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Fluor’s LOCAP IV offer for KBR employees in Afghanistan

Below are notes from a meeting of a current KBR employee at Kabul, Afghanistan. The meeting was held on October 6, 2009 and was about the Fluor / ITT / KBR transition and how it will affect current KBR employees. The notes are as I received them except for minor formatting changes and I added “(Flour)” in several places for clarification. There is also some “scuttle butt” that KBR LOGCAP III Afghanistan will now report to Houston and not Baghdad. Can anyone confirm or deny that rumor.


  • (Flour)Taking Over 62 FOB’s and Starting 20 New FOB’s
  • They(Flour) Will Make Us Verbal Offers First, If Accepted, And then They Will Notify KBR for KBR Out Processing.
  • Pay 80% Uplift on 1st 40 Hours
  • Bi Weekly Pay Periods – Pay Direct Deposited Into Bank(s) of Choice
  • No Cash Advances
  • Must Apply Online
  • Sign-On Bonus $2,500.00 (In Your First Check), Must Be Returned If You Do Not Complete Your Year.
  • End Of Year; You Get A Completion Bonus Of $3,000.00


  • You Get 4 R&Rs Per Year (1 Every 91 Days)
  • R&R has to be taken Every 6 Months. (Fluor / ITT Make You Take 1 At Least Every 6 Months)
  • $4,250.00 Paid for R&R; You Must Buy Own Ticket From Dubai. 40% uplift While on R&R on for Weekdays, Weekends Not Counted.
  • Free Trip to Dubai (They (Flour) Pay For 1st Day Out and 1st Day In From R&R plus Per Diem For Food)
  • R&R’s Are 9 Days Plus 4 Travel Days (They (Flour) Don’t Count Weekends In Your Nine Days, And You Don’t Get Paid For Them Either)
  • 4th R&R You Get The $4,250.00 And The $3,000.00 End of Year Bonus. (If You Decide To DeMob Before 45 Days
  • After End Of Years R&R, They (Flour) Take Back The $4,250.00 But Pay Your Ticket Home)


  • 401K (Not Matched Dollar For Dollar)
  • Medical / Dental
  • Vision
  • Company Paid 50K Life Insurance
  • Company Paid 50K AD&D Insurance
  • Company Paid Short Term and Long Term Disability
  • EAP Assistance

I can not confirm the accuracy of these notes. If anyone else wants to chime in with what they’ve been told, that would great. If you have a question, ask it in the comments. If you know the answer….answer it. That way everyone gets the info.

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by spongebob:

    please note we are not called FN,s but OCN,s.other country nationals.i am british.

    • Comment by WhAAAAA:

      to Spongebob,

      What if we just make all the work force to be of “AMERICAN CITIZENS ONLY” it’s our own tax dollars we are using, so why not just “hire” AMERICANS ONLY AND FORGET ALL THESE OTHER “NATIONALS” WITH THEIR LOW LEVEL QUALITY AND STANDARD OF WORK.


      • Comment by FN:

        Dear WhAAAAA,
        Yeah, then maybe this whole project would finish in about 25 years if it depended on Americans!
        That’s why your government turned to us in the first place because of nationals being lazy and poor workmanship.O, and under qualified artisans. you can relate to my message for Eric. aka Albert

      • Comment by dburke:

        HMMM think about your comment, the british ie english cannot speak proper english???? it is like saying france cannot speak french!!!

      • Comment by RG:

        Dear WHAAAAAAA ,

        The most important reason as to why British electricians are employed is due to the amount of British Standard bases across the country . I am yet to find an american who can grasp our test methods and standards . You say our standard of work is poor but why is it that a company like fluor prefers to employ British sparks instead of US citizens . I had the privilage of leading teams of electricians from both nations in afghanistan and I find your comments out right disrespectful . Maybe you have never worked in these sort of situations and probably never will . Narrow minded , egotistical people such as yourself wouldnt last out there as its about working together no matter what country you are from .

        Just have a little think next time before you open you mounth …

      • Comment by Concernerd:

        Yeah but they wont just hire American Citizens. Only for high security stuff. But still there are alot of FN’s that have alot of experience on American contracts. It’s the 3 rd world countries that have an issue with quality and safety especially with electrical work. Britts, Aussies, Soth Africans and Canadians are actually high on the quality of work. S.A. builds alot of vehicles for the Dept of Defense. For years they have come out with some decent and life saving vehicles for our military.

