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IBEW Member And Mother of Soldiers Shares Concerns

The “Electrical Worker” a monthly publication of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) recently published an article spotlighting IBEW member Marijane Green, mother if two active duty Marines. This mother is seriously concerned about the safety of her sons. You can read this article entitled “Troops Endangered By Shoddy Electrical Work” by clicking HERE page 2.

Another noteworthy article in this publication is the one entitled “A National Disgrace” by IBEW International Secretary-Treasurer Lindell K. Lee. Click HERE to read it page 14.

Although the unions do not have jurisdiction outside the US and Canada we have a moral and ethical obligation to put a stop to the unsafe work practices that are putting our American Soldiers and workers at risk. To put a stop to the harassment, the threats, the intimidation tactics. Not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but ANY project funded by US tax dollars.

I have said it before and I will say it until it’s a law….”US Citizens working on US Government funded projects overseas should be afforded the same protections (OSHA and labor laws) as their co-workers in the US.” For example..New Embassy projects, new Consulates and military facilities…just to name a few. If it’s important enough to employ an American and in many cases an American with a clearance, then it’s important enough to give them OHSA and labor law protection.

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