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From KBR – Death Of Employee Lucas “Trent” Vinson

Update: US Soldier charged in death of Lucas Vinson.

Blue Border Communications Bulletin #9
Death of Employee Lucas ‘Trent’ Vinson – 14 Sep 2009

LOGCAP III Employees:

As many of you have heard, a KBR LOGCAP III employee was shot and killed at COB Speicher. This is a tragic situation, and the death of an employee is one of my greatest fears as the Principal Program Manager.

At approximately 08:30 yesterday, September 13, Lucas “Trent” Vinson, a Client Owned Equipment Specialist at COB Speicher, was shot by an unidentified person while operating a motor vehicle outside of the project management office. He later died during emergency surgery. The media is reporting that a soldier has been detained in connection with the incident, and you will probably hear many stories on how this happened.

Because the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division is currently conducting an investigation, at this time I can not comment further on what has happened. I can say our Security Department and project management are conducting inquiries in an attempt to determine what happened, and how to keep our employees safer on the project.

Mr. Vinson has relatives on this project, including his father. We have been in contact with the family, and our heartfelt condolences go out to them and everyone who has been affected by this tragedy. We have sent Employee Assistance Program experts to the C Sites to not only support the family, but those co-workers who need someone to talk to. There were several witnesses to the event, and there will be a lot of healing that will need to take place. If you feel you need to talk with someone about this event, please contact your Human Resources or EAP representative, they are here to help.

There is the possibility members of the media will ask our employees questions about the event, and I remind everyone of our policy requiring prior approval before talking to the media. If a member of the media, including military Public Affairs officers, approach you, please refer them to your Project Manager.

This is a time of mourning, and I ask that you join with me in remembering Mr. Vinson and his family with kind thoughts or prayer. Because this happened, I can think of no better way to honor Trent than to continue with the mission he was on – and that is to deliver an excellent product to the military we support.

We Deliver,


Principal Program Manager
LOGCAP III Middle East/Central Asia

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  1. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    I am getting much communication about two additional soldiers who MAY have been victims in this tragedy. This is certainly just rumor at this point because the DoD flatly denies any additional victims.

    I would like to hear it from someone who is at Speicher. Also, can someone tell me the name of the soldier and the Unit the soldier belonged to who shot Lucas.

    Please don’t leave any of that information as a comment. Click the CONTACT US tap above or click this link to send me an email.


  2. Comment by Cynde L. Hammond:

    Hi, Debbie.

    Words cannot express how deeply saddened I am by this event. My heart goes out to the families of both these young men, but most especially, of course, to the family of “Trent” Vinson, whom by all accounts was a wonderful man.

    I extend my prayers to his family and friends and even though I know that their hearts are breaking now because they miss him and they are so shocked by what has happened, I offer them the following reminder of hope:

    Since the Lord loves us so much, death is not final, because when He died for our sins and He was risen on the third day, He fulfilled the prophecy that was written in the Bible and defeated death–so that when it is time for US to go “home”, we will finally be reunited with our loved ones (the ones that have gone on before us, like Trent) in Heaven. Trent will be waiting, with open arms, right beside the Lord, to greet you and welcome you “home”.

    To the other man, his family and his, I extend my prayers as well. I don’t know the true circumstances of the event, but I do know that they are going to need understanding, to say the least. They definitely need to reach out to the Lord to for the strenght and wisdom to get through this, and I pray that they do.


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