  2. Comment by Fluor Electricians Quitting:

    There is a new electrician who came from Greenville and was sent to Sharana. He did not like the electrical shortcuts Fluor management was demanding he take. He stated that it was not what Greenville said should be done. He even spoke with William Green about this. William Green said he had 2 choices. To either go back to Sharana or demob. He is demobing and leaving after only 2 weeks here. He also said he has never in his career ever gone to HR as most work issues can be resolved at a low level. He stated that he will not lower his work standards just to work for Fluor. I say Bravo. He said he will be calling his recruiter and also going to speak to someone higher up. We need more like him. William Green is the same old William Green and George Rabb also protects him. He is a major problem here as he protects “his people”.

    • Comment by Samuel Fritz:

      William Green is a real piece off work. He is letting people work in jobs that they don’t get the pay for. He will tell you to your face that he is working on it but never does. A DCMA said that Fluor could get in trouble for it. I am glad to be away from the cut throats.

  3. Comment by Nicholas Rappa:

    I Worked 5 yrs in Iraq,and seen alot of stupid
    mistakes done by FNs.One I remember well is when
    they pulled a live wire and set the warehouse on fire.When the cable shorted out against metal,my generator spiked,had to do emergery stop.
    Hire FNs no way in hell,and we are being blamed for all there mistakes.

  4. Comment by albert:

    Actually I’m South African and you are completely right I’m not an electrician but I do know what a pipe bender is. I’m actually a Mechanic by trade and also completed my apprentice as a Boilermaker, recently just finished various coded welding courses and what really pisses me off is when I ask a “Welder” to make a u-notch in a piece of steel and then give it a vertical up weld and it ends up looking like bird shit!
    O, by the way he was American(apparently been qualified for 20 years) and I can go on brother believe me but that’s not my style.
    As I said you don’t know all of us and we are not all the same. So please be very specific about your accusations and please now that most americans actually work in a foreign country and have to pay taxes, it’s a problem but when they worked back in the states, they were ducking taxes as far as West Virginia. I saw a couple of guys being pulled in at various Airports for ducking taxes. Hey and guess what? They were all American. So keep your lame comments to yourself.

  5. Comment by FN:

    Hey guys,

    Not trying to make enemies but just trying to make a statement.
    “Not all of the FN’s are the same”.
    Some of us are actually good fella’s.

    Thank MS Sparky for great info and keeping us updated.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Yes. Some are very good fellas. I met many while I was in Iraq. I think the biggest issue is the US companies are cutting Americans out of these jobs by hiring FN’s/OCN’s and paying them less. We have a certain cost of living in the US and a certain expected wage which in turn pays the taxes the DoD is squandering on these wars. It just doesn’t sit right with most Americans. The DoD demands a certain skill level and then doesn’t follow through.

      Everyone has the right to feed their families. These jobs are desirable and much sought after. This Americans vs FN/OCN has been a long standing argument and I suspect it will continue to be one.

      If a US company were to come to your country on a job paid for by your taxes and would not hire locals and would only hire Americans I would venture to guess you would throw a fit! Am I wrong?

  6. Comment by all hands:

    it is very obvious on the Fluor web site read the job discripition and understand most jobs posted interview in the balkin region, I would say the work force here is 26% expat, and decreasing as time goes on, most expats are supervisore or managers, work crews are OCN, Filipionos, Indians etc,supervised by an expat dept. head. I see most Balkin in Logistics jobs admin jobs HR jobs Quality job safety etc, and to top it off, i see many that KBR fired for sexual harrassment,fraud, etc it is not so much greener on the other side, it depressing to see al the same KBR cover your a&& paper work generating people stil thrive, when the mission is so simple suport out troops..within the guidelines of the contract.Some say this is not FLUOR but with 70% of your work force transistioned including management, do you expect any changes? Greenville HQ is not in control of anything here, at time s i wander if we jsut make it up as we go..ohh well..FBR stock maybe go public soon

  7. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    I just got this in an email:

    It has finally happened! Fluor is giving English competency tests to Balkan folks. The last I was told by them is that 3 are going home because they failed the exam. KBR should have done this also way back when. Why it took Fluor so long is any ones guess but I thank the Safety guy who pushed this issue up the Fluor food chain. Now to work on the people at the Service Desk with their English.

    The reason Fluor ‘promotes” people and not pay them at first is that there is a 90 day review given to see if they are qualified. This was done to stop the good ole boy promotions. This however does not apply to Tier 1 workers who have a good history with Fluor. There are some things Fluor does with thought.

