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So what’s going on with KBR today-Hiring Freeze?

This is a portion of a comment I received today. Can anyone fill us in on what’s going on here?

Called my recruiter to get my flight information and he said that all contractors for transportation and construction jobs are canceled, that I would not be returning to Houston. He said he had never in his tener (tenure) with KBR seen them do this.

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by buzzintexas:

    Electricians working overseas, at American posts, need to have a current Journeymans license at minimum. I worked for KBR at Bagram, Afghanistan, as an electrician in 2003. I held a Texas Masters license and owned my own electrical contracting company (still do). Most of the electricians who were there at the time were unlicensed helpers and they were not safety competent in their field. If you want a really good job, train for it, push yourself to excel and show initiative. If all else fails, after you become licensed as a master electrician, start your own business with the resources at your immediate disposal. Then it will be entirely up to you and you will not be at the mercy of a prospective employer.
    I wish each of you the best and I hope some of you take the initiative to start your own business.

  2. Comment by GEORGE:

    The transition is on in Kandahar.
    Going smooth.
    Dyna took over warehouse, MWR, O&M,
    Provider, motor pool, etc.

  3. Comment by GEORGE:

    Here in KAF, KBR is trimming down and downsizing.
    They lost the contract. Dyna corp is taking
    over. However, they still bring in new recruits???


    • Comment by NOT an Idiot:

      Dyan corp or Dynacorps does not exist! It is Dyncorp and as a recruiter when you cannot even spell the company’s name right that you are applying for, you get ignored!

      I guarantee that much!

  4. Comment by CHICK:

    George, they sure are. I just got a call from KBR… honestly I think they’re going to do a par by March… 14k I heard.

  5. Comment by Baboo Remembers:

    To buzzintexas:

    You must remember Guidio in KAF in 03.

  6. Comment by Derrick Tisdal:

    Yeah…here’s an update…KBR is going to shit in a hand basket! I demobbed this week because they are cutting drivers from the workforce in droves! Not only that, they do it by putting a note on your hooch door or during TSTI by one of their many abled (sic) supervisors. Then they give the employee 48 hours to get his shit packed and get on a flight. If that isn’t the most disgusting way to do things I have ever seen in my life! I demobbed just to get almost a week to get my shit properly packed and shipped to the house. I will never consider KBR for employment again regardless of what they pay. I’m done!

    • Comment by buccaboy777:

      That way you have no time to destroy property or assault other employees. During the last PAR there were untold incidents involving people who were sent home during the PAR. So in a lessons learned give you 48 hours to go less time to destroy stuff and get on you a plane. We all knew the PAR was coming and for LCIV there were several new requirements by the US Army not KBR that you have to be able to pass. If you knew you were not going to be able to pass the BMI, physical and background check demob and save yourself some troubles but some decided to ride it out and see what happens now they are witnessing what happened. IF you read your contract you can quit or KBR can terminate your employment at anytime no questions asked.

    • Comment by Sandy W.:

      My husband is currently at JBB (Balad) and wondering if he will be spared. He wants badly to just demob, but I asked him to hold out as long as he can, just because we are not very prepared right now for him to come home jobless. He has told me horror stories of how it is all be handled. Maybe there are some a**h**** that will destroy property, etc… but he has put in 5 years and 7 months over there, and we think we deserve a little respect. They preach “respect and dignity” well, practice what you preach!

      So, my husband has sent 4 boxes home so far, and will send more each day just to prepare. Unfortunately for us, he has a TV, movies, video games, etc.. over there (making it as comfotable as possible) and does not want a 24 notice to pack his stuff and head out)

      The reason we are not “prepared” is that our daughter has had 4 surgeries in the past 4 years, and has a minimum of two more…medical bills. (KBR has the crapiest health insurance) So, anyway, we wait, and wait…everyday I am a nervous wreck wondering if that is his last day.

  7. Comment by buccaboy777:

    As for your needing information, it is called a PAR they are reducing numbers. No new hires in certain trades as your poster has stated. US Army has spoken and KBR is doing. Hey did you here that Fluor is over budget by a billion dollars and have more employees in the north than KBR had in the entire country when they were the providers for the US Army? Sparky you are slipping again?

    • Comment by USMI:

      This is true about the 48 hours…quick and painless, then you get to Dubai and get your ticket home. I do like your comment Buccaboy about how you see the employees as unruly, destructive, and bullies; That’s a heck of a statement to make about the Leaders in Quality and the Way Forward. Reading your post makess it sounds like everyones a thug.

      • Comment by KBR Red:

        It is a fact that when some peopleare let go in any industry, there are a small percentage who feel justified to “payback” the company for what they perceive as unjustified. That is a fact. They then go onto to making another career bad mouthing their former employer. That is another fact, as witnessed daily on this blog. I guess in YOUR world only KBR does it this way and every other company out there gives their contract employees a gold watch, dozen roses, two weeks pay and business seat home. I have been ready to go home since this past Christmas when I sent the majority of my non-needed junk home. Everyone else should do the same. I can leave comfortably in less than 48 hours, just don’t ask me to clean my room before I leave. Grow up, and get a life other than bad mouthing your former employer.

        • Comment by Derrick Tisdal:

          You sound like one of those kiss-ass good ole’ boys that drive one of those $50,000 Suv vehicles around with your “favorite” girl on the left. And you know what I’m talking about. No, KBR doesn’t have to give anybody a gold watch or roses. I just think DRIVERS (which I’m positive you’re not) deserve much more respect than being notified of a cut by having a note put on their door or being told on Friday that their services are no longer needed in a selection system that makes absolutely no sense and especially after KBR dangled a couple of carrots like a “new” contract or possible extension of Logcap III. What a bunch of BS to keep employees in the dark! For instance, all drivers were told they needed to complete a SF85 before they would even be considered for a new contract. That was the first carrot. But then they offer a guy a contract who never turned in a SF85 and let go another who did the same! Hmmmm….something is real fishy there. Maybe the one who got a contract belongs to the same “club” you do. I can tell by the way you write, you’ve never been outside the wire, you belong to the good ole’ boys club listening to country & western music, you’re from Texas, and you ain’t got a fucking clue on what grown ups talk about. And another thing…what the fuck is wrong with a company showing their appreciation of an employees work by giving them roses or a gold watch anyway? By the way…at least I have the balls to use my real name. Who gives a f**k about KBR? I’d love to hear your answer to that one MR KBR RED!

