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Adam Hermanson of Triple Canopy Electrocuted In Shower In Iraq

I first blogged about this tragic death on Sept 2 after I had been notified it happened. You can read that post HERE

AP NewsBreak: Contractor electrocuted in shower


A State Department contractor apparently has been electrocuted while showering in Baghdad even as U.S. authorities in Iraq try to remedy bathhouse wiring problems that have led to the deaths of American troops there.

The contractor, Adam Hermanson, 25, died Sept. 1, his wife, Janine, said Tuesday. She added that a military medical examiner told her that preliminary findings indicate her husband died from low voltage electrocution.

Electrical wiring has been an ongoing problem in Iraq. At least three troops have been electrocuted in the shower since the start of the Iraq War. Inspections and repairs are under way at 90,000 U.S.-maintained facilities there.

Hermanson grew up in San Diego and Las Vegas. He joined the military at age 17, and did three tours in Iraq with the Air Force before leaving at the rank of staff sergeant. He returned to Iraq as an employee of the Herndon, Va.-based private contractor Triple Canopy.

Jayanti Menches, a spokeswoman for Triple Canopy, said in an e-mail that the company was saddened by his death but would not be commenting further until an investigation was complete.

State Department spokesman Robert Wood also offered condolences to the family, but would not elaborate further on the cause of death, pending an investigation.

Janine Hermanson said her husband took the contracting job so they would have money to buy a house in Muncy, Pa., where they were planning to live. She said she’d already moved there and was living with her parents.

The two would have celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary on Sunday.

“He was supposed to come back and we had a lot of plans,” said his wife, who also served in Iraq with the Air Force.

Besides three Iraq tours, Adam Hermanson served in Uzbekistan with the Air Force. His mother, Patricia Hermanson, 53, of Las Vegas, said everyone in her family was struggling to understand how he could survive four war tours, then die suddenly in a seemingly safe place.

“We all know that Adam was as strong as a tank,” his mother said. “He was in good health.” (click HERE for original article)

We are still looking for more information on this incident, such as:

1. Who had the O&M (electrical maintenance) contract for Camp Olympia which is supposedly across from Union III and is in the International Zone/ Green Zone.

2. What is the building number for the building Adam died in?

3. Who is doing the criminal investigation? CID? NCIS? FBI? Department of State Inspector General?

This really infuriates me.  It has been 20 months since SSG Ryan Maseth was electrocuted and died in his shower. And it’s still not safe to take a shower after work in Iraq. So what has happened to the 100’s of millions of US Taxpayer dollars that went to line the pockets of KBR and SBH? I would say the DCMA has some explaining to do.

If you have any information regarding Adam Hermanson’s death please contact me by clicking HERE and I promise to get the information to the family or their attorney.

My most sincere condolences to Adam’s family. I pledge to do whatever I can to help you find the answers you deserve.

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by JJJ416:

    RIP brother. Your service to our country will never be forgotten. The manner of your death will not be forgotten either as long as Ms Sparky draws a breath.

    Ms Sparky I want to thank you for your unrelenting quest for the truth. You are truly an advocate for those have lost their lives at the negligent hand of another.

    Adam Hermanson is in good hands. But he already knows that. Please do not let them wear you down.

    Ms Sparky’s Response:
    What kind words…thank you. We had so hoped that TF SAFE and all the publicity would have prevented this from happening. Clearly we have more work to do.

  2. Comment by for-what-it's-worth:

    KBR – This is for you KBR. When I was in Iraq, I never thought that our country’s finest would lose their lives inside the barriers that were put there to keep the enemy out. The enemy is silent, runs like a thief in the dark – GREED, Bottom-Line, Impress the Board-Members by Cost-Cutting, thereby assuring your HUGH BONUS. Buy a bigger house, another house, impress the ladies, expensive suits, shoes, the finest of everything. Sell your SOUL for the $$$.
    None of that will get you into Heaven when you draw your last breath. KBR EXECUTIVES involved with contracting in theatre – will you be able to live with your blood-stained hands?
    In order to redeem your soul – please spill the beans on those who are responsible for causing all of the shotty work, cost-cutting things that put our own in harms-way inside the bases. Sure, you may lose your finery, but you will have a clean-conscience, and feel better about what you will have done. DO THE RIGHT THING – EVERY TIME !!!!!

    Ms Sparky’s Response:
    I totally understand what you are saying. There is a contingent out there who feel KBR should be tried for treason. I blogged about this earlier this year. http://mssparky.com/2009/03/is-kbr-guilty-of-treason/

  3. Comment by kbr_seii_employee:

    for-what-its-worth: KBR had no maintenance, nor did they ever, on the facility that tragically took the life of this young hero. So what do you mean “this is for you KBR.”