  8. Comment by Artan:

    Thank you for your interest in career opportunities at Fluor Corporation. Your professional objectives and qualifications are currently being reviewed. If your qualifications match our needs, we will contact you to schedule a mutually convenient time for an interview. Should an appropriate opportunity not be available at this time, your resume will remain in our automated database for one year and may be considered for future openings.
    Your interest in our organization is appreciated. Please accept our best wishes for your success in the attainment of your career objectives.


    Fluor Recruiting Group

    What does this mean?Do you think they can call me for interview?

    Your help is really appreciated

    • Comment by fluorelectrician:

      i got this same open letter at the being of the interview. you really have to keep on them. every week drop them an email/ call if you want the job you cant let them forget you. At the point Im at now. Im waiting 2 weeks for my plane to Greenville, where training takes place. Ill come back and post as my year over seas plays out.

  9. Comment by Murry:

    It is not Flour policy or any other contractor policy to hire OCN. It is required by the military to hire 60% OCN and 40% Expat to keep cost down (haha) so our own goverment works against us on this one. For those anti OCN people, how about just finding the best qualified for the job. In my 6 year in the contract world I have meet plenty of dumb A## Expats and OCNs that could not find there way out of a paer bag. We are all here to make money and provide a service so only qualified employees please….no matter where you are from.

  10. Comment by Govany Perony:

    I have done 3 years in Afghanistan and a year in Iraq.
    There is a reason why the American Economy was booming during the Vietnam War…because items were shipped from America.
    When I was in the Zone I hardl’y could see any American made products…everythhing was from the neighbouring countries. So much money spent and none returning to America to keep America Employed.
    American Bases should be considered American Soil for legal reasons and follow same laws that apply in the mainland.
    If refused then…how about giving work permits to same percentage of illegal aliens in the US?
    American Companies that do not abide by the US laws should be treated as Foreign Entities and treated as such.

  11. Comment by Rueben Bustos:

    Im intrested in going overseas, do you happen to
    have a list of some recruiters that may assit me in getting my resume review. I have tried everything . Can you help ?

  12. Comment by fluorelectrician:

    I finally got my job offer and leave date for Fluor. It took 4 months of me emailing calling and all around bothering people to get it, but its done. Im a Jman electrician, going to afgan for a year. This will be my first time there. maybe the last. Im not sure what to expect, Im not sure if ill be living in a crappy tent, with 40 guys.
    Im writing this to let other people that are looking into fluor or over seas work can read about a guy going through it .Ill do my best to keep posting. as much and often as I can. But Internet can be in short supply.
    Here is what i know so far.
    1. Ill be aloud to bring 2 bags 50 LBs each
    2.I dont need to bring tools (this makes me nerves, a craft man is only as good as the tools he works with. What if i get there, and have to share a pocket level with 4 other guys. how crappy would that be?)
    3.Fluor will provide a laptop. ( I will have to do paper work and records while Im there?)

    Thats it for know. ill post again from Greenville SC. during there training.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Congrats, good luck and be safe. Please keep us posted.

    • Comment by all ears:

      Yes , you have paperwork to do. You are not allowed to use your own tools. Your 1 year is actually a little over that since you must spend day 365 at your FOB before demobing. So expect to be there 370-375 days
      They keep playing around with the way allowances or R and R pay are paid out which is demoralizing. By the way , verbally they say they are bonuses.

    • Comment by NEW YORK:

      Just bring one bag because you will be carrying it from FOB to FOB plus your lap top and company lap top and a brand new bag of tools yes new tools and if you go as a T.I. you will get around I had one bag 2 lap tops and the tools plus ARC Fault Suit it was a load I hated to lug around and you also have your PPE (vest & helmet )25lbs so if you can ship things home and if you need them have the family send them the only spare thing I would bring is a extra pair of boots I forgot and when I was up north I needed a pair and the small PX had none so tape had to do till I made it back to BAF. you will be able to e-mail but your yahoo etc. will be blocked so buy time their also get Magic jack for home and have them call your Hagie phone calls in are free a cheep phone will be around $100 I’m in US now but will be going back after being hurt and rehab is done so go lite on the bags but do bring Powder !!!! gets hot good luck

      • Comment by fluorelectrician:

        thanks for the advice. You answered a lot of questions i had. I got it down to a small trunk. ( stanley tool box) it has big wheels and is lockable i hate living out a duffel bag. but i got it down to 50LB. Does it cold at night in the summer? I was going to have my wife send me my winter gear later in the year.

    • Comment by Mike Keller:

      Let me know your opinions about working with Fluor in Afghanistan. I have an offer to go over as a journeyman carpenter. Any feedback would be appreciated.

