name is vada payne i have work in afghanistan for six years. i work heard went all empolyees just by training empolyees in and outside the dfac for some reason my upper manager will not give me a promoted as a supervisor in the Dfac. now I see if not what you no it who you it this is a great company to work for in the project so tell me for a person that work in the culinary for 24years in no the T-MED 530. I had open up six Dfac in afghanistan work as a foreman and the empolyees that work under me ask me why mr. payne that you are not a supervisor. so i just smell and say it not what you it who you no. also military ask me the question about my job that you need to have your own Dfac to run.

  10. Comment by pe:

    If you were a supervisor you had a truck and lived in a tent. If you were a manager you had a truck and lived in a container. If you were a regular employee you lived in a tent and took the bus or walked.

  11. Comment by nette T:

    Hey, ill be getting out of the army soon and was looking for information on becoming a contractor as food service. Does anyone have any tips, recruiters numbers or emails….anything

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