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KBR Loses Kuwait To DynCorp

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KBR loses out to DynCorp in Kuwait. The DoD has started it’s transistion to LOGCAP IV and KBR and DynCorp have 100 days to make the transistion.

How does this affect current KBR employees in Kuwait?
Will the wages change?

I can only hope DynCorp is committed to a higher level of safety and quality. And it won’t take much to treat their employees better than KBR.

I understand that Afghanistan is the next to transition to LOGCAP IV. I will keep you updated as I learn more. Email me and tell me what you know.

Here is a great article James Risen of the NY Times wrote earlier this year.

Controversial Contractor’s Iraq Work Is Split Up

Ms Sparky
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  1. Comment by Romulus:


    If this is the same YAYA I know and you lived in Al Bidda, give me a call. I have the same number in country. Put 6 in the front….thanks.



    Ms Sparky’s Response:
    “auditor/inspector” of what??

  2. Comment by Baboo Remembers:


    If you have the authority to clean house, I wish you well. I tried too but because I wasn’t one of them I couldn’t do anything about it. It’s now up to people like yourself and other contributors who have the inside track.

    Good Luck

    Ms Sparky’s Response:
    Copy that!!

  3. Comment by Jims thoughts:

    Romulus, I wsh you well. I have gone through HR and ER and had no luck with people who have caused direct and willful endangerment to armed forces personnel, the buddy system is so entrenched that going to anyone here merely allows them to tell the lawyers what to prepare a defense for in the future.

    Major1234, I have talked with several people who have said equipment turned up on base and was trashed right away because it was the wrong suff, tanks and panels that were not the exact ones ordered were sent to the trash pit, where locals could walk in and walk out with whatever could be carried or transported, and no LDD paperwork was filled out or accountability demanded. Odd how QA and property were unaware of trashed equipment with GP tags on them even if the dept management were not professional enough to file the right papers.

    Ms Sparky’s Response:
    So many people would LOVE to talk to you more about that!!

  4. Comment by FYI:

    Don’t forget bug spray, every KBR property person’s best friend. I have been told by former property personnel that a little bug spray and indelible ink wipes right off.

    Ms Sparky’s Response:
    I have also been told that hairspray also does the trick.

  5. Comment by major1234:

    how can you track those who have already left KBR and hold them accountable for their deeds. What proof do you need, they usually dont leave traces behind. I know who was involved in the payouts as well, a bunch of companies in Dubai and Kuwait.
    Any suggestions.

    What is to be done if equipment is correct as per order and then missing. usually QA issues OSD for such instances. Is there a way for dispute resolution for the pilferage.

    Ms Sparky’s Response:
    There are so many investigations going on, your information could very well help quite a few different investigative organizations. Please don’t comment those specifics. Email me by clicking on the Contact Us tab. We can talk about it there and I can forward you on to someone.

  6. Comment by Romulus:

    major 1234, Jim

    You’re all right, they usually don’t leave traces behind…………….but see I’m not part of the usual folks, so I kept copies of my documents…and it will show certain companies both in Kuwait and Dubai and certain individuals that were involved. I have many and it will take some time to dissect and scrutinize, including mine. For lack of a better term and probably at that time, not considering the “big picture”, I probably have information in there that could easily lead to so many questions. That’s just my opinion. My day to day was included a lot of focus on “is it the right equipment or not; was it damaged or not; etc, etc…..”But after dealing with it more and more, I picked up a couple of cues and started questioning, I even questioned managers and other people in IRAQ….who had no answers for me; and these are people that sat in the director and manager positions. All I was trying to do was work better and smarter. Waste of space and waste of my time!

    They should have been included in the burn pits.


  7. Comment by major1234:

    Ms Sparky
    Check your email

    Ms Sparky’s Response:
    Got it. I responded.

  8. Comment by Jims thoughts:

    Sparky, I will mail oyu in a day with more info on the new TQ event that holds center stage in the B Sites right now.