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        Mike-I don’t get a lot of good feedback on Fluor, Dyncorp or KBR. So, it’s kind of hard to recommend them. I say give it a try and see what happens. Personally, I don’t expect Fluor to keep Northern Afghanistan LOGCAP task order much longer.

        • Comment by Jimmy D.:

          Ms. Sparky,

          Where do you get your info? Fluor is in no way losing the north. Incredible the amount of disinformation you try to spread on this site. To everyone else, if you are planning on working in Afghanistan and you are not a specialist trade, Fluor is the company that you should look at. I did 6 years with KBR in Iraq and Afghanistan and now with Fluor. Fluor beats KBR hands down. My buddy left KBR for Dyncorp and three months later, he is heading to the house.

    • Comment by Mike Keller:

      Ms Sparky, Thank you for your reply to my post. I am like a lot of construction people out there, 50 something in age, a lot of good experience, skills and qualifications, and found themselves out of work in 2009. This, after having spent the last 25 years working steadily in the commercial sector. I have spent hundreds of hours looking and applying for work, only to net a few interviews and see a couple of offers fall through.
      I was recently contacted by a Fluor recruiter for a journeyman carpenter position I had applied to. While the base pay seem very low, the most attractive thing to me, besides going back to work, is the tax exempt status for the first $93,000. I was curious if Fluor recognized talent whan they saw it and would elevate a worker in job status while in country. if you sign up as a carpenter, do you stay a carpenter? I come to the table with a journeyman carpenter background, as well as a degree in CM and a general contractors license. I see this as a foot in the door. I would be interested in talking with other Fluor carpenters who can tell me about the type of work they do daily, areas of assignement and living conditions.Once the one year committment is over, is there other opportunity with Fluor to work in other, non LOGCAP IV, roles as they have projects worldwide?

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        Mike-In my experience it would be unlikely you would be promoted based on qualifications. The LOGCAP contractors seem to have a “quid pro quo” promotion system. I strongly suggest if you decide to go over to just do you one year as a carpenter and don’t expect anything else. This way you won’t be disappointed. It’s a tough economy. I understand this would be very difficult of impossible to turn down. Keep in mind to maintain that tax free status, you must stay out of the US for 330/365 consecutive days. These days may fall into two tax years. I also recommend you save some of you first paychecks for that plane ticket home. If you do not finish your year, Fluor will charge you for demobilization.

    • Comment by B-MANN:


  13. Comment by Enut:

    Agree with you 100 percent Frederick

  14. Comment by Danny Lopez:

    I dont see how so many people say watch your back. Fluor is actually a lot better company all the way around. Unlike KBR was dont get me wrong KBR was a good company in some areas. But Fluor has got standers and for the most part they do get followed. Im just so beside my self with all the wineers that dont know what the hell they are talking about. If you dont want to work for this company then dont. Just stay at home and suck on your Knumb like a baby. The American people are the one’s that make are country work. Rather is is over seas or at home. Flour has been good to me and my family and that is the way it will stay untill the Good Lord say diferent.

    • Comment by nick:

      KBR has all the companies beat.they dont have a cue what they are doing.dont anybody bad mouth kbr,unless you have worked for them.
      If you want to be treated like chain-gang
      work for Dyncorp at KAF.And go to south park,you will know then.

  15. Comment by comment123:

    Fluor is one of the most unscrupulous companies around. And they encourage workplace violence

  16. Comment by fluorelectrician:

    Im don’t with training at Greenville SC. the classes where boring , but they had some good insight to what i would be doing in Afgan. It seems my job will be mostly paper work. everything is slow moving. I found out that with out a order form that has gone through 1-6 people i cant even change a light bulb. lol. O well if thats my job ill go for it.I will say this, If you have a problem with sitting around and doing nothing all day. this is not the job for you.

    • Comment by whp:

      I will be there soon- hvac; been there before(KBR), got cash draws at Jbad or Bagram. Whats best way to get cash now if not at base with commissary?

  17. Comment by jcchillin:

    I am getting ready to Afghan (hopefully) I would like to know about the physical portion and dental exams…what does Fluor actually do..it is very detailed cumbersome?

    • Comment by Spark48:

      Fluor will (should) be sending you to a medical office in your local area for the pysical and dental exam. The physical is pretty basic, with reflex test, hearing, basic movment, TB, and BMI (Body Mass Index). You can google the BMI to get an idea of what that is about, to ensure you are below the required percentage. The dental is just a quick check up to make sure you wont have problems when you get into theater. If you pass both of those, then they will send you to get your vaccinations, and stick you with every shot you need to deploy. Pretty basic, nothing to sweat, unless you have extremely bad blood pressure, or are excessively over the BMI. Good Luck.