          • Comment by KBR Red:

            You have it all wrong idiot. You know nothing and I’d be surprised if you aren’t one of the morons who would sit in the vehicle sleeping while the poor SCW suffer and do all of the work. Being a driver doesn’t make you any more special than the HVAC, plumber, electrician, or the WW guy. Everybody has a job to do and if it doesn’t get done right, then we all pay the price, drivers included. They are not anymore special than that but I guess in YOUR world, we should worship the ground they walk on, right? Sorry, I am not from Texas (I have nothing against Texans), don’t care for C&W music, and yes, I’ve never been outside the wire except when traveling from one camp to another. Nice going douchebag, for insulting Texans, C&W fans, and all those who spent their time working inside the wire. You’re a sweetheart, you CS… I happen to be someone who came into this contract freshfaced, not an idiot bonehead like yourself, and started at the bottom in my area of expertise and am now a Theater manager. Sorry if that makes you feel bad about yourself that you have sucked all those cks and have nothing to show for it. Guess what, I never once had to bend over like you must have, not once. Maybe that is why you are so sore… I did my job, did what was right and continue to do, and low and behold, I am running the show in my area without that $50K SUV. I take the bus by the way, ride my bike or walk. Maybe if you had pushed your FA away from the DFAC table a little more often, got up and did some walking, you wouldn’t be sitting at a keyboard in Thailand typing away while your LDYBY earns his/her $5. Like I said before, no other company would have done this differently and YOU know it. You are very good at insulting others when you don’t have the truth on your side, aren’t you? As far as your real name, who gives a fck, the mama-san at the LDYBY resort? Have a great life, glad you are gone from LCIII/IV you PoS. I give a f**k about KBR, and know plenty of others who feel the same way. And if I was told tomorrow morning that my services are no longer needed, I wouldn’t play the bitch like you and be proud of the work I did alongside everyone else here and move on to greener pastures, spend time with my family, not hang around the prostitutes of TL or PI like you. Your family must be awefully proud of you…

            • Comment by Semper Fi:

              man….I thought I had a bad attituted towards stupid idiots…LOL…nice rant KBR RED! I agree that there are way to many people that were brought on that have mental issues and should have been re-evaluated after 30 days. oh well their going home now…only to lie on their resumes and then be back over here in afghanistan bragging about how much combat they saw in Iraq…..news flash people Afganistan is 20 times tougher then Iraq…..you think tents in Al Asad were bad…the utilize every bunk here….better hope your not a fat ass….cause its gonna suck for you getting on the top bunk every night! LOL (hence BMI screening) at least 50 people a week demob from this base bagram….some only make it one night.

            • Comment by Derrick Tisdal:

              KBR Red…judging by your response and misspelled words and innuendo…you’re a true dumb ass and to think you’re a Theater Manager? No wonder the project is so disorganized. But I promise that I will try not to insult you because this site if you noticed…speaks for itself. If you look at the column on your left with red lettering, you can peruse pending lawsuits that all speak of a company that apparently has had a few missteps in treating employees fairly. You may say “well a lot of other companies have the same issues.” This site is ALL about KBR bonehead. As for me…I’m in great shape, work out when I can, don’t have problems with BMI, and don’t spend my time in Thailand. I’m happily married with five wonderful girls and they didn’t want me over here anyway. But now you….that’s the reason I’m leaving.

              • Comment by buccaboy777:

                Then why are you squalling about KBR if you family wanted you home and the other hand KBR did everything wrong to you. Your rants make no sense no at all. So now you are home with you family enjoy yourself and thank you for what you have done.

                • Comment by Derrick Tisdal:

                  Buccaboy…why am I squalling (whatever that means) about KBR? Because I can! The last time I looked the Constitution was still in effect on free speech. Further, I’m not home yet…but please excuse me…I have a flight to catch. Can you spell mission failure?

                  • Comment by buccaboy777:

                    no i can spell adapt and overcome. Just because you are not behind the wheel or others are not behind the wheel the mission will fail. 2-3 expats per convoy sheppard the sub contract drivers from point a to b. I have seen it done before and it will be done again. This not my first Rodeo.

                    Squalling same as complaining, griping and yelping about the continued subject of TTM is going to fail or KBR laid you off and now you are waiting for a flight. I guess you are on wireless either in Dubai or Magic Island at the BTC. Good luck to you.

                    • Comment by Derrick Tisdal:

                      Thanks for the really quick response buccaboy. This is not my first rodeo either…been here for awhile and made a lot of money. I’m not gonna lie, I’m here for the money…but my eyes are always wide open. Bush really screwed up getting us into this cesspool, but I’m making money I know my kids will have to pay back one day. There have been 4 mission failures that I know of this week alone. Six expats allegedly got out of their trucks at the gate and quit this week contributing to MISSION FAILURE. Yup, there are 150 Ghanaian drivers training right now to take their place. Its all about the money buccaboy. Another newsflash for you…a friend of mine in maintenance says the Iraqis working in his shop have been stealing everything that isn’t nailed down and its bound to get worse when they eventually move on base. Think about that when you finally get back to reality (The world) and have to pay the taxes to finance this BS. And no…I’m not in Dubai or the BTC (Bad Treatment Center) I’m still in Iraq and fly tomorrow. I’m just having fun! You?

                    • Comment by buccaboy777:

                      I am here in Iraq as well. So you fly tommorrow well i hope you have a good trip and the dust doesn’t stop you. See you on the next one, you will be back. Good Night :)

          • Comment by buccaboy777:

            No one was in the dark, they sent out the blue boarder alert in regards to LC IV and the requirements for it. Don’t give us the BS about being in the dark. IF you ass did not turn in a SF85 you will not have a cac card and will not work. So don’t give us this BS about offering someone a job without a CAC card. TTM employees knew aobut this coming months ago and decide again not to do anything about their health issues IE uncontrolled Blood Pressure and BMI less than 40%. Derrick i am sorry they sent you home but hey you knew it and we all knew it was coming. Don’t bring that BS keeping you in the dark. I used to listen to you guys tells lies and tall tales about Thailand some of your ZZ Top beard wearing old geezers married to this 22 year old is what the tell you wives and instead of spending a R&R to get check to see if you do have blood pressure issues get on medication excercise and be fit to work. But nope, decide to wait until the last minute. The camp i am on they have TTM guys who have High BP and they are probably going home soon. No one to blame but themselves. So Keep bashing KBR Derrick. Like KBR Red said, if they call me today and say Hand your time is up i will say good copy i have mailed most of my junk home and i can say i don’t need 48 hours i can leave tommorrow if that is ok and leave with my head held high and proud of what i have done and of my work. This is a busniess and if you think it is a life long job or someone is going to pat you on the back and say job well done. Nope, here is ticket and your certificate thanks. That is thanks enough what do you expect a company dinner in your owner please.