    Major1234/Romulus, if equipment is signed as adequate whether it is or not, the last person to sign for it is responsible for it and if the Governemnt started taking these people in for questioning and asking the tough questions, I am sure memories would be refreshed and names and orders would be recalled. I would also ask that they enter the e-mail servers for managers and supervisors over the years where items went missing and see if there are any notes about things missing or not being able to complete a work order because of a lack of items even though inventory shows they should have had enough. Only when we start bringing real charges and jail time against them will they roll over on the people who allowed or ordered it but the DOD is still too weak in the face of challenging KBR right now.

    Sparks, I will write you with some more stuff in a bit once I catch up on the other posts, your site keeps me busier than the company does :)

    Ms Sparky’s Response:
    Keeps you busy!! I need a staff! Any volunteers?

  9. Comment by chick:

    i know azad noormohammad.. i suggest you look up some purchases of living containers for C11 in 2003/2004. i don’t know much about it other than a requistion of 26 trailers? under 500k purchase. these were shitholes that were worth maybe 2 or less. all it was made of were trailer bottoms with metal shed covering over styrofoam and hollow roof covered with tin roofing.

    a lot of people cleaned out (quit) before anything happened. they may have swept this under the rug.

    something about if a purchase was under 500k (499k) it was like a blank check with the governement.

    Everyone involved had something to do with the Iraqi contractor on it.

    Sadly I cannot remember a lot of peoples names during that time. but they were on the site prior to SEPT 2004

    Regarding property… BREAK FLUID FOLKS!

    Ms Sparky’s Response:
    Will do. I can’t believe they paid anything for those pieces of crap trailers.

  10. Comment by FYI:

    For those of you looking to move to another contractor beware of IAP. They took over the KBR contract in Doha and they seem to be rather slow in paying their employees. Paychecks are not be deposited into employee accounts in a timely manner and this is happening consistently. Oh and BTW there is a lot of former KBR in “leadership” positions, including Paula “Penny” Battles.


    Can we order a round of Audits for everyone, please?

    DCAA, DoD and DCMA are you listening?

  11. Comment by LURKING:

    That’s why IAP subcontracted services to GSCS, which is a messed up company, how are things going in Qatar

  12. Comment by FYI:

    chick said,
    Sadly I cannot remember a lot of peoples names during that time. but they were on the site prior to SEPT 2004

    C Sites PM during that time was Kelly Beaver, who was the PM in Dubai 2007ish.

  13. Comment by bk the legend:

    the legend is in Afghanistan and making a difference as usual.

  14. Comment by JB:

    I worked the shipping receiving department for 3 years, depending on what company we are dealing with in regard to material not being correct, Per procedures with KBR you are supposed to contact the requestor of the material and QAQC to verify that the material is matching the purchase order. If the material does not match the PO then Materials does the OS&D over short or damaged QAQC writes a report about the problem with the product and it goes in the file. Materials rejects the material, shipping and receiving rejects the material and sends the material back to the vendor. It is the responsibility of the Expiditor to contact the vendor to get resolution of the incorrect material and get the correct material delivered. If the vendor can’t deliver then the PO is to be cancelled and notes go into that vendors file to insure that if there is a history of such deliveries then the vendor is no longer used. If the material was excepted and paid for then it should have been put out for re distribution in theater for another camp if they are able to utilize. If it is just not usable it should go to DRMO with justification as to why it is being put there.

  15. Comment by JB:

    In regard to the link I sent you, KBR nor DynCorp followed the direction of that order. KBR was supposed to give names and anniversary dates of all people for each of the camps they took over and this was not done. KBR did everything they could to not help DynCorp, obviously so that DynCorp would not pass the transition with a good grade. A lot of us from Camp have thought about bringing a class action on this. I think everyone is kind of waiting to see who will step up first and find the right attorney to file it.
    It is an open ended agreement, however with an agreement comes responsibility which is why an agreement is signed. They agreed to employ me for one year and I agreed to all in my power to fulfill. They had positions and did not uphold there end. It is not my intent to sound cold but everyone who did get offers who were willing to go to Iraq had completed the agreement. The people filling the spots should have been the people who were fresh into the agreement and not those who had completed it. I am stuck with a tax obligation when those who completed agreements, as long as they did R&R’s correct would not have had one, even if it were a year and four months. I have worked with KBR before and know they could care less. But if I fight it and win maybe they will look at things different.
    Sorry not trying to argue with you on this, just furious over this and I know I am home because of poor decisions and laziness of the upper management. My managers were furious when it happened, they were upset that they did not have the choice of who kept jobs and who went home. When I was called in to the finger painting PM, my managers thought I was getting my new assignment. When I got back and let them know what happened the F bomb was flying, they were not aware that there was a RIF for Kuwait.