      • Comment by jcchillin:


      • Comment by jcchillin:

        Thanks I did receive the documents like you said, to a local clinic they are sending me. My BMI is less than 30. Do they complete X-rays? at dental and Medical for I guess chest or entire body? Just wondering, I better dress comfortable, sounds like an all day thing. I have my shot record so hopefully not too many are due, they told me shots will be given in Greenville.

    • Comment by LU BLUE:

      how’d you get the hook up?

  18. Comment by LU BLUE:

    I’m a civilian looking for overseas employment in admin support. Have applied online with Fluor, Itt, Dynacorp for past year no response, got good work history BS in Org. Management , need recruiter and tips for landing a job. Help.

  19. Comment by Fred S. Rael:

    Can some one show me how to find a job over sea I have for the last 6 years trying to no avail, today is no different I was given a reference by Col. Crowley brother And was unable to submitt my resume as Master mechanic /Cert Welder / Or a good supervisor job, Yes I can do all these jobs and Damn good at them also but does any want to pay. I am one of the few that can pull the time one year or two , it is only time passing , for a better life, Please some one out their help me fredrael810@aol.com I have no trouble traveling shot and passport up to date

  20. Comment by Fred S. Rael:

    To any and all Employers Out their my name is Fred S. Rael I am one of the better Heavy equipment MechanicThat is looking for game fold employment I have tryed to submitt my Resume but it keep’s getting kick out for being to long , Here is My question and answer Can some one help to get thru all The B/S so I can submitt my resume with out paying so much money Equipment Maintance Certified weler Build design equipment like no other I have very good reference’s lik Col. Crowley as a start . my e mail address is fredrael810@aol.com and my cell is 720-284-4278 Englewood Colorado 80110 I am very Serious. I know their is still good people out their

  21. Comment by Cake:

    Hello everyone,

    I have been home for four months returning from Kuwait working as a contractor for Combat Support Associates which is now Triple Canopy. I am ready to go back overseas but I would like to get on with Fluor. I have applied online but as we contractors know it is usually about who you know also about having a contact. If you don’t have someone you know that can put you through to a recruiter it could take months even years to get overseas. I got on with Combat Support Associates because someone gave me a recruiter’s contact info. Does anyone have an opinion on this and does anyone have contact info for a recruiter at fluor I specialize in Supply and the food Sector. Thanks for reading this!

  22. Comment by Cake:

    For the person who resume is being sent back you have to shorten your resume!

  23. Comment by zaba blue:

    When one works for Fluor one should see that they are showing signs of being KBR. People are being transferred like Bojana from Abad to Shinwar to be next to her boyfriend, Kirk Bower. or how Santiago, a DFAC Area Mgr. got his wife promoted to Sous Chef and transferred to Kabul to be with him, hmm? Then there is Mike Tate who tells people to charge new work to O and m, timesheet fraud? Or how Fluor does not listen to the trades complaints about Materials or the Yard and now a huge explosion on July 15. Now Fluor is saying it is because no one reads the MSDS, ha ha ha! How about not reading and comprehending english or taking safety serious? What about climate controlled buildings for certain chemicals? (mis-management perhaps?)How about bagram making rules that they do not have to deal with such as trying to make it to Bagram the day before your charter from a FOB. Chances are good one will miss a flight and pay an extra fee for their ticket out of Dubai. This is because the bigwigs in Bagram live there and DO NOT miss the charter. The people in outlying FOBS have missed the charter flights. Then there is preferential treatment to the DCMA inspectors by giving them priviledges to use Fluor laundry when they should be using the Military laundry. COBC violation there.

  24. Comment by gonewild99:



  25. Comment by allhands:

    is anyone surprised that Fluor is same as KBR, 70% of the KBR people switched from red to blue lynards, almost all department managers got a better offer, there is not internal job process, ohh yes there is however most the jobs are filled with the buddy network even before posted at an internal job site, staffing is grossly high, and very padded, if the army or any auditor took the time to do there job it would be main stream news, sooner or later the oversite will come and people wil be held accountable and responsible. I have been doing this for a long time, yet in a stan seems the staffing is 80% OCN (Balken) to 20% expats with no change site, i would guess fluor could lose 30% of staffing and still remain mission cappable, if we had the right managers able to manage their assets and not judt hide out and complain how “short staffed” they think they are.