            • Comment by Derrick Tisdal:

              Yes buccaboy…it’s true. The employee was given a contract for logcap 4 and then he went and completed a SF85. We were told that you had to complete a SF85 BEFORE you were offered a contract. Not only that, this particular employee is the type to sit back and watch the SCWs work and then disappear on the bus back to his hooch. So you should be able to see why hard workers were somewhat dismayed by the whole process. As for KBR bashing….call it what you like, but I call it telling the damn truth. Try it sometime. I can also tell by most of the comments here, that you folks have never worked for a great company. Great companies make great efforts to retain their valued employees because that is what makes a company great…their employees! You stated “That is thanks enough what do you expect a company dinner in your owner please.” Huh? Spell check or at least read what you write.

              • Comment by buccaboy777:

                why should i spell check you understood what i was saying. Let count this eggs, you are home now, enjoying your family according to you they did not want you over here anyway. KBR has never treated me wrong, i did my job no i don’t watch my SCW work i don’t have any and i have treated my guys with dignity and respect. As for you situation sir i cannot speak for your outfit. I give every TTM hand my respect you are grinding gears running over ruts and rocks trying to delive you load. Alot of you guys thoughts are that the rest of us should bow down to you because you run outside the wire!!!! No sir you are doing a job you sign on for and if you did not to turn and burn you can always quit. I hear a bunch of you crying in the tents on Adder saying this is worst place to be well i guess a bunch are at home or soon to be at home and in hindsight at least i was getting a check on time now i am home. No i don’t spell check derrick i think you are smart enough to figure out that this is a contract which is winding down and alot of folks are in denial. Best to mail your junk and wait for the word before you get the 48 hours and you are out. Good luck to you and your family.

                • Comment by Derrick Tisdal:

                  Uhhh…ok Buccaboy! Not sure what you’re exactly trying to say…but I would like to say that this project revolves around providing transportation for the Army. The rest of the personnel support that effort…MCT, forklift operators, plumbers, etc. Or haven’t you figured that out? Truck Drivers are the core of this project. Thanks for wishing me good luck…remember…there is life after KBR!

                  • Comment by buccaboy777:

                    LOL, the army can transport there stuff if they had too. It is just easier for them to have KBR do it but, they have the subs who will haul the stuff and the IRaqis as well. No need for TTM in the large scale plus there is PWC and other companies who haul the stuff. Not going to fail hand. Try Fluor they are hiring in Afghanistan

                    • Comment by Derrick Tisdal:

                      OK…just one question for you…then why is the Army not moving their own right now? Because contractors have been doing it so long the Army will have to make major changes to do it themselves and again…money is the problem here. If the Army has to spend a lot of money to do what KBR is doing right now it would be a disaster. There is a critical need for KBR to do wht their contracts implicitly states…move the supplies. PWC and the others are mosquitoes compared to KBR. About Afghanistan…all I will say is there isn’t enough money for me to go there.

              • Comment by Iraqi TrUcker:

                all you assclowns need to quit whining and read what your contract says,employee may terminate his/her employment at any time and employer may likewise terminate employee’s employment at anytime for any reason including for its sole convenience, AND with or without notice. So if this is a problem for some of you former disgruntled employee’s get over it! You signed it which meant you agreed to the terms of the agreement so you cannot be pissed at kbr for exercising their option to send you packing! Life is hard, suck it up and live with the choices you made.

                • Comment by buccaboy777:

                  That is what i tried to tell Derrick but he wanted to defend his right to free speech. Oh well, like i said if they want to move the stuff they will. The Army is already gearing up to do jobs that contractors were doing before to take up the slack. Derrick you were not informed?

          • Comment by MW:

            LMAO @ Derrick. I just wonder how many were sitting at their computer THINKING the same thing you typed?

        • Comment by Semper Fi:

          True Dat!

      • Comment by james:


        You don’t have to worry about the quality thugs in Iraq they are all transfering over to Afghanistan. Buccaboy, if the employees are so unethical it is just an indicator of the quality of staff being recruited by the HR team. Those that can will always leave on thier own without fuss, those that can’t will invest in kneepads and steal everything on the way out if that doesn’t work. Considering the leadership and effort to keep the personnel with a deep supply of kneepads destruction on the way out shouldn’t be a problem for KBR.

        Maybe they can get some of the losers they fired who went over to Fluor and are screwing things up like Chuck Hazzard to come back and save the day. What a circle jerk cluster, you don’t have to be qualified in anything but kneepad use to work a government contract.

    • Comment by J:

      Fluor works employees??? My husband now works for Fluor in a DFAC in Bagram. Flour sent most employees to FOBs and now They only have two cooks doing what seven did to feed 2500 breakfasts and a midnght meal. A few foodservice workers and a few locals. His superviser will not help and says they have enough help. A supervisor requested for him to be transfered but Fluor will not. Oh by the way he is the only American there at night. He has been a chef and restaurant owner for 30 years and knows what man power it takes to feed this amount. My sister is in the north and her DFAC is understaffed too.They were told they are only keeping about 5% americans. ay too high. So now they with get people with no experience to feed our troops. One food service worker had to be taught how to use a can opener.

  8. Comment by DevilDog:

    TTM is overstaffed anyway, at least they were when I left; 120 drivers for 50 trucks, entitlement idiots putting down 115 hours for running 1 mission and disappearing to the hootch the rest of the week….

    It’s not surprising that they are jettisoning the riff-raff – the old KBR is dead – the new KBR will be leaner and meaner with well-qualified SF-85 cleared ex-pats working and running what’s left of the show…

    And you know, it’s about time…..

    • Comment by USMI:

      Dang, KBR Red…you’re a Theater Manager and have a mouth like that?? I’d like to know which one you are. We walk by the most you idiots and spit. Of course there is going to be some people disgruntled and have some hostilities toward the situation. I agree, most the idiots were living in a dream world working on the 5 year-10 year plan. But the real Managers and supervisors are the ones who help the subordinates instead of tongue lashing them. You know, as well as I, we don’t always have the cream of the crop on this contract. Yes, LCIV will have “cleared people with a proper background check conducted, but you Sir, I have my doubts about.