    Here’s a link to the Executive Order.

  16. Comment by bk the legend:

    Bruce Kallage here in Afghanistan working as PM for Supreme for Southern FOBS.You can reach me at address above. Take care

  17. Comment by Hakuna:

    How is dyncorp paying direct hires, I mean non americans????

  18. Comment by Hakuna:

    I heard that they started to hire non americans in dyncorp for kuwait area, I used to be in kuwait and worked for kbr for 8 years, would like to go back to kuwait, how????

  19. Comment by weldman:

    What is the best rascally company to work for in the welding field?

  20. Comment by daveiniraq:


  21. Comment by hatinkuwait:

    Hakuna said:”I heard that they started to hire non americans in dyncorp for kuwait area, I used to be in kuwait and worked for kbr for 8 years, would like to go back to kuwait, how????”

    Here’s the reality: There is an enormous glut of Hindi, Sri Lankan, Philipino and Pakistani expats — many of them stranded here in Kuwait — who will work for 3-5KD per day. That’s around $10-18. Most of the Pakistani workers are completely unskilled and lack anything resembling a work ethic. Same can be said of the majority of the other groups. These people are treated like total crap by the Kuwaitis, and by a good number of the Westerners too. It’s a pretty nasty, depressing scene. All the companies here love them though, since they’ll work for less than peanuts, kiss ass like crazy and never complain, even when badly abused. Yep — take a ride through Arifjan and enjoy the sight of foreigners doing jobs that should go to unemployed Americans. You can’t blame the foreigners, but you can sure as shit blame the America corporations that hire them — usually through Kuwaiti manpower outfits. My advice to anyone wanting to come here: Keep your nose clean, do your job, collect your money and then get the hell out. Do-gooders in the Middle East get squashed like bugs, especially by the “lovely” Arabs.

    • Comment by Hakuna:

      Yo Hatinkuwait I’ve been in kuwait and know how they treat people over there, believe me, yes if your hindi, philipino, and other you get a shitty treatment, but I also believe that you should stand for your rights which most of them don’t do it, hey I had more privileges than most of the americans had in kuwait, I had my doors open in AOR kuwait, cause I didn’t let no one get in my way as far as business was concern, but you didn’t help me at all with your reply which is the best way to get a job in kuwait with dyncorp, its a taught job but somebody got to do it,
      Take it easy bro

  22. Comment by daveiniraq:

    Again….Dyncorp….WTF???? Motto is we take care of our people first….what a joke…We still have not been paid and all we get is the run around from HR and Dubai. Its always tomorrow….its been a while now and no answers …..we are expected to work..but not get paid….WTF???????….so the entire one year contract without pay or delayed pay every month….at least KBR paid on time everytime….I think that is the only thing they had right…..Dyncorp….WHERE THE HELL IS MY MONEY???????

  23. Comment by justback:

    Oh yes dave….I believe everyone is asking DC the same question. Not to mention Kuwait no one on the ground has answers to legetimate problems. Also the lazy management in Kuwait for DC cant get off their butts to get contractors the equipment we need. Geez what a mess……All we need is someone with the authority to say this is how its done. Everyone seems to know what to do, but no one has the balls to do it.

  24. Comment by T-Rexman:

    I love this Dyncorp company….NOT… I was one of those unfortunate employee that didn’t get paid for 6 weeks…I have been in the AOR for about 9 years now and this is the worst management I have ever seen… from the PM on down… gonna finish my contract and throw up the deuces!!!

  25. Comment by J.Siebold:

    Does anyone know if dyncorp retained the security contract in doha? They just sent me an offer letter but why work 15 days and be out of a job?

  26. Comment by bruce kallage:

    Yes Dan it’s me how are you doing? You can reach me at brucekallage@american-lps.com

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