  26. Comment by zaba blue:

    Back in December and January Fluor made us all sign statements that we would be taking Doxycycline or we would be terminated. We also had to agree to give blood tests for this if asked or be terminated. this pissed off one manager and she, patti Booth, checked with Centcom about this. It seem that contractors are exempt from this order about doxycycline. She reported to Fluor that there could be legal action taken against it for requiring doxy as they demanded. Fluor changed the policy to recommended, strange huh? Fluor telling us to take a prescription drug without a ordered prescription. Sounds like medical damages could be claimed by all who were told that it had to be taken. Has anyone actually looked into the effects doxy does after long term use? One should.

  27. Comment by zaba blue:

    I have to agree with Zaba Blue

  28. Comment by Fred S . Rael:

    well if they took the time to check they could get men from the states that are really good and know what they are doing , You know when a colo John ,Recomeneds you .you have to know what you are doing , Well I will just keep working and when I am called up I will preform and then they will ask if I have any other friends like my self out their . Fred S. Rael 720-284-4278

  29. Comment by Fred Sweet:

    well I left Flour due to issues with the over-all process of what went down. I am not a Fan of Luschinger nor am I a fan of the old KBR Buddy system. When I worked for KBR it was one of the best gigs you could land with KBR working the remote sites. You were able to do your job without hesitation and when I went to Fluor I got ripped out of Cobra and stuck in Bagram to rot yea that was a real uplifting exp. Being stuck in a Tent with over 50 other people 3/4 of them not speaking a lick of English, Then finding out those people got a b-hut room just cause they knew people piss on that. Sorry just ranting. Other than the BS if you want to work for LOGCAP go to Fluor you have no other choice cause DI you are gambling with your pay there.

  30. Comment by Dana:


    I applied last night for 4 positions with Fluor and recieved the normal emails telling me thank you for my interest. Then this morning I recieve an email from fluorstaff@trm.brassring . Telling me my professional objectives and qualifications are being reviewed. Is this legite?

  31. Comment by allhands:

    grossly overstaffed, in most fields, and good luck 80% OCN that make 20% of the posted jobs American’s jsut wait the purse strings will be tightened, sooner or later..’SAVE AND RELEASE’

  32. Comment by hayden:

    what to be expected working as a journeyman plumber for fluor in northern afghanistan?

    • Comment by fly on the wall:

      Expect wrong material or no material. Glue that arrives bad, pipe from KSA that says 2″ but is not. Other than this expect abuse of equipment from users US Army, contractors, locals, etc. Basically the same issues as in Iraq at some sites. Now if you are at a Hub then the material issues go away.

  33. Comment by hayden:


  34. Comment by HVAC101:

    Couple questions for the group. I will be processing starting the 17th of this month, what is to be expected as a HVAC Journeyman in afgahnistan, and how many, if any to they turn away in Greenville and for what reasons? I guess i want to make sure I dont quit a nice job to get screwed down during processing. Any info would be great.

  35. Comment by james:

    Which contractor is better to work for in Afghanistan & why, KBR or Fluor?

  36. Comment by fred s. rael:


  37. Comment by been there:

    Fluor has come out with a policy that if you smoke it must be deducted from your time or you stay longer at work. It is being aimed at a certain group of people who smoke waay toooo much and drink coffee Turkish style. Some have said it is about time. Some say they see managers smoke too much but that can be a bad preception as most work long hours at 12 hours pay. There are also no 15 minute breaks allowed. Flour has also recently termiated several for timesheet fraud by signing off on others time. This is something that KBR should have been doing years ago.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I understand the standing around outside and smoking all day. But….since when are you not entitled to a break? At least 10 minutes every two hours and 30 minutes every 4. What if you smoke on the way to the toilet. Are they going to dock your time for going to the bathroom? I see their point, but I think there are better ways to handle it. Fluor is an at will contractor, just send them home and be done with it.

      • Comment by been there:

        I agree that there is a better way to handle this. It is only because of a few that this type of pressure is being exerted on the others. If one also looks at who suggested this one may see KBRs mentality on this. Punish the abusers and not the good ones.

  38. Comment by all hands:

    i have not heard of this so called “smoking policy” just ensure your in a authroized smoking area..i have not seen any terminated for time sheeet fraud, but we all know the rules..as witht he other contractor, not many terminated for job performance, but violation of some policy, becaue not all are proficient in the job hired to do..it jsut like a network much more connected then KBR because no one is doinga nyhting to prevent the buddies form promoting the buddies, no wander so many problems, and not many quailified people getting promoted…go figure but it is LOGCAP, that explains it…

  39. Comment by Leon:

    KBR verses Fluor – KBR win hands down. KBR had it’s problems but at least they looked after there people. In a tent with 40/50 others. Try living in a tent with 450 others of all nationalities. Some of whom shared the same bed together and got up to some unspeakable things. KBR at least fought and won to get decent living conditions for it’s employees i.e. after a few weeks in a tent you got an on suit container. They did not mess with your pay either and the finance department were helpful. Yes I worked for KBR for 2 years in Iraq and then after 2 years away from Logcap went to Afghanistan. I only did 11 months and 1 week before I quit in disgust and yes I lost my signing on bonus. I would go back with KBR tomorrow if the opportunity were to be there again.