  9. Comment by Lumpy:

    You would think with KBR losing alot of their semi drivers that they would at least move the mail in and out of Speicher. There has NOT been a mail delivery/departure in FIVE days now!!! But let’s all be thankful that they still about the same number cruising around base all day in those shiny Ford Expeditions!!!

  10. Comment by Justpassinthru:

    After being in Iraq twice, I find myself reading these blogs out of curiosity. And I’m always amazed at how some of you went all the way into a war zone where you may have died and never seemed to get the big picture. I mean…you were THERE for God’s sake. I understand how easy it is to compartmentalize yourself in any job. After all, there are people working for WalMart who walk and talk WalMart 24-7. But that grocery department isn’t the beginning and end of anything. And absolutely no one including their families care at all about whether bread gets delivered on Tuesday or on Friday, or if Sally or Fred got an extra 5 min. on their break. Management is more concerned with the fact that Sally and Fred showed up for work and what bread they do have got sold. Please understand that absolutely NO ONE on the camp you were on will care about anything you have to complain about unless it is a violation of the Code of Business Conduct or if the CLIENT is dissatisfied. LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE…YOU ARE ON A CAMP IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR! Your trivial complaints mean nothing. Deal with what you have there in front of you. Do your job and stop whining. As is true in the military…you are a number (don’t believe me…look at your CAC card). You were sent there for the sole purpose of fulfilling the job you have been assigned to do. The Company doesn’t care in any form or fashion what your personal issues are. And the sooner you realize that and grow up and do your job with what you are given..the better off you’ll be. And why does the Company feel that way??? BECAUSE there’s a war going on with the outcome having worldwide implications! (cont.)

  11. Comment by Justpassinthru:

    (cont.) My husband was in the Balkins for over 8 years with KBR. He too worked his way up and was also in Iraq and Afgh. One thing I learned from him is that you can’t possibly know anything at all about what those managers are doing or the true scope of their jobs. The enormity of their responsibilities is mind boggling sometimes. Yet, here you come…right on into their office with some personal affront you’ve suffered or maybe you just don’t like the person you’re sleeping next to in your tent. SO WHAT!!! Look at the BIG PICTURE! Can you even imagine or care that he’s sitting there having to listen to you while he’s worried sick about the convoy down outside the wire….or when the containers will come in so he can stick you in one to shut you up? I’ve read so much drivel and crap from you guys. When will you realize that you are NOT working in the United States for a company with an employee lounge and see it for what it is! Yeah…the BTC could care less what your discomforts are and nobody cares how you’re doing in Houston at the center either. Ever wonder why? Because if you can figure out how to ask a question and figure out things for yourself, then maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to take care of yourself when you get on site and begin working. They hired you because you claimed on your resume that you had experience. Now be a man and prove it. My husband did and he was appreciated and promoted.

    • Comment by KBR Red:

      Well spoken and to the point. I go into work at 0600 and just now got back to my hooch at 2345 to do it all over again tomorrow. Thankfully, not every day is like this but more than I care to think about. I do my job right and things go smoother for those out in the field. What really throws a wrench into my day is when I have to deal with knuckleheads like Derdick Pisdale up above. Some people have to complain or they feel they haven’t accomplished anything all day. In their minds, anyone who has been a success has gotten there unethically. I am living proof that if you do a good job and keep your nose clean, good things will come your way. I wouldn’t be working as hard as I am, half around the world from my family if this job wasn’t as rewarding as it is and the people (with a few exception) weren’t worth it. I’ve met a lot of good people and made a lot of new friends who I will keep in touch with when this all ends. Oh, and the pay ain’t to shabby either…

    • Comment by buccaboy777:

      Thank you sharing your thoughts, I spent 7 years in the balkans before Iraq. I probably ate at the same DFAC with your husband. No it is not like it was during the Brown and Root days.

      • Comment by Justpassinthru:

        I imagine you do know my husband, buccaboy777. He would have been friends with someone with your ethics and pride in accomplishment.

        • Comment by Semper Fi:

          finally some people that will actually tell the truth about KBR and what we are/were doing…its true I did 4 years and made 4 promotions from top to bottom….I stressed over all the reports and timelines ect…but always finished be ita t 10pm…but like KBR Red says…it was well worth it and I certainly got paid…(on time) I think most of the negative that comes from this site is from disgruntled quiters or terminated…but working at KBR is SO freaking easy sometimes…this BLOG only tries to dispell all the good that comes out…probably because she was one one of the people from the two catagories….I find it hard to believe that anyone would go thru life thinking that they were misled by KBR….after the first week in country if your eyes were not open to the process…then you were not trying to assimalate to your surroundings….instaead these cry babies where looking for something similar to a union job back in the states…which in itself is a whole new joke…but I digress….I just cant believe people would bitch about stupid shit like no internet…riding the bus…working a full 12 hours….its so easy to just shut up for 120 days and then go on rnr…..I mean really 120days? you cant conform to rules and policies for 120 days at a time? probably most bitchers and whinners are not ex-military and have no concept of rank structure…..were working on that pre-requisit….ex-military will be first on any list of requirements….DD214 in hand with hornorable discharge and NO sf85 flagged violations….so ya’ll that slipped thru on the first wave LCIII should be happy…cause it was your one shot!

    • Comment by Sandy W.:

      Ever think there are other men out there as good or better than your husband that did their jobs just as well or better, but just are not as lucky as he is? If he was treated like some of these other guys that ARE hard working, you’d be pissed and bitching and moaning like all the others. Guess all the good ones can’t be “appreciated and promoted” so have a little sympathy for those…maybe they are hardworking, and that is why they are pissed, cause they didn’t get the recognition due to them….