    Ms Sparky’s Response:
    Really? I am going to have to assume you don’t speak in an official capacity for KBR. With that in mind, my response is…So just exactly what building do you think that KBR had no maintenance, nor did they ever? Be specific so your claims can be verified. Why do you think that, because someone in KBR told you that? KBR automatically denies any responsibility in just about EVERYTHING! KBR as NO credibility with most of us.

    I’m not saying KBR did or didn’t have the maintenance contract on Adam’s building. I’m asking…why do you think they don’t.

    If you have specific information that will assist the attorney’s and investigators then email it.

    As far as “for-what-its-worth” they appear to just be venting. KBR is accused of some horrific acts.

  4. Comment by Deja Vu:

    Ms Sparky,

    Thanks for getting the word out to the press and congress. I have heard from some folks in the IZ\Green Zone and there is no mention of this even happening around the camps. Sounds like another incident that would have been swept under the rug if you had not worked so hard on getting the info out there. Hopefully the family will find comfort in knowing that people like you are on their side and will do whatever it takes to find the answers. I hope folks with info come forward and help. No family should have to go through this type of senseless tragedy.

    Ms Sparky’s Response:
    Thanks. If you can ask your IZ/Green Zone contacts to pass the word. If they can’t get to MsSparky.com just have them google Adam Hermanson to stay up on the news. We need more information on who had the maintenance contract/responsibilities at Camp Olympia.

  5. Comment by Deja Vu:

    Will do, also I did hear from someone that worked in the IZ and they said that KBR performed repair work on Triple Canopy’s DFAC. Don’t know if it was legit or a “drug deal”.

    Ms Sparky’s Response:
    For those who don’t know what an “Iraq drug deal” is…..it’s basically unauthorized work that somebody does as a favor to someone else. Normally a manager is making some kind of deal. But I myself have done quick fixes for people without paperwork. Some at the direction of my manager and some by my own doing. Regardless I am still responsible for my work. Authorized or not.

    But I have been told about another contractor that may be involved called ALAMCO. Here’s an excerpt from the email.

    “August 31st was the last day for the ACL covering Union III. MNSTCI is using ALAMCO. It is Iraqi run, and I am leaning towards the probability of their involvement in this incident. The SOFA requires the use of Iraqi Contractors and Subs on a great percentage of the work. They are so bad, that KBR has to fix their work all the time. As long as the State Department and MNSTCI go this route, there will be these incidents.”

  6. Comment by DOS/OIG:

    A former Dept of State OIG Special Agent was looking into these allegations and his SUPERVISORS, GS-15 (two), SES, and IG attacked his investigation and forced him to resign. Yes that’s four SUPERVISORS and do not forget about one ASSISTANT SECRETARY of State Mr. PAT KENNEDY. May you all face a congressional hearing? PS there are numerous agents that can testify to management’s cover up.

  7. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    Here’s great article from Jeremy Scahill and “The Nation” on Adam. It makes a statement that the State Department claims he was working on a DoD Contract. But a State Department spokesman gave a statement yesterday. So is it the State Department or the DoD that is confused? Anyway read the article…it’s good.


  8. Comment by DOS/OIG:

    DOS/OIG-I can not post your comment….yet! I emailed you at the email address given. Please email me by clicking on the contact us tab. I need some clarification and I can help you and the others. Please email me – Ms Sparky

  9. Comment by FYI:

    Here is a link to what might be the Iraqi sub-contractor, there are some photos under the gallery tab – construction that readers may be able to identify. (When you click on a picture it enlarges it to the left).


  10. Comment by Been There:

    They (KBR) are likely not responsible for this one. Now that I think about it, they did not build Camp Olympia. I am not sure if they self performed the work on their LSA or had an outside contractor but I do know the DoD gave KBR the contract to check out all the facilities in country for faulty wiring and they should be checking everything. Again, not sure if they made Triple Canopy have their own checks done but I will say they had better step up their inspections and certifications because the government is going to be hit with more suits than they can handle if they don’t get a handle on this and soon!

  11. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    Has someone been tampering with evidence?


  12. Comment by tokbak:

    Anyone know anything about ALAMCO company and its owner Mr. Namir Kaabi?

    Ms Sparky’s Response:
    I think you are referring to ALMCO and owner Mr. Namir El Akabi http://www.almcogroup.com/index.html

    Interesting how that company, Camp Olympia, Triple Canopy and Adam Hermanson keep coming up in the same sentence! Hmmmm

    I am going to shoot you and email. If you have more information about Camp Olympia and Adam Hermanson’s death please email me.

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