  40. Comment by all hands:

    Fluor and KBR are about one in same, after one year completed with fluor, (5 wiht kbr) i made more money, however the RR pay ie travel allowence is great and hte uplifed hours on rr is good to, if you take more time then u have accured u lose money..with zero days but..im thrilled wiht the RR and the bounus, i do not cal the rr funds income, however im doing well ..and enjoing life..this week lol.maybe cause RR in a few days or the Holidays…but.KBR was good to me to both ahve there ways and agenda and both stretch to make as much profit as possible while having as many employees as possible ….

  41. Comment by benjamin:

    allright folks it’s been nice perucing via ur electroprints it’s amazing how u hae one another keep doing what ur do coz i believe u dissagree to agree some day and time is the best orator of ya all b blessed n live to c 2012 let’s try to style up and think of how we can device a forein object sensor to curb the insurgency of IDS whereby a rocket will be detected at a glance nad intercepted think big stop the kitchen politics of who does it better who deserves it let forge ahead coz the change is in u n the change is u -benjamin

  42. Comment by Jason:

    I just finished a year contract with DynCorp and although I was offered another year with DI, I politely refused. I have been applying for numerous jobs with Flour and ITT to no avail. I am sure that the jobs i am applying for i am certainly qualified for. Can anyone give me a phone number or direct contact in recruiting for both companies? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  43. Comment by John a Wilson:

    Hello I recently retired from Army in Food Service with over 17 years experience and I have been applying for six months or more.I also have BS Business Admin degree.Could someone direct me in right direction?Thanks!!

  44. Comment by Lara:

    I worked for KBR ( logcap II logcap III ( Afgh-Iraq till 2009) HR TRAVEL. Please if you know some reqruiter name for Fluor let me know!


    • Comment by Dave:

      for Lara,
      do as everyone is required, go to fluor website and upload your resume. if a recruiter thinks your qualified then they will contact you for interview etc.

  45. Comment by Leon:

    My wife and I both worked for Fluor and during her time she was sexually harrassed, intimidated, threatened, victimised and finally had to raise an ER issue against her supervisor. It took nearly 5 months to get her supervisor terminated and then when her contract was due for renewal she was not given one. She had to spend an extra 14 days in country because her supervisor would not give her the R&R time that would let her have 45 days left before the end of contract. She would have lost her travel allowance etc if she had not done the extra 14 days. Also she was moved from her base to Bagram where no one would help her to get badged. She kept chasing them and finally got her badge 4 days before demob. She was the one that ended up getting punished as she has tried for the past 14 months to get back and has applied for over 40 jobs that she is more than qualified to do but so far has not had an offer. I heard thru the grapevine that she had been blacklisted because she raised the ER issue. How is that for a company that says fluor employees are one great big family and that they will look after you. The upper management broke all the company rules by not enforcing the Sexual harassment policy. If you are not one of the boys or girls then you get no help whatsoever. I myself left after 11 months and 1 week (giving up my singing on bonus, end of year bonus and my travel allowance)because I was not supported when I went against a supervisor for a blatant infringement of the HSE Policies. I have over 30+ years in my profession and have never worked for a company that treated it’s employees (Western and FN’s) so badly.

  46. Comment by Of course:

    I had a man at corporate not only sexually attack, but literally get in my face then slander me. Their lawyer lied about witness. Testinoney

  47. Comment by Fred:

    it should be American only , after all ,Brtish only hire their own when they post jobs , so Our tax dollars should be used for AMERICAN people Only

  48. Comment by spark1:

    I agree Fred, Fluor was canning all the IBEW guys who used there IBEW Journeymen card to get over there because there State had NO State level Licensing.. But while they where keeping these unlicensed Bosnians and Indians, who pay 0 taxes working as a electrician’s is unreal . The funny thing is check out there NEW career page and read it….. Line 2


    As a minimum, 48 months cumulative experience and possesses****ONE****of the following credentials:

    1) Current Journeyman Electricians License from state, county or municipality of residency.
    2) Current Electrical Inspector’s Certification (EIC) ****or possesses a current IBEW Journeyman or Master Electricians Card****