      • Comment by Justpassinthru:

        Sandy, I know you are worried and so is your husband. I could tell you so many stories of the things my husband went thru, but the reality is that everyone always thinks theirs is the worst case scenario. A lot of those guys at the top have actually been thru what your husband is going thru and worse, whether it was as a prior military or civilian contractor. When my husband first went to the Balkins, he slept in a bombed out industrial building with a big hole in the roof. He slept on the ground in a sleeping bag and woke up every morning with snow on him. He had a small bag of tools and no vehicle in which to provide generator maintenance to the camps in which he and his crew were assigned. He had to travel thru “hot zones” and several checkpoints just to get to them, when he could catch a ride. He never knew if he would be shot and maybe killed. But he did his job and kept his questions to himself. He knew what he was getting into before he left to go to Bosnia. And he never knew from one day to the next if he would have a job when he woke up the next morning. The recruiter called him, told him what KBR was offering and never once made any promises that he would be “in the know” about anything. It was plain and simple…he was qualified for the job, they paid good money and they were hiring him to do a certain job. Nothing else promised except they claimed they wouldn’t let him starve. Ha. The point is…that it’s at face value when they hire you. It’s a contract job which means unless it’s written down in your contract, they don’t have to and are not going to do it. Business is business and nothing more. Logic says that anyone agreeing to go into a war zone for any reason at all should never agree to go unless they have some understanding of the dangers and hardships. So you’re looking at two logical aspects of the situation…that your contract dictates your “need to know or do” and no one should ever walk right into a war zone and on a military base thinking they’re more important than the big picture. Yes, my husband was lucky to have received promotions and he was grateful. But it took a long time with the Company before it happened.There can only be one manager for hundreds of workers. And as sorry as I am to say it, the Company simply doesn’t have to let your husband or anyone else know anything at all other than they need to pack because they’re leaving, because the Company never agreed to do anything but that in the contract. My husband knew from the onset that nothing was promised or implied other than what was stated on that contract. I can promise you that he received his share of being crapped on at times too. What good would it have done to complain. That would have implied that he didn’t understand the contract and that he didn’t understand what it meant to be on a military camp in the middle of a war and that he wanted more out of the Company than what was agreed upon by both parties. If such be the case, I as a manager would certainly be weary of rehiring someone at a later time who can’t understand the terms of the contract they signed. Sandy, I believe you when you say your husband is a good man who did over and above what he was required to do. But like you said, there are a lot of guys out there like that. More than likely, at some point, a lot of them will be rehired. And you can believe that they’ll go back too…they always do. But if I were management, I wouldn’t have to think too long and hard about rehiring someone who had a difficult time understanding the first contract and proved it every time they opened their mouth..I just wouldn’t ever consider it. I’m sorry for your anger Sandy and I truly do hope your husband is recognized for his hard work.

        • Comment by Sandy W.:

          Think my anger was more towards your comment than anything else, acting like no one has the right to be angry. Alot of people are angry, so let them voice it, it is not hurting anyone. Don’t sit there all high and mighty “I’m sorry for your anger” WTF ever…if your huaband has been thru all that, you telling me he has never been angry? I bet he has…so, when others voice their anger, don’t act like you are above it.

          I want my husband home anyway…but I guess I was more taking up for the guy that was pissed and demobbed just so he could get his shit out of Iraq. My husband is just sending footlockers of stuff home “just in case”. So far so good, but still no new contract in front of him, so am just going to assume the worst that they are hanging on to guys for back up incase others demobe?? Don’t know…so, no new contract, yet, has not been told he is out of a job.

          So what do I do?? Start sending out a resume? What if someone calls on it, just tell them KBR has not decided, can they please hold that job for him?

          Please…any human is gonna be a little upset. So, “sorry for my anger” which I would rather chock up as “CONCERN for our well being”!!!

          • Comment by Justpassinthru:

            Sandy, I was never sitting here all high and mighty. I’m sorry I even wrote because it’s so hard to read the emotion in written words. I only wanted you to know that I understand how you feel because I have been thru it and so has my husband.I never said you or anyone else doesn’t have a right to be angry…that’s not the way I am. Just wanted to say that whenever someone enters into an open end contract, they need to understand that every single thing about it is in the best interest of the Company and not the individual. And there’s just no point in being mad about it..business is business and there’s absolutely nothing personal about any of it. I didn’t want to say it “out loud” because there are Company people who read this blog all the time, but my message was for your husband to just accept the blow he’s been dealt if it happens and go on home. Because the more vocal a person is while on site or at the airport on their way out, the more chance they are taking that someone will notice and be less likely to rehire them. It happens all the time. You said that you will be hurting financially if your husband has to come home. Why? He made good money with plenty left over to save. And I bet he’ll go back if he has an opportunity because of that money being so good. I know all of this because it’s happened to so many people we know and ourselves too. Just wanted to let you know I DO know how you feel. But who can you blame? Not your husband because if it’s his first contract, then he’s done what thousands of other people have done…assumed it would last a lot longer. Can’t blame the Company because they were upfront from the beginning. If it happens, just don’t let it tear your family apart, that’s all I wanted you to understand. I can’t say anymore other than I’ve been thru what you are going thru the first contract my husband did and boy did we learn a lesson after that. You’re worried sick and scared and I know it. I’m sorry you took my words out of context. Just wanted you to be careful what is said and be also be careful next contract. Good luck.

            • Comment by MW:

              Oh my goodness, enough already. You have said the same thing multiple times. WE GET IT!!!!!!!!

              • Comment by Sandy W.:

                k MW -I’ll shut up now…lol Said what I needed to say.

              • Comment by Justpassinthru:

                Sorry about the multiple times if you’re referring to me. But at least we don’t have to read whining and complaining anymore. Nice to have this blog back to pertinent questions and information. Sorry also that my blogs were taken as criticism instead of trying to be helpful. I won’t write anymore. To some of you…save your money next time, nothing lasts forever.

                • Comment by Not Bucca:

                  Of course we are all going to be whining and crying; some handle it better than others. Ut, you have to admit this is a mechanism for people to release their anger, express there gratefulness and just share common experiences good or bad; this is a nice forum to do it in. I just think the person (Sandy) was expressing some issues that a lot of spouses and current employees are feeling. Your absolutely correct, people should have saved their money instead of the -10 year plans. It should have been a monthly plan outlook to begin with and anything afterwards is just great. ( Hey, I thought you were just passing through? Joke) Seriously, I read your blog and noticed you said “because there are Company people who read this blog all the time” I’m just curious, do you know for a fact or just guessing. Don’t get me wrong, I agree there is people from the company reading the website but my question is “why?” Shouldn’t they be working? What would their point be in reading the blog unless they were looking for certain people or trying to circumvent some upcoming litigation that is going to blindside them from internal sources. If they are doing their job why would people from HQ or stateside be looking at Ms. Sparky? If they are reputable (any company) they shouldn’t be worried about Ms Sparky’s website, should they? I think you brought up a good point about whose reading this website. We all know the Baghdad Info guy, Dean reads it. The question is why? Doesn’t he have a job to do other than looking for “damning blogs about senior staff? I’m really interested in the answer to that question. Keep us all updated passing through…you bring another perspective to the discussion.