    Now how much $$$$ did they save by doing this for the last year? My tax dollars going to waste by corporate greed, I hope all the guys who got canned get to see what they pulled. Fluor shame on you

    • Comment by Lara:

      But remeber that Bosnians and whole Balkans workers in general have more experiance since they already worked for LOGCAP II ( Camp Bondstell- Kosovo and other camps in Bosnia so they are more qualified than you guys no mather what you are saying in your comments. I was the one who worked in HR for logcap III and in Multination Support Cell office for LOGCAP II projects and my PM more trusted me than some USA guys WHY? Also about the taxes in our countries, our country will make decision when we will pay taxes and it is not for your comments at all. You are payng what you own to your country for house and etc……so because you own so much and other taxes regulated by USA ofcourse that you can not save any money. So PLEASE stop keep talking about FN-s since you even don’t know our mentaliti. Thank you!

      • Comment by Spark1:

        Experienced??? I think that’s why KBR lost there contract by hiring these (Experienced) hack’s who had no clue how to perform electrical work that ended so horribly…

        • Comment by Ms Sparky:

          I second that. Had KBR focused on hiring qualified craftsmen and paying them accordingly there would have been far less deaths, injuries and fires. When I went over in 2004, there was not small amount of resentment on mine an other licensed electricians part when we found out we made the same as an 18 year old unskilled labor foreman supervising the sand baggers, or made less than the supervisor of the laundry workers. KBR gave little value to skilled craftsman until people started dying and were forced to do so. (OK done venting)

      • Comment by Dave:

        Experienced??????? i can tell you first hand, i didnt see where they were experienced in anything, well except for smoking, that i will give them A+ on. but when it comes to experience in construction they are way below greenhand 3rd class helper experience. i do know this for a fact as i personally inspected alot of work performed by them and there is absolutely zero quality in their workmanship.

    • Comment by Lara:

      You should be shame because of this comments. Fluor recognized real and good workers!!!!!!!!!!!!

      This is a descrimination from your side and I hope that you will stop it once forever!

  49. Comment by Concernerd:

    Americans have really good workmanship and knowledge with all of the code(s) in the USA for the work. Im no electrician at all. My Grandfather was an Electrical Engineer for a very very longtime. He helped open many Aluminum plants around the world, on there electrical grid. Good Luck

    • Comment by Dave:

      i disagree with that, there are also some bad apples out there as well that are americans, i have seen them put into positions they cannot even spell themselves. there are good and bad on all sides.

      • Comment by Lara:

        Yes Dave you are right about that. While I was working in HR they asked me several tjimes for help, to spell for them theyr names or to filll out forms, because I guess they didn;t now to read or write. How sad but they are not FN’S so it is good to go!

  50. Comment by DCCWife:

    Comment by Lara:
    Thursday, February 23rd 2012 at 12:07 am |

    Nobody says nothing against Maericans but your comments are all the time against FN-s no matter are they Bosnians, Kosovars or British. They are FN’S and for you means that there is no space for them in your comapnies. Look bellow yours and Fred comments and you will see!

    You know what, I am sick of FN’s acting like they all have these rights that our U.S. contractors and troops don’t. Tell me how it is that there are FN’s banging their bosses, bringing alcohol onto base, drinking in bunkers, offices, and God knows where else. yes there are bad apples everywhere. Regardless of their origin. But you know the opportunity for the foreign national’s is there to better themselves, and some are. But it’s infuriating to see how they can take numerous breaks on a 12 hour shift, they manage to talk about the US in the midst of a US base, about how they hate Americans. When we have troops and spouses who are in the middle of things over there and are lucky to get 5 or 100 minutes to talk to their families. And it’s just getting worse. Did you wonder why Bosnians, macedonians, etc, aren’t allowed to do certain things? Or have certain things….I believe it’s a safety and production issue.

    • Comment by Lara:

      Yes you said all bad tings about FN;s but I don’t care because we know who we are.

      Second- where did you saw alcohol in Base? I newer saw it and I was on project 4 years.

      Third-When ever we had a drog test guess who feld- you guys not FN’s, I aw jit whit my own eyes. So don’t tell me some things…..

      Fourth- did you ever pass a war- WE BALNKANS DID! About US troops I can just say GOD BLESS THEM WHERE EVER THEY ARE but about USA contractors, go back to regular school first. Stop talking that you have schools and certificates, in my country will never accept online, so that is the reason why you are so against us, and that mean that you have a huge problem. We will always have a job every where in the world because recruiters recognize our skills, not online certificates………..please stop for a while becase you don;t have any argument. You are just JEALOUS

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