                  • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                    I agree. People should not have to come to Ms Sparky or any other website to bring issues to lite. I get complaints all the time about various issues, many of which someone was “unjustly fired”. Turns out they were not unjustly fired. I don’t publish that crap. There should be a safe avenue for employees to address issues and the Ethics hotline and Dispute Resolution is not it. Too many times people have reported issues only to have the manager who was the subject of the report notified of who was reporting. What the hell is that.

                    • Comment by Not Bucca:

                      Amen…maybe you should post the Hotlines for the “big three” companies for people. Not everyone trusts them as once the report is filed it eventually goes back to the person who did the firing. Of course, for KBR, that is the PM. Granted, they review the matter but often people don’t want to highlighted if it involves an investigation. So they only report just enough to hopefully get the ball rolling. Unfortunately, if its ER investigating they only check so much and there are so many complaints on the “race card” and that goes for all ethnicities. I’d still like someone to tell me why KBR looks at the blog sites? I’d like to know why everyone else is blocked from FB, Sparky and a lot of others except certain people at HQ? I mean really, why would they care what people are writing about the company? Don’t they have climate assessment surveys to see how the workforce is doing? I guess they come here to see the real truth and then bash us for being disgruntled employees. Who remembers the phrase “chicken or Pasta” or aisle of window”. I’ve heard a couple of smart a$@’s from HR in the past few weeks using the terminology because they Know the people won’t be coming back. That’s just rude and kicking a beat person down even further.

                  • Comment by Justpassinthru:

                    Well, I shared my experiences good or bad and tried to explain some things I thought would help too and see where that got me. Sure there’s good people going home with the bad. Sometimes good or bad is subjective and sometimes not. Can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard from employees who had to stay an extra year or two or three because their spouse or friend was home going thru that money like water. Always in an angry panic and trying to find someone else to blame. Bad Ole Company!! The point is, I was trying to help and got cussed at for it. Why do you assume that anyone working for the Company would only read this blog if they were looking for prospective litigation issues? Why do you assume they would do it on Company time? Why do you assume they would be worried if they did read it? Rather than reading my blogs in the spirit in which they were intended, I was misunderstood and I told Sandy that and I told her I understood how she feels which I do. Just leave it at that.

                • Comment by MW:

                  I think you should have given your 2 cents and let it go.It just gets old for people who already don’t know what they are going to do to read such self righteous crap every day. I salute your husband for his service, I also salute you what all the rest of us good wives are doing but the way I look at it is you are kicking people who are already down, especially with those book long comments. Now that is my 2 cents and I am going to let it go.

                  • Comment by Sandy W.:


                    • Comment by MW:

                      Hell some of us good wives who are doing the right thing gotta have each others back. Have a good night one and all. To those who are left in theater stay safe and good luck with your jobs!

                  • Comment by Justpassinthru:

                    You know…I just don’t know what part of “I was only trying to help” that you two don’t understand. I was NEVER trying to be self righteous..only showing that I have been in the same situation and so has my husband. And just saying that the Company may suck but there’s nothing that can be done. AND saying not to burn bridges. You two must be from Louisiana.

                    • Comment by MW:

                      nd just saying that the Company may suck but there’s nothing that can be done. AND saying not to burn bridges. Why didn’t you JUST say that then? Go back and reread all your posts. LOL at Louisiana comment. I am sure all the folks on here will appreciate that one. JustPassonthru. Oops, did I misspell that?

                    • Comment by Justpassinthru:

                      What difference does it make how long it took me to say it. Look at how long it took you to understand it.

                    • Comment by Sandy W.:

                      Enough already…you must have the last word apparently. “only trying to help” and then end it in an insult. Nice! You contradict yourself non stop…and I am not form LA. Now that you have put your foot in your mouth on that one, care to expalin what you mean by that, anyway? (Are you saying something in particular about people from LA?)

  12. Comment by rosanna:

    can you pls help me coz i really want to work in GUAM US base. Pls may i know if to whom shall i submit my resume? Awaiting for your reply…… thanks

    • Comment by USMI:

      Go to USAJOBS.COM but you might want to go to another forum for those type of inquires. Not too many contracting gigs and they are extremely hard to get in Guam.

  13. Comment by USMI:

    I read the above posts with great amusement; thank you all. I do think a point needs to be made about what Derrick is writing (not about the being let-go part) but the fact the mission is in dire need of fixing. By reading Derrick’s blogs, I believe he is stationed at JBB (Balad) and the word on the street, or roads, they are suffering miserably with the TTM mission. Postal is also having it’s struggles but TTM being the bread and butter of the task order is in shambles. I wouldn’t doubt there will be a Level II or III Car issued if the problems aren’t fixed. I can’t confirm drivers quit at the gate but if something like that did happen they are in a world of hurt. I think what’s really going to kill TTM is when we start hiring local PSD or other companies like WSI to provide convoy protection. It is on its way; if it is WSI just look at the Theater Security Director, Nifong…that’s the only reason he was brought onto the contract in the first place. If it’s not WSI it will be some other bottom dollar PSD company providing protection for the drivers. That will be lots of fun.

  14. Comment by KBR TOO BIG:

    Well for what it’s worth I am seeing the biggest mission failure happening now with TTM. I will also say that even if the DCMA attempts to assess a CAR on KBR the defense is going to be that they are following the guidelines set forth by CENTCOM as well as Army Sustainment Command in Rock Island Illinois. So many truck drivers gone and the Army has so much equipment to move. So much for the “Responsible Drawdown”.

    • Comment by buccaboy777:

      Big Boy that is what the Army ask for and that is what they are getting. I am sure they will work the kinks out lose alot of stuff but still it will work. Pay less get less. Big are you still around or they gave you until 31 August 2010?

      • Comment by Sandy W.:

        Are they giving people verbals about being there until August 31st?? I heard that they laid guys off, then called them back to do a shift, then laid them off again? Are they giving like 30-60-90 day extensions?

        Sounds to me like they are laying off, but then some are still demobbing, and maybe they are not saying anything to some thinking they need to keep some “back ups” on the side lines in case too many decided to just pack up and leave…

        Completely understand that employment is never promised, that they can be laid off at anytime…but it is still unsettling with the economy here at home. I’m searching steadiliy for openings back here for my husband in case he is let go, which I think is VERY likely. Like I said in an earlier post, he is packing and mailing his stuff back as quickly as he can. I guess what happens, happens, but people can not be assholes to those upset about losing their jobs. So to all the fortunate ones, good for you, but have some respect for those that are emotional, and coming home to nothing.

  15. Comment by Semper Fi:

    ….and just for the record, most of the rumors and stories that manage to come out of KBR are statred by the TTM rumor mill…i was an outside the wire driver for a brief…then moved UP and on…but these guys are the same idiots I used to liten to in the states when i was driving truck…truck stop commandos…always talking shit based on NO facts and spreading it around like wild fire ie; in Al Asad these, over paid, JB Hunt throw outs, were spreading this BS that they heard from a col. who was in charge of the TTM mission, that insurgants were planting IED’s in the perimeter road. I’d be like whatever…and they would say we are not going to the flight line DFAC because we know something is gonna get hit…and then it just got more absurd from there…Note: that never happened…turns out it was IED’s on the road out side the wire…which is the norm. But these beer belly commando’s acted as if they were in the special forces and Col sanders himself was leading the charge…and then act stupid in Dubai, and i’d see them in the Irish Pub at DXB acting like they were these heros of the cause and out right lying about all the shit that they never experienced, but had downloaded pics of something that they some how made there own story….it all came to light when one of these zero’s showed me a picture of an incedent he claimed as his own experience…funny I said, I actually took that picture and YOU wre not there…” oh, oh…yeah thats the wrong one..they all start looking the same” yeeeeeaaaaaah, riiiiight…..later douche bag…thanks for the $7 dollar beer! so yeah…some real truth is refreshing

  16. Comment by USMI:

    I know it’s just what it is but, you know the lawsuits which are going to come over this, right or wrong, frivolous or not, it’s going to happen. Just today, a group of people are talking at the smoke pit at BTC, scheming is more like it, on how the first thing they do when they get back is to get a lawyer for, safety, medical, harassment, security issues etc.. It’s crazy, but I’m sure they will still bog down the legal system one way or another. KBR is going to spin off and become a Litigation corporation, headed by Ron Allen of course. This is all because KBR had the dang DRP thing which you can claim was good thing or not. They have no one themselves to blame and the incompetent HR/ER personnel they kept on. We have one girl here, who is a eastern European, who is a Mgr in Quality but yet back in 2006 she got charged” for forgery and stealing from AAFES. She’s been all over the company and with all kinds of personnel and is still on payroll. CID did the investigation and referred it back to KBR because they had the cashier who they wanted. Once it was found out she was never fired, it was ignored by SLT. I use this as an example of the stuff that was never dealt when brought up to Senior leadership Who wants to keep on a crook?

  17. Comment by all eyes:

    Fluor is handling matters differently. A Bosnian in HVAC refused to go to Blessing. He thought he would pull what people did at KBR. He was sent home. The next one to go conveniently had his clothes “stolen” and we are waiting to see what happens there. If KBR handled matters this way in the beginning there would be less BS. On a negative side, Fluor is not letting women go to the small FOBs. Sounds like sex discrimination to me. Nowhere in the contract does it state this but this is the case along with they will not let a woman work alone at night. While I am at it Fluor seems to be discriminating against US workers. Most have to show certificates or licenses in order to be asked to go to Greenvile, SC. Yet they are using people from APS and PPI who have no job knowledge or skills nor were they tested and their english is bad for many but not all. Fluor may not be directly discriminating but Fluor’s mgt. knows what is going on and these TCNs only get one R and R every 24 months. What happened to the 80/20 ratio in Logcap 4? The soldiers are complaining but no one is listening. So to all you ex KBR types I would say look elsewhere than Fluor as PPI and APS are taking over.

    • Comment by Still CJOA:

      That’s funny, an “HVAC mechanic” that was stationed at ABAD with KBR refused to go to the small ring route sites from there and got fired a month before Fluor took over, three months later he is back with Fluor as an “HVAC Foreman”.

    • Comment by Joann Tarkington:

      I know of serveral women working in small FOB’s in Afghanistan for Flour. Question, If Flour is over budget is this why they are wanting to get rid on Americans and keep the foreigners. How can some of these foreigners be supervisors if they do not have the proper security background checks?

  18. Comment by watching KBR:

    I have found this site to be very informative and helpful and have a question to ask. I have read the PAR and many comments relating to it and am wondering how it will affect the folks working at headquarters in Baghdad? Please refrain from the “who cares about headquarters as they are all butt kissers who wear knee pads 24 and 7, it’s the folks in the field that do all the work.” I’m sure every department in every camp has knee pad wearers but there are MANY good hard working folks who are being affected by the PAR and I am asking as I have a very good friend who just happens to work at headquarters. He spent years in camps, has been crapped on as well but went where he was told and did as he was told. He is smart and hard working and courteous and respectful of others. I have seen the toll the years have taken on him, physically and mentally. He believes in his work and yes,the money has helped him given the state of our economy here at home. All that being said does anyone know how the PAR relates to the folks in the various departments at headquarters?

    • Comment by USMI:

      It’s really hard to say without knowing his job. Back in the 2009 PAR, HQ was supposed to be one of the most effected and actually ended up getting bigger. If he’s a good worker for a section they will need around he should be okay but again without knowing his job…hard to say. But I would expect to see a decrease in QA/Log/Admin positions/SCA maybe some HR…right now they are getting “rid” of the TTM folks and then they will start with BLS. They don’t want the two to converge in demob lanes. Unfortunately, they are really messing up the TTM side of the house. The screams might start coming when they start on BLS. I can tell you first handedly, people are on their best behavior and are walking on pins and needles. Normal ruffians have toned it down a notch, for now anyways.

      • Comment by watching KBR:

        Thanks so much for the info you are getting out to everyone. It definitely helps hearing from someone who is right there in the middle of it all. My friend happens to be in materials at HQ and my concern has been that as camps close less will be needed and thus less HQ staff in this area. I may be completely off track here and have always hoped that when he comes home it is by his choice. We all know a PAR is part of contracting and the jobs can and do end at any given time but it’s still tough knowing that good hard workers must go along with only some of the slackers. Yes, these folks have made good money over there but I feel,from personal observations over the years,they have earned it with the hours, conditions,etc. their world consists of. Please keep us all posted as you can.

    • Comment by USMI:

      I can tell you one thing people are holding their breath as this all has to be done by the end of month. They’re slowly finishing up with the old TTM/CLSS and getting ready to drop the axe on the BLS people. Unfortunately, there was so much over inflation, in regards to positions, it might be massive in the scheme of things. We were told this morning…Admins – gone (over excess), certain trades–big cut; essentially a 25% decrease of personnel which is really not that bad. The DCMA is going to breathing down their backs on this one. Only a few people have seen the list of names and positions being cut. Any day now and we may get the call.

  19. Comment by Semper Fi:

    USMI— Thanks for the updates….maybe now who ever is left will actually hafta work at their jobs….then we will see who can actually tow the line. should be interesting….wish i was there to witness the malingering marchers parade off to the PAX terminal. But im sure they will cut some people who deserve to stay and keep their buddies…. thats how it goes in the club.

  20. Comment by USMI:

    Yes, so really good people were let go and that is a dang shame. They allowed ER to micromanage this whole selection process and that is not right. You can only guess what they were looking at. Supervisors were forced to keep dead weight and let go some of the good workers. On a humorous note, you see all the bums, with freaking dreadlocks, goatees and pants down around their ankles, just spouting off on how they were dissed by the “man” and what their lawyer is going to do; we had one guy who disappeared and was hiding in the port-o-john…no idea what he was thinking. As for me, I’ll leave voluntarily, it’s just so sad and funny all in the same turn you are forced to stick around. Believe me, there a some fine people leaving but they have their head held up high…I respect the heck out of those guys and girls. It’s the dirt bags that have gotten away with fraud (getting a paycheck) for doing nothing all these years the galls a person.

    • Comment by Sandy W.:

      USMI, you said it best, slackers staying and good ones being let go, that is my biggest issue. Really, hding in a porto potty, too funny!

    • Comment by Back Home:

      Are you in the IZ? Whats it look like is going to happen to the trades there? I left last october but will be back @ Prosperity around the middle of August with a different contractor. I was just wondering what was happening with the O&M side.

  21. Comment by Barry:

    As Americans we can appreciate our constitutional rights,like freedom of speech,and the very basic right to be free from bullying and assaults-(Bosnians in particular were a really,really great choice to hire in huge numbers-remember Bosnian Serbs in the 90’s,Genuises? Ummm… genocide,mass murder,systematic torture and rape,HELLO)-and they didnt hesitate to play Boss Thug at every opportunity.

    We have the right and the DUTY to speak up to prevent our country from becoming a bigger Bosnia,run by corrupt and evil thugs and goons.

    I wonder if Germany in the 30’s was like this,with all the Good Nazis keeping the griping and bitching ‘malcontents’ in line?

    Well Brother, It Aint Me!

  22. Comment by Bruce Diggs:

    As everybody knows, there is currently a huge draw-down of U.S. troops going on in Iraq right now –
    20, 000 coming out by the end of this month and they say a zero presence by the end of the year. The thing is though, the government is already talking about ways to implement what amounts to a civilian led army to cover what will be a continuing mission in Iraq. No one is so naïve to think that just because the U.S. military is pulling out means that everything is going to be just fine now. Far from it. And does anybody actually believe that the United States is going to turn over all the Enduring Bases we have built to a country that can’t even govern itself? Fuggedaboutit.

    What does this mean to those looking to get onto the project or continue working in the danger zone? It means that opportunities are still going to exist and not only in Iraq, but certainly Afghanistan for quite a long period from now. Don’t get me wrong – I’d love to see world peace and all, but that’s just about as likely to happen as pigs are to grow wings and fly. And what about Iran? There’s no way the U.S. and Israel is going to let them finish building The Bomb, so I look to see some action there in the not too distant future as well.

    There’s always going to be jobs for people who are willing to take a chance. Keep your resume handy and let me know if it needs a tune up.

    • Comment by Justpassinthru:

      Well Bruce, I’d say you BINGO’ed on this one. Doesn’t anyone wonder why any company would take the leftovers and hang around? Keep their management in place and let a large portion of their employees go? Just me thinking out loud, but if I were a “company” I’d want to be “in place” when it’s time to bid on a big one.

      • Comment by Bruce Diggs:

        Yep. Like they say, the opera ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

      • Comment by Not Bucca:

        We all need to sit back and look at the future of contracts. Take a look at ITT and the huge contract they won in Afghan the other day. They were not a large presence in the country but they are getting almost a billion for the North and South regions to do O&M, Security, Logistics etc. type work. Where was KBR on this one? Why didn’t Fluor or Dyn bid or get it I don’t know. The gov is going with companies they have already worked with ones who can not only provide cleared personnel but be able to run O&M services…IAP, ManTech, SallyPort, etc. If it’s a DOS contract, it highly unlikely they will be taking over the prior management unless it’s a DOD contract like the one ITT got.

    • Comment by Not Bucca:

      Bruce, I would like to agree with you however, the contracts for Iraq (most) are going to be under DoS and they do not play games in hiring. Not to offend anyone, but the majority people hired will have clearances (security) from the carpenter, to the Electrician to include the plumber. Yes, they’re will be some LNs, but the majority of these jobs will be going to cleared professionals. Just look at USAID/UN/DOS…all these jobs require a education. In some instances your “solid” military or other exemplary civilian experience may substitute but very rarely. A LC resume needs to be converted to a federal type resume or it’ll be put in the drop bucket in a heartbeat.

  23. Comment by buccaboy777:

    Dang, sparky take a few days off and all hell had broke loose. For some reason folks have the understanding that this contract work is forever. Yes people get mad when they are layed off heck i would be mad to but like i have said have a Plan B. But for some reason, alot of people are in denial. Yes i believe in Free Speech as well but also believe in rules as well. Yes sparky and i don’t always get along but come on folks. Give it a rest, not only KBR does reductions and yes they get rid of a lot of people as well. The sniping that has gone here reminds me of Indeed Forums. Talk as much trash as you can to silence someone but when it does not work it gets nasty. Oh well, When the PAR is done then it is done. As the client directs they will continue to reduce. I was on a camp that had more contractors than soliders. You do the math. Have a good day folks.

    • Comment by USMI:

      You are correct Bucca, a lot of people are in denial. Why, I have no idea. It probably has something to do with the 5yr 10 yr plans they have. It actually was down to two year plans a couple of months ago. Everyone should have had a bailout plan or a Plan B and that should have been the though process from day one; at least some people got that right. It’s time for a lot of us to go home and we should go out with dignity. It doesn’t help though when you have ER scrutinizing the PAR, and telling supervisors and managers they should keep so and so dirt bag opposed to stellar worker (but just got here) ER should have nothing to do with this process and HR should tone down some of their rhetoric with the Pasta